Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 140 Chi Qian has been teased again! Lose again…

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Even though Gao Feiyang’s legs felt cramping and were shaking from all the squatting down and falling to the ground several times, he still ran away afterward due to embarrassment.

Originally, he thought that Lin Yuan would lose so he would bark like a dog and be put to shame.

Unexpectedly, he lost and had to face the consequences.

It was too difficult…

Seeing Gao Feiyang leaving, Lin Yuan has no fluctuations because if Gao Feiyang can, he wants Lin Yuan to experience the same.

So, he won’t have even the slightest compassion.

Chi Qian also has a calm face.

Chi Qian came over and said to Lin Yuan, “I lost this time and owes you a meal. Call me when you have time.”

Lin Yuan nodded: “Well, in addition, I don’t think he is a trustworthy person. When he is annoying you, please send the video to your school to make sure that he will not bother you again.”

Chi Qian received a notification and turned on her phone suspiciously and found that it turned out to be a video of a Gao Feiyang’s frog leap while barking like a dog. She couldn’t help but smile immediately.

“Thank you, Young Master Lin, you have worked hard.”

Chi Qian said again: “Young Master Lin’s marksmanship is really amazing. You must teach me when you have time, or we can learn from each other again. By the way, we still have to fight in close combat!”

Lin Yuan’s shooting skill shocked Chi Qian more than she had shown to the people.

It’s fine if Lin Yuan is better than her in playing the piano and singing.

But Chi Qian did not expect that he was better even in shooting

Lin Yuan is actually better than her in every way!

Chi Qian became more and more curious about Lin Yuan.

At first, she thought that Lin Yuan was just a rich and handsome second-generation young master.

But the more she interacts with him, Chi Qian became more and more curious about him, because she found that she had learned a lot of incredible things about him.

Piano, singing, shooting skill, fighting…

Chi Qian now wondered whether all these were just the tip of the iceberg.

Lin Yuan is very similar to her, her face is very calm almost at all times, making people unable to see through her.

Others can’t see through her, and she can’t see through Lin Yuan either.

But this thoughts also slightly aroused Chi Qian’s eagerness to win against him.

She remembered she hasn’t taken her revenge from Lin Yuan’s teasing earlier.

Faced with Chi Qian’s invitation, Lin Yuan did not refuse and smiled: “Then it should be the same as before, we shall see each other two or three days later and compare who is better in marksmanship and fighting. It was barely a draw today, but next time, the fight will be serious.”

Chi Qian smiled and said, “Of course.”

Lin Yuan came to the club to raise his fighting and shooting skills to the divine level.

And it can be considered that he has achieved his goals.

So, he is now ready to leave.

“Miss Chi, I’m leaving first.” Lin Yuan called to Shi Shengnan.

But Chi Qian also followed and smiled: “It’s getting late, and I plan to go back. It was a pleasant surprise to meet Young Master Lin here today. I came here originally just for the competition.”

Lin Yuan nodded: “Then let’s go together.”

The two walked out of the club together.

While on the road, Chi Qian suddenly lifted the hair that had been stuck to her back due to her sweat, and then said to Lin Yuan: “If you don’t mind Young Master Lin, you can actually do the same as Shanshan…”

“Just call me Qian Qian.”

At this moment, Chi Qian’s cheeks which were extremely white and like jade suddenly turned pink and tender and very cute.

She was holding her hair while talking to Lin Yuan with her face sideways.

That side of her face was so beautiful like a painting.

Even the female staff nearby earlier looked at her beauty.

And letting Lin Yuan call her Qian Qian even added more charm.

Chi Qian’s eyes carefully observed Lin Yuan’s reaction.

But Lin Yuan just smiled slightly, and then replied: “That’s good, Qian Qian. You can also call me by my name without calling me Young Master, or if you don’t mind, just call me brother just like Shanshan. After all, I’m older than you by a few years old.”

“By the way, put on this shirt or you might catch a cold.”

As it was Lin Yuan who suggested she put on the shirt, Chi Qian did not have the chance to refuse.

Lin Yuan put the shirt directly on her.

Feeling the warmth of being covered by the shirt, Chi Qian was speechless.

In fact, when Lin Yuan saw Chi Qian flutter her hair and told him he can address her as Qian Qian, Lin Yuan was a bit dazed.

But since Chi Qian had done it before, Lin Yuan had a certain level of resistance to it, so he quickly recovered without Chi Qian noticing.

On the contrary, it was Chi Qian who was attacked by Lin Yuan. He knew that Chi Qian would definitely refuse if he asks her to wear his shirt even if she did not dislike him.

But usually, girls are like this, they cannot refuse when imposed. So, Lin Yuan directly tells her to wear the shirt directly with the excuse that she might catch a cold from all the sweating.

It was a sudden action that Lin Yuan did while conversing with Chi Qian.

Chi Qian didn’t have the chance to react.

Chi Qian does not like to use things that were used by others, let alone a person from the opposite sex.

Lin Yuan didn’t wear this shirt during the fight, so it was a clean shirt.

But it still had the smell of Lin Yuan.

After smelling such fragrance, Chi Qian’s cheeks were a little red and blushing.

Her heart was beating rapidly.

After all, this is someone else’s clothes, and it is from a man.

After a few more glances at Lin Yuan, Chi Qian said dumbly: “Thank…Thank you, Brother Lin Yuan.”

While thanking him, Chi Qian felt as if there was a deer jumping around in her heart.

For Chi Qian’s physique, it is absolutely impossible to catch a cold from all the sweating.

But this shirt made it hard for her to refuse, and it really felt warm.

As long as the person doesn’t hate you, or even have some good feelings, then it’s almost impossible to say no.

Both Chi Qian and Lin Yuan knew this very well.

But clearly, Chi Qian has been caught off guard again.

‘I was teased again.’

‘I lose again…’

‘I lose over and over again…’

If words can appear on the head, these lines will definitely appear on the top of her head.

【Ding! Chi Qian’s Favorability +2! Reward 1000 counterattack points! 】

A system prompt sounded in Lin Yuan’s mind.

Lin Yuan smiled slightly when he heard the system prompt.

“It’s okay. Also, did you drive here? By the way, do you want me to take you home?” Lin Yuan said.

Chi Qian shook her head vigilantly: “No, no, no! Shanshan will come to pick me up. She sent me a message just now!”

Chi Qian was a little afraid of what Lin Yuan might do next.

If she will be careless, she will be teased again.

The two walked out the door.

True enough, Yu Shanshan is outside with her car parked.

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