Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 139 Yan Shuangying?! Chi Qian is shocked!

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Looking at the beautiful referee looking at him with embarrassment, he smiled and said: “Then check the scoring device. Check if I hit the target before. If there is a problem, I can shoot again.”

Hearing Lin Yuan’s words, the beautiful referee was relieved and ran over to start checking.

And Chi Qian, who was going to open her mouth did not continue to speak.

Although she had also thought about the possibility of the scoring device being broken, she did not suggest checking the scoring device like everyone else. She still believed Lin Yuan.

But since Lin Yuan was willing to check the scoring device, she doesn’t need to say anything.

Under the impression of everyone especially Gao Feiyang, the scoring device might have been broken.

The beautiful referee ran through the three targets and then her face became a little surprised and looked abnormally weird.

When Gao Feiyang saw this, he immediately laughed and said: “Why is your face so strange Miss referee? Was there something really wrong with the scoring device? He in fact missed a lot of his shots, or is it just three, four, five, six rings?

When everyone saw the weird expression on the beautiful face of the referee, most of them had the same thoughts as Gao Feiyang.

But the referee shook her head and said: “No, the scoring device is correct.”

‘What? The scoring device is correct?’

Hearing these words, Gao Feiyang’s face instantly turned half pale.

“Then why is your face so strange!” Gao Feiyang asked in disbelief.

The beautiful referee put the target on the table, and then said with a weird expression: “You can see it by yourself.”

Everyone quickly looked over.


They were also stunned, all looking strange because of these targets.

Whether it is a fixed target or the two moving targets, it is totally unclear whether it was shot ten times or five times.

Each one looks like it was shot only once!

The hole that penetrated the target is exactly the size of a bullet.

In other words, Lin Yuan had shot ten shots and five shots before and they all hit the same place in the target?

One more thing is that the bullet holes on these targets are all in the center.

It is important to know that the full score of a regular target game is not 10 rings, but 10.9 rings.

In the tenth ring, there are 10.1 rings, 10.2 rings… to 10.9 rings.

Anyway, this competition is just for entertainment purposes, so it isn’t very specific.

But it turned out that Lin Yuan hit all 10.9 rings.

This is too abnormal, right?!

Everyone was shocked.

Including Chi Qian who also did a great job by almost hitting every shot.

Even Chi Qian feels that the level is also scary.

“Too abnormal?! All are 10.9 rings?! Is this Yan Shuangying?!”

“Even if the scoring machine is broken, the target can’t be manipulated! It’s scary!”

“Oh my God! Is this brother some secret special force trained by the country? Not only is he handsome, but his marksmanship is also so accurate. He must be an experienced shooter!”

“I have to get the contact information of this brother! He is so awesome! I really want to get shot by this brother!”

People were shocked.

Chi Qian also walked over to Lin Yuan: “Your marksmanship is really terrifying. You lied to me just now. In fact, you have learned about guns before, right?”

Lin Yuan smiled and said: “If the slingshot to shoot birds were considered, then I guess I learned through that.”

Chi Qian smiled and said: “You should teach me target shooting. You are qualified to be my teacher.”

Lin Yuan said: “Let us talk about it later. I need to deal with something first.”


Lin Yuan shouted.

Hearing the shout of Lin Yuan, others were a little confused.

During this time, Lin Yuan had everybody’s attention.

They were curious why Lin Yuan shouted and whose name it belonged to.

Only Shi Shengnan understood what Lin Yuan meant.

Following Lin Yuan’s eyes, they also looked over and saw the tall and sturdy Shi Shengnan blocking Gao Feiyang at the gate.

The moment Gao Feiyang checked and saw the target for himself, he knew he had lost.

The consequence of losing is not only leaping like a frog but doing the same while barking like a dog.

Not only will it be very embarrassing, but he will not be allowed to approach Chi Qian ever again.

His purpose for the bet was to have a chance with Chi Qian since he can’t approach her.

But the consequence will be too embarrassing that he might want to sneak away pretending to go to the comfort room.

Then he will reappear some time later and say he forgot about the bet.

Then, he won’t be embarrassed in front of a lot of people but most importantly, in front of Chi Qian.

And then, he can continue to pursue Chi Qian.

But how could Lin Yuan not know his thoughts?

Seeing Gao Feiyang sneaking away, Lin Yuan, a person of integrity, does not like people who are dishonest.

Lin Yuan is willing to…

“I’m willing to spend a little time to teach you the principle of honesty. If you lose a bet, then you shall face the consequence.” Lin Yuan smiled at Gao Feiyang.

Seeing that Shi Shengnan looked at Lin Yuan with so much respect and loyalty, Gao Feiyang knew he could not escape.


The entire gate was blocked by Shi Shengnan.

He will not be able to sneak away at all!

“Security! Security!” Gao Feiyang shouted several times.

The security guard is ready to come.

But the supervisor stopped the security guard and shook his head.

Lin Yuan notified him in advance.

It won’t be too much trouble, so the supervisor is willing to grant Lin Yuan a favor.

After all, he is the young master of the Lin family.

There is nothing to benefit from going against Lin Yuan just because of a little favor.

Seeing that even the security guards dare not come over.

Gao Feiyang was desperate.

At this time, he realized how big of a mistake it was to provoke Lin Yuan.

Seeing Shi Shengnan hammer her palm with her fist sideways, also made Gao Feiyang’s joints tremble.

Gao Feiyang’s complexion is a mix of blue and white.

In the end, he placed his hands on his head and began to bow.

“A real…real man, fulfills his promises!” Before the humiliating frog leap, he gave himself a lot of face.





Then, in the shooting range, the sound of a barking dog seemed endless.

Whenever Gao Feiyang wants to take some rest, the tall and sturdy figure of Shi Shengnan next to him shall scare him.

Under the gaze of everyone, Gao Feiyang barked like a dog while leaping like a frog.

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