Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 138 Is the scoring device broken?

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Hearing the sound of ten rings in succession, everyone looked over in surprise.

People who were not paying attention also looked at Lin Yuan.

Ten rings are indeed very good, but for expert sharpshooters it is normal.

But because of Lin Yuan’s appearance, those girls who have been watching closely, and some people who have been staring were surprised because Lin Yuan did not look like he was aiming that much.

And the shooting speed is extremely fast.

It appears like he was just shooting randomly.

Being able to hit ten rings under that circumstance? They were a little dumbfounded.

“This handsome guy is amazing! Not only is he handsome, but he is also good at shooting!”

“Yes! He’s so handsome, especially when he is holding a gun!”

“I really want to… be shot by him…”

Many girls looked very excited.

The beautiful referee on the side was also dumbfounded.

She also said just now that Lin Yuan won’t make a hundred rings for a first-timer.

Looking at the results, it seemed that Lin Yuan slapped her face instantly.

Lin Yuan just hit ten rings successively.

Aren’t that a hundred rings in total?

Isn’t he a novice?

Is Lin Yuan lying from the very beginning?

True enough, her father was right. The more handsome or good-looking the person is the easier he can lie and deceive others.

Chi Qian was also quite surprised.

Lin Yuan’s talent is too good.

When she first taught Lin Yuan, she felt that Lin Yuan was indeed just getting started.

The result of 7 rings in a fixed target shooting is already very good.

The eight or nine rings are also very good.

The smaller the target and the harder it is to hit, the higher the ring value.

But Lin Yuan can actually hit ten ten-rings?

Today, Chi Qian played very well and hit 196 rings.

The difficulty of the moving target is very high, and it is definitely impossible for Lin Yuan to get 86 rings.

She should win.

And the one with the most dramatic mood changes at this time is Gao Feiyang

He just watched Lin Yuan being taught and he was a complete novice.

How come his results on the fixed target are the same as Chi Qian, all ten rings?!

For his result, Lin Yuan was not so surprised because even before the shooting started, he already raised his mastery of pistol to Divine-level.

He may be basically ignorant of the other firearms/weapons, but for the pistol, he has divine level skills.

As long as he is within the firing range, he is a sharpshooter with a hundred percent shots, he can be called Yan Shuangying! (T/N: From the Television Series’ Hero, Falcon Action 1949, and Tiger Eagle. He is a sharpshooter.)

Ignoring the exclamation and praise around him, Lin Yuan picked up the second pistol and at the same time signaled the referee to start the moving target.

The beautiful referee stared blankly at Lin Yuan, blushed, and then quickly pressed the button.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

There were another five consecutive shots.

This time almost everyone paid attention to Lin Yuan.

Everyone saw how Lin Yuan played with the gun and didn’t aim very much.

But the result, all five shots hit ten rings!


The scoring device sounded ten rings five times!

“My God! He is a big boss at Chi Qian’s level!”

“Fast and accurate marksmanship!”

“Ah! Really awesome! I really want to play guns with this handsome guy!”

Everyone was amazed, thinking that Lin Yuan was also a big boss who had been training hard for many years.

Chi Qian raised his eyebrows, also full of surprise.

Lin Yuan’s marksmanship is too accurate.

Before, it is a fixed target, so you could possibly attribute it to luck. But being able to hit ten rings for a moving target would not be possible just because of luck.

And Gao Feiyang who agreed on a bet with Lin Yuan to act like a barking dog, couldn’t believe it. His face turned black.

There are five more shots.

And Lin Yuan now has a score of one hundred and fifty points.

Thirty more rings and Gao Feiyang will lose.

“Impossible! The fifty-meter moving target is far enough and fast. It is absolutely impossible for him to score 32 more points.” Gao Feiyang said with an ugly face.

Very quickly, Lin Yuan shot again.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

There were another five consecutive gunshots.

Ding! Ding! Ding…

This time, even Chi Qian couldn’t help exhibiting a shocking look on her face.

Ten rings!

Ten rings!


There were five consecutive beeps.

Lin Yuan’s last five shots, shooting a 50-meter running boar target, turned out to be all ten rings!

Fifty rings in total!

The spectators on the side were stunned.

“Fifty-meter running boar targets are all ten rings?! How is this possible?! “

“It’s scary! And I think he didn’t aim very much just now. It feels like he was shooting blindly. Why are all five shots all ten rings?!”

“All the moving targets are basically the same as those used in the Olympics where rifles and air guns are used. Although the distance is a little far away, there is no such achievement as all ten rings! This scoring device isn’t broken, right?!”

Many girls were also shocked by Lin Yuan’s performance at this time, and they all forgot to crave Lin Yuan’s body.

Looking at Lin Yuan, whose face was as plain as water at this time, like an ‘ancient well without waves’.

Chi Qian’s eyes were filled with shock and disbelief.

Her pink cherry mouth opened slightly.

Even she couldn’t help being surprised because she just taught him how to shoot not for quite a long time.

He actually hit a score that was all ten rings?

Lin Yuan did a perfect score, hers only 196 rings which are already very good.

Lin Yuan was able to hit 200 rings in total. How could this be possible?

Even Chi Qian who has always been calm couldn’t stay still.

They all suspect the scoring device must be broken…

And Gao Feiyang on the side was in total disbelief.

‘How is it possible?!’

‘How can this be!’

He just saw Chi Qian teaching Lin Yuan some simple basic firearms knowledge.

And now Lin Yuan’s marksmanship is 100% perfect?

His extraordinary performance of 181 rings not only failed to bring him victory but was also behind by others for a full 19 rings?

‘I lost?’

‘Am I going to bark like a dog while leaping?’

Gao Feiyang can’t believe it!

The beautiful referee standing next to Lin Yuan was also dumbfounded.

It took a while for her to react.

Lin Yuan, who looked handsome, looked at her with a smile, making her dizzy.

Then she hurriedly announced: “Two hundred rings!!!”

“Mr. Lin Yuan’s score is two hundred rings! Full marks! Full rings! Breaking all previous records!!”


Hearing the official announcement, everyone was in an uproar. But at this moment suddenly a disagreeing voice was heard.

“This is impossible! He is just a rookie. How could he possibly hit all full marks? The scoring device definitely has a problem.”

Everyone looked back and saw Gao Feiyang walking towards the shooting platform.

As he walked, he shouted that the scoring device was broken.

“I also think the scoring machine is broken!”

“I also think the same and I feel like no one can ever break Miss Chi Qian’s record!”

“Check the scoring device!

“Yes! Check the scoring device!”

Many people said in unison.

Especially after Gao Feiyang said there is a need to check the scoring device, many people shouted the same together.

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