Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 142 Mei Family’s Banquet! Mei Yuxian!

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Hearing Meng Yuelan’s shout, Lin Yuan responded: “Okay!”

Hearing Lin Yuan’s response, his parents who were sitting on the sofa while watching TV were taken aback.

“Huh? Yuan’er has promised to attend the banquet of the Mei family? Isn’t he the one who hates these things the most?” Meng Yuelan looked surprised.

“I don’t know but maybe he has recently learned how uncomfortable it is to be a bachelor. He can meet a lot of beautiful young ladies from these occasions and Yuan’er does not go every time.” Lin Jianjun said this then shook his head.

“That’s right, it’s a great thing that Yuan’er promised to go this time at Mei Family’s banquet. There will be a lot of people, beautiful girls mostly. From there we can pick a pleasing daughter-in-law. Alas, I just don’t know if people can like our Yuan’er. His looks are okay. After all, he inherited his looks from me. It must be that he inherited his character from you, which makes him difficult to find a partner…” Meng Yuelan sighed.

Lin Jianjun: “….”



On the other side.

Lin Yuan just entered the room.

He turned on his phone and saw a message from Yu Shanshan.

Yu Shanshan: “About today’s Qian Qian, I am not talking about it anymore. But remember the banquet at Mei family the day after tomorrow. I have already told those young ladies that I have a handsome cousin. Brother, you must be very handsome before you come!”

Lin Yuan didn’t reply to her and turned off the phone.

The Gui Family Banquet. No, it is the Mei Family Banquet.

Lin Yuan had heard different people mention it several times in this short half day.

Lin Yuan is not surprised because he had made some preparations for this banquet before.

The Banquet of the Mei Family is a big plot in the early stage of 《The Strongest Soldier King in the Flower City》. It is also known as the climax.

The Mei family is a top major family in Jiangbei, which is slightly more influential and powerful than the Lin family.

The Mei Family Banquet is attended by many people from major families, and it is also a gathering among people from major families.

It is an event to socialize and talk to each other about cooperation and other purposes.

The protagonist of the original novel, Ye Feng, is set to be acquainted with several major forces one after another.

With his peach blossom luck, not only will he attract countless beauties, but also make connections with a lot of major influences.

It can be regarded as a critical turning point in the novel.

Mei Family Banquet can also be called Gui Family Banquet.

As for the organizer, Lin Yuan has not met her yet.

But it cannot be said to be someone unfamiliar.

Because the organizer Mei Yuxian, and the mother of the girl in JK uniform who sent him a letter before and also had a blind date with him, Gui Qingtong, are the same person! (T/N: JK = high school)

Many things can be seen from the name of the banquet to be held called Mei Family Banquet, not Gui Family Banquet.

The first thing to talk about is Gui Qingtong’s mother, Mei Yuxian.

Lin Yuan didn’t accept Gui Qingtong’s confession before.

The big reason is because of Mei Yuxian.

In the original novel, Mei Yuxian is also regarded as a heroine and one who left a deep impression on Lin Yuan.

Let’s talk about Mei Yuxian first.

Mei Yuxian is the eldest daughter of the Mei family.

Mei family was considered one of the top big families in Jiangbei, and it was slightly worse than the Lin family more than ten years ago.

And Mei Yuxian is even more famous in Jiangbei.

At that time, Jiangbei had the same ‘Four great beauties in Jiangbei’ same to now. This may already be a tradition.

But they are different from the four beauties now who are still evenly matched.

At that time, Mei Yuxian was able to overwhelm the group, and people listed her separately, one level higher than the other three beauties!

From this, we can tell how amazing Mei Yuxian’s charm is.

On the day when Mei Yuxian was eighteen and just became an adult, the old man of the Mei family was seriously ill.

After diagnosis, he can only live no more than two years.

Because of this, the Mei family suffered a big setback that year in business.

The old man of the Mei family said he wanted to hold and see his great-grandson before he dies.

