Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 144 The strange Yan Ruyue! Making a cake with Xiu Wanxi!

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Song Xuan said again: “And not only is she beautiful, but in terms of business, in which your Aunt Song is proud of, I can’t say I can beat Mei Yuxian.”

“Xiao Yuan, you really are excellent and outstanding. Ruyue told me a few days ago, that you are not only knowledgeable about medicine, but you are actually good at playing the piano and singing. Auntie is not kidding, you are the perfect Prince Charming for millions of girls out there. If I was younger, I’d say I would definitely chase after you. Unfortunately, Ruyue didn’t cherish the chance…”

“But Ruyue really doesn’t deserve you. It’s Mei Yuxian when she was young, she is very outstanding. She is worthy of being the greatest beauty in Jiangbei. You two are quite a good match. I even mentioned you to her a little and she said she admires you as a younger generation. But we are not young anymore, we are old. When you see her you can call her Aunt Mei. Haha.”

“Our generation is old.” Song Xuan said with emotion.

Hearing the sigh of Song Xuan, Lin Yuan smiled and said: “You are not old. Auntie is still beautiful now. Aunt Mei too. It is true that young men like us get excited when we see you, and the female juniors hold gold bricks.” (T/N: Chinese idiom meaning it is a blessing to find a wife who is three years or so older than you.)

Lin Yuan’s words made Song Xuan blush slightly.

Song Xuan said with a smile: “Don’t make jokes about us aunts. We have all been married for a long time and we have children. There will be a banquet at Mei Family’s house tomorrow. I heard that Mei Yuxian’s daughter is also very beautiful. Auntie can give you an introduction.”

“Haha, okay.” Lin Yuan answered casually.

But in his heart, Lin Yuan was thinking that having children might not mean anything.

At this moment Yan Ruyue walked in.

“Mom, what did you just say you will introduce?” Yan Ruyue asked curiously.

“Mom told Xiao Yuan that she will introduce him to someone. Doesn’t your Aunt Mei have a daughter who is about to reach adulthood? I thought about introducing her to Xiao Yuan at the banquet tomorrow. You are not sensible; someone else’s daughter must be very sensible.” Song Xuan replied.

Hearing Song Xuan’s words, Yan Ruyue’s face changed slightly and said:” You mean that… Gui Qingtong? Why introduce Gui Qingtong? She is still a child, and her studies are important, and she is not completely developed yet…”

Yan Ruyue didn’t know why.

She and Gui Qingtong are not acquainted, let alone have hatred/grudge.

But when Song Xuan said that he was going to introduce Lin Yuan, she couldn’t help but say these words.

Lin Yuan smiled.

Song Xuan also smiled slightly, glanced at Yan Ruyue, and said nothing.

“Ruyue, you should send Xiao Yuan off. Mom has to deal with some documents.” Song Xuan said.

Yan Ruyue nodded, then accompanied Lin Yuan out of the house.

While outside, Yan Ruyue looked like she was hesitant to speak.

She held her left palm with her right hand and rubbed her right thumb on the palm of her left hand.

“I…” Yan Ruyue wanted to say something.

But when she opened her mouth, her cheeks became red and so she did not say anything.

Lin Yuan glanced at Yan Ruyue’s hand and said, “What’s the matter with your hand? Do you want to learn acupuncture yourself? I will treat your mother. You don’t need to learn it.”

The appearance of Yan Ruyue’s hand with some bandages made Lin Yuan a little curious.

Yan Ruyue shook her head repeatedly: “No… No, I’m not learning acupuncture.”

Yan Ruyue suddenly changed the subject and said, “Will…Will you go to the dinner at Mei’s family tomorrow?”

Lin Yuan glanced at Yan Ruyue and nodded. “I will go. What’s the matter?”

Seeing the look in Lin Yuan’s eyes, Yan Ruyue’s complexion turned red and she did not dare to look into his eyes. While looking away she said: “That…That’s good.”

Yan Ruyue did not speak anymore.

Looking at Yan Ruyue’s tangled expression, Lin Yuan didn’t ask anything more either.

Since Yan Ruyue said nothing more, Lin Yuan left directly.

Looking at Lin Yuan who was walking away, Yan Ruyue bit her red lips lightly.

Her two hands are twisted together and ten fingers are intertwined, not knowing what to think about…



This time, Lin Yuan intends to find Qiu Wanxi.

There were a lot of things to take care of at Mei’s Family’s Banquet.

So, Lin Yuan didn’t plan to take Qiu Wanxi.

He has some free time today, so he plans to be with her.

And Lin Yuan also planned to talk to Qiu Wanxi about curing her disease.

Even if she doesn’t start immediately, she must first be mentally prepared.

What made Lin Yuan dumbfounded was that as soon as he entered Hope Cake Shop, a hat was put on his head.

Fortunately, it was not green, but a red Christmas hat.

It were Xiao Lian and Xiao He who was hiding behind the door that put the hat on his head.

“What are you two doing?” Lin Yuan asked.

“Make Young Master put on a red hat!” Xiao Lian and Xiao he said in unison.

“What red hat to wear? Isn’t this a Christmas hat? It’s at least half a month before Christmas. What are you doing?” Lin Yuan asked.

“We have discussed with the store manager that business must be good this Christmas, so we prepared the props in advance.” Xiao Lian looked serious.

“Yes. Yes. That is right. Besides, Young Master will give us presents right?” Xiao He also nodded.

Bang! Bang!

Lin Yuan knocked the heads of the two, and then said: “It’s still a long time, what gifts are you saying. Then I will dress up as Santa Claus, sneak into your room, and let you know what true fear is.”

Lin Yuan was just joking but unfortunately Xiao Lian and Xiao He began to think seriously.

“Wow! Master, will you attack us pretending to be Santa Claus? Pervert!”

Seeing the two girls were serious about it, Lin Yuan could only knock their heads off again.

“Stop it. Where’s Wanxi? Lin Yuan asked.

“The store manager? The store manager is baking cakes at the back. I will take you to her.” Xiao Lian said.

Soon Lin Yuan followed the two troublemakers to the rear of the store.

Qiu Wanxi was really baking a cake very seriously.

Qiu Wanxi raised her head and when she saw Lin Yuan, she wiped her hands and ran over happily.

“Hello, young master!” Qiu Wanxi smiled.

As long as she sees Lin Yuan, no matter what time, season, or weather, Qiu Wanxi instantly becomes very happy.

“How about making cakes together?” Lin Yuan touched Qiu Wanxi’s head.

“Yeah.” Qiu Wanxi nodded her head while enjoying the hand touching her.

“I’ll help you to do it.” Lin Yuan said suddenly.

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