Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 137 Handsome guy, can I get your contact information?

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“Okay.” Lin Yuan nodded.

Chi Qian immediately tightened her grip and came to the shooting platform.

As soon as Chi Qian came to the shooting platform, many people immediately looked over.

After all, Chi Qian’s full marks beauty is already there, it will be impossible for anyone not to get captivated.

And many people who come to the club has their eyes on her ever since.

Chi Qian is not only very beautiful but her beauty is also capable of causing the downfall of a city or state. (T/N: 倾国倾 Chinese idiom meaning devastatingly beautiful)

Moreover, Chi Qian’s marksmanship is also exceptionally accurate.

How accurate is it?

In the last few years, the club competition’s first place was Chi Qian.

Chi Qian’s name is still on the record board of the past year.

Through it, people can see how good Chi Qian is.

As soon as Chi Qian entered the competition, the others are basically competing for second place.

Chi Qian’s shooting skill is really at the military level, still not worse than a professional target shooter.

Seeing Chi Qian, the beautiful lady referee next to her also waved to her.

“Go on.”

Chi Qian’s full marks beauty not only attracts men but also gives women a good feeling.

Chi Qian nodded.

Then remembering the bet with Lin Yuan, she looked back and smiled then picked up the pistol.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Chi Qian almost didn’t stop, a pistol was fired like an automatic rifle, shooting ten shots in continuously.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Ten rings! Ten rings! Ten rings!


The scoring device in the shooting range automatically sounded.

Soon Chi Qian finished her ten shots on the fixed target.

All of the ten shots hit ten rings!

Many people were amazed at this achievement but were not so surprised.

The beautiful lady referee who recorded next to her was very calm because she already witnessed in the past years how good she is when it comes to fixed target shooting. She always hit ten rings.

Those who have seen it are already mentally prepared.

“One hundred rings. Next is the moving target.” The beautiful referee shouted with a smile.

Soon, the running boar target rose.

The fixed target has a uniform distance of 50 meters.

The running boar target is not. The first five rounds are 25 meters, and the last five, 50 meters.

After the boar moved, Chi Qian didn’t hesitate.

Although it takes a little longer than hitting a fixed target.

But still, within five seconds, Chi Qian finished the first five rounds.

Ten rings! Ten rings! Ten rings! …..

Five shots and all are ten rings again!

Seeing how good Chi Qian is, many people were surprised. After all, the difficulty of a moving target is more than twice compared to that of a fixed target.

The beautiful referee also glanced at Chi Qian in surprise. Chi Qian’s results were better than last year.

Next are five moving targets of fifty meters.

Chi Qian made two more ten rings, followed by two nine rings, and the last, eight rings.

“Miss Chi Qian, the total score is 196 rings.” The beautiful referee announced.


Others were shocked by Chi Qian’s achievement.

This is because the previous record owner was able to make 192 rings, and that person is Chi Qian herself.

Unexpectedly, Chi Qian actually broke her own record again and set a new high.

Moreover, her improvement was four rings.

Everyone must know that the difficulty of a moving target is very high.

Not only is the target moving, but the speed of the movement is inconsistent, even forward and backward.

So, it is difficult to have any luck.

One hundred ninety-six rings is a very scary score.

“Miss Chi Qian, you are getting better and better. I am afraid that this record will never be broken, or you may break it by yourself after a few years.” The beautiful referee smiled at Chi Qian, looking at Chi Qian’s eyes with some admiration.

“I’m flattered.” Chi Qian smiled, not arrogant or impetuous.

She had heard too many similar praises since she was a child, that she became numb.

Chi Qian walked back to Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan also praised: “Miss Chi’s marksmanship is perfect.”

She doesn’t usually care about other people’s praises, but maybe since Lin Yuan is better than her in many aspects, Chi Qian was a little happy about Lin Yuan’s praise.

She squinted her eyes and smiled: “Thank you for the compliment, Young Master Lin, have you decided which restaurant to treat?”

Lin Yuan also smiled and said, “Are you not confident with me? I’ve been shooting a pistol for years, 186 ring is easy. Okay?”

“Puff.” Chi Qian heard that Lin Yuan making an optimistic tone calmly.

After Chi Qian played.

Gao Feiyang couldn’t sit still.

He looked at Lin Yuan provocatively.

Gao Feiyang also went directly to the shooting platform.

Soon, his results came out.

For the fixed target shooting, he made seven-ten rings and three nine rings

For the twenty-five meters moving target, he made four nine rings and one ten rings.

For the fifty meters moving target, he made three eight rings and two seven rings.

The total number of rings he made is 181.

Many people were also quite surprised.

Because this is a good result, except for Chi Qian and another good marksman who played 183 rings, Gao Feiyang ranked third in the total score.

Gao Feiyang is also quite satisfied with his result.

He usually can make 160-170 rings, so today he performed exceptionally well, although not as good as Chi Qian.

But in Gao Feiyang’s thought, definitely enough to beat Lin Yuan.

Anyway, Lin Yuan is just a rookie with guns.

He is lucky enough to hit a hundred rings.

And if luck is by his side, he can hit at least 130-140 rings.

The gap from Gao Feiyang is still too big.

Lin Yuan will surely be defeated.

Gao Feiyang imagined Lin Yuan barking like a dog for a while.

Soon after, Lin Yuan also went on the shooting platform.

When Lin Yuan came to the platform, he also attracted the attention of many people especially women.

After all, he has two hundred points of charm even more handsome than many celebrities.

The beautiful referee on the side looked at Lin Yuan up close, and then her pretty face flushed.

“Handsome guy Lin Yuan? Is it your first time to participate in the competition?” the beautiful referee asked actively.

She saw some information about Lin Yuan when she swiped the card, that’s why she knew that Lin Yuan’s membership is only today.

“Yeah.” Lin Yuan nodded, “I touched a gun for the first time today.”

The beautiful referee smiled and said, “For the first time, you won’t be very familiar with guns. It’s good to try your best in this game. It’s good to hit a hundred rings. By the way, are you interested in guns too? Can I get your contact information? I also like guns. I have been here for several years and I know a lot about guns!”

Lin Yuan politely smiled for the beauty referee’s initiative to ask for contact information. “Let’s wait until I finish shooting.”

“Ok! Tell me about it when you finish shooting!” The beauty referee nodded quickly and seeing Lin Yuan’s handsome smile, her heart melted away very quickly.

Lin Yuan did not hesitate even for a moment. After smiling at Chi Qian before he started shooting, he directly faced the fixed target and all the people heard were ten bursts.

Boom! Boom! Boom! …

Lin Yuan’s movements were faster than that of Chi Qian but looked like he was just playing.

Seeing Lin Yuan’s inattentive actions, many people felt that he is just a novice who came to the club to play.

Gao Feiyang was also so sure that he is set to win against Lin Yuan’s.

But when the sound from the scoring device sounded, the audience were all stunned.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Ten rings!

Ten rings!

Ten rings!


The scoring device beeped ten times in a row.

They are all ten rings!

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