So, Mei Yuxian married the son of the Gui family, who was more powerful than the Mei family at that time.

Mei Yuxian, whose name is well known in Jiangbei, the dream of many men, was married to the son of the Gui family with the excuse that the old man of the Mei Family wanted to embrace his great-grandson before he dies.

However, Mei Yuxian still has an older brother from whom a great-grandson can be born.

Mei Yuxian knew these were all excuses.

In fact, she married purely in order to use the Gui family’s power to let the Mei family tide over this difficulty, so they sacrificed her for economic and political reasons.

Mei Yuxian even threatened to die if she is forced to marry at a young age.

But it was all in vain.

In order to take advantage of the situation, the Mei family forced the sentiment card.

In the name of holding a grandson, Mei Yuxian was forced to marry.

In fact, Mei Yuxian did not give in even under the pressure of power.

She had no choice but to threaten the Mei family of her death.

But when her grandfather kept crying in front of her and said that he wanted to hold his great-grandson, she relented even if she knows everything was just acting.

After a year of marriage, Mei Yuxian gave birth to a beautiful child, Gui Qingtong.

The Mei family’s old man held his granddaughter contentedly.

The Mei family, who had survived the storm, was also very happy.

Only, Mei Yuxian was sacrificed.

After that, The Mei family and Gui family got better.

The powers of the two families got bigger and bigger.

It seems that everything was moving in a good direction.

But a wave of undercurrents is constantly surging behind the scenes for the two families.

After a few months after Gui Qingtong was born, Gui Qingtong’s father and Mei Yuxian’s husband, Gui Zhifan, became ill in bed.

Gui Zhifan gave all the power to his wife, Mei Yuxian.

On the Mei family’s side, perhaps because of Mei Yuxian’s sacrifice, she also has some share rights in the group.

Mei Yuxian who was originally interested in managing the family’s company seemed to have gained something worth sacrificing after marrying.

Regardless of whether it is the affairs of the Gui family or the Mei family, she handled them in an orderly manner.

With the discovery of Mei Yuxian’s abilities, more and more power was concentrated in her hands.

Then a few years later, it blew up!

It turns out that Mei Yuxian has already taken over more than half of both families at some point!

In a very short period of time, Gui Family and the Mei family have directly become Mei Yuxian’s territory.

Those who had negative opinions on Mei Yuxian were all kicked out of the board of directors.

But Mei Yuxian did not kick out the Gui family and let the Mei family dominate.

On the contrary, she eliminated more people from the Mei family, especially those who supported sacrificing her for saving the Mei family.

Ever since then, the Mei Family and Gui Family only followed her words alone.

Mei Yuxian’s husband Gui Zhifan died soon after her success and Mei Yuxian mourned for half a month.

Besides Gui Zhifan, many Mei family members also disappeared.

Then Mei Yuxian continued to govern the group by means of dictatorship.

Then soon, the Gui family disappeared completely and only the major family of Mei’s remained.

Of course, this major family is not the original Mei family anymore.

It is a Mei family that belongs only to Mei Yuxian.

The Mei family has since become one of the top families in Jiangbei, even better than the Lin Family!

Mei Yuxian is a legendary name.

At a young age, a single person controlled such a large group and family and brought it to the top.

In the original novel, because of the protagonist’s halo, Mei Yuxian has been advising Ye Feng many times and used the Mei family’s power to help Ye Feng many times.

It was one of Ye Feng’s thickest thighs.

But Lin Yuan is ready to rob Ye Feng off of this opportunity

He is also a bit greedy of Mei Yuxian.

Not only greedy for Mei Yuxian’s power, financial resources, her brain, but he also greedy for Mei Yuxian’s body.

Naturally, Lin Yuan is not interested in someone’s wife or woman who has experienced many battles.

What he likes the most is the penetration of the first time.

But the reason why Mei Yuxian can make Lin Yuan greedy, in addition to her beauty, body, power, and brain, which can be only be described as perfect, the most important point is…

Mei Yuxian is still a virgin!

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