Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 141 I caught you, right?

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Yu Shanshan is wearing a floral skirt today.

As soon as she got out of the car, she saw Lin Yuan and Chi Qian walking side by side.

Seeing this scene, Yu Shanshan’s eyes lit up instantly, like a million-watt light bulb, too bright.

“Wow! Cousin, why are you here?!”

Yu Shanshan runs all the way directly and then flew over.

Like a kid, she threw herself into Lin Yuan’s arms.

Lin Yuan could only open his arms and catch her.

“Why can’t I come? I just learned a few fighting skills. Believe it or not, I can throw you to the ground in an instant?”

“You are already an adult, and all you do is to hug all day long. Are you not ashamed?” Lin Yuan said to Yu Shanshan, who was hanging on his body like a koala.

Yu Shanshan was not ashamed and stared at Lin Yuan with confidence.

But seeing Chi Qian looking over, she jumped immediately.

Yu Shanshan put her hands on her hips and said: “Humph!”

”I know that Chi Qian often comes to this club. I have been in this club with her many times.”

“But I have never heard that cousin also went to this club. Be honest, are you guys already together? Are you sneaking behind my back?”

“Cousin, you are not human. You are shameless for forgetting your sister at the sight of other girls.”

Seeing Yu Shanshan reprimanding, Lin Yuan smiled and said, “Stop making a farce, I just got my membership card here today and happened to meet Chi Qian here today.”

Hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Yu Shanshan touched her head and said: “That’s not right. I remember having told you that Qian Qian likes to wear gray and pink, but I don’t remember telling you that Qian Qian often came to this club. Or maybe I just have Alzheimer’s disease. That is not possible. I’m only an 18-year-old beautiful girl…”

Boom boom boom!

Feeling a sharp pain, Yu Shanshan touched her head.

It turned out that Chi Qian shaped her palm into a knife and knocked Yu Shanshan’s head a few times.

Chi Qian smiled and said: “What did you say? What did you tell Brother Lin Yuan? Huh? Color? What color? You are done for Shanshan. Your mother will know today your true colors!”

“I’m wrong! Don’t tell her! Don’t be like this! I’m just kidding! Brother, please help me clarify things! These are all you asked me, and I just told you! You are a big pervert, wanting me all day to take a peek at Qian Qian’s changing clothes!” Yu Shanshan cried out to Lin Yuan for help.

But what she said with a jittery mouth, only made Lin Yuan join the battle.

“Huh? I’m a pervert? I asked?”

Under the teasing of the two, Yu Shanshan whose face is already a little fat has become even more swollen and red as an apple. Yu Shanshan cried and said: “Both of you are handsome and beautiful. Will you ever experience the pains of an ordinary beautiful girl?

Chi Qian smiled and said, “Brother Lin Yuan, leave her alone, her face will soon swell.”

Lin Yuan also smiled and said, “You don’t need to worry Qian Qian. I know her face very well.”

Looking at the two unsympathetic people, Yu Shanshan wanted to cry her eyes out without tears but seemed to have discovered something suddenly.

Her eyes lit up and said, “E-yo?! I caught you, right? You adulterous couple! Now starting to call each other ‘Brother’ and ‘Qian Qian’, right? Taking all the names/titles that are just for me right! “

“Also, Qian Qian, is this a man’s clothes, that belongs to my brother, you are wearing?! I understand I understand! I understand everything! WuShi Fighting Club, the full name must be the WuShi Fighting Club Hotel. I want to go in and check it out!”

After all, Chi Qian is still an inexperienced girl.

Yu Shanshan’s mouth does not have any breaks.

Even though Chi Qian was always calm, because of what Yu Shanshan said, her cheeks became slightly red, mainly because she did have something subtle with Lin Yuan today.

Chi Qian is a little shy.

Lin Yuan pinched Yu Shanshan’s ear directly and said: “Don’t talk nonsense, we just practiced fighting together for a while, and then target shooting. Because we all are a little bit close, it is better to call each other familiar names. Isn’t that normal among friends?”

Looking at the text message that Lin Yuan edited to send to Shanshan’s mother, Yu Shanshan has tears in her eyes: “Yes, my cousin it is just right, very reasonable!”

Seeing Yu Shanshan’s tears filled her eyes because of what Lin Yuan showed her, Chi Qian couldn’t help but laugh.

There are skies above skies and mountains beyond mountains. (T/N: There will always be someone better, some place better, some things better.)

This Yu Shanshan had to accept.

She still held on to Lin Yuan’s arms begging for mercy.

Looking at Yu Shanshan hanging on his arm, Lin Yuan just directly threw her back into the car.

Yu Shanshan was also shocked by Lin Yuan’s tremendous strength.

But in the end, she decided to take the credit to her recent weight loss success.

Well, as a beautiful girl, she is perfectly thin.

Even her weak cousin can lift her with one arm, which is just perfect.

She decided she will eat one less meal today.

“Brother Lin Yuan.” Chi Qian beckoned and got into Yu Shanshan’s car.

Lin Yuan also shook his hand to the two girls, saying goodbye.

Yu Shanshan stepped on the accelerator and slipped away.

But before leaving, Yu Shanshan yelled: “Cousin! The banquet the day after tomorrow is boring! You must go! Otherwise, no one will play with me!”

After Yu Shanshan left these words. they left with the car at a fast speed.

“A banquet?” Lin Yuan repeated and then got in the car.

“Master, where are you going now?” Shi Shengnan, who had been waiting in the driver’s seat, asked.

“Go home.” Lin Yuan said.



He had been very busy all day. He did horseback riding, bought bodyguards, fought at the WuShi Fighting club.

Lin Yuan finally returned home.

But then, although he had a busy day, he had gained so much today.

He did not only get a loyal bodyguard, but also a top killer.

Adding to that, he has improved a lot in his fighting skills and shooting skills alike.

Lin Yuan’s habit is to gamble only when he is at an advantage and to seek stability when he is at disadvantage.

After eating and preparing to sleep, Lin Yuan went upstairs.

But just when he was about to enter his room, his mother, Meng Yuelan, suddenly went downstairs.

“Yuan’er, remember that we are going to attend the banquet at Mei’s house the day after tomorrow!” Meng Yuelan shouted.

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