Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 145 Wanxi, clean the cream on my face!

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“Ahh?!” Qiu Wanxi was taken aback.

Then she shook her head repeatedly and said: “Making a cake might stain the young master’s clothes. The young master’s clothes are so expensive…”

“Come on. Teach me how to make it. If the clothes become dirty, then I will just throw them away and buy new ones. They’re only a few hundred thousand, which is very cheap.” Lin Yuan waved his hand.

“Okay…Okay.” Qiu Wanxi hesitated for a while, then squinted and laughed.

“I am very happy to be able to make cakes with the young master.”

But Xiao Lian then said: “Should I throw away my clothes also if they are dirty?”

Xiao He said, “It’s only a set of hundreds of thousands? It’s cheap?”

Xiao Lian: “Heh, the rich boy.”

Xiao He: “Heh, rich young master.”

Bang Bang!

The two were once again knocked in the head.

The two girls immediately came and fought with Lin Yuan.

As for making cakes, Lin yuan really has no talent.

And since he is really not very interested, he won’t use his counterattack points in order to improve his skills in baking.

So, his coming to the store wanting to help does not make the workload any lighter at all.

However, Qiu Wanxi’s face has always had a very happy smile.

As long as Lin Yuan can be by her side, she can’t help but feel happy.

As if she had a clockwork representing joy, Lin Yuan would automatically fuel the clockwork whenever he came.

Watching Lin Yuan make a crooked and ugly cake, Xiao Lian and Xiao He laughed again.

Qiu Wanxi wanted to eat it happily.

But Lin Yuan could not stand the scorched cake and doesn’t want Qiu Wanxi to eat it. And so, Lin Yuan threw the cake away.

Accompanying Qiu Wanxi to make cakes for more than an hour, Qiu Wanxi wasn’t bothered at all.

In fact, she is very satisfied to look at Lin Yuan’s face.

But the lively Xiao Lian and Xiao He were a little impatient.

They were jumping around all over the place.

Suddenly, there was a muffled noise.

“Ah! My face!”

It was not known who did it first. A puddle of cream suddenly appeared on Xiao Lian’s face.

Bang! Another muffled noise!

“Ah! My face!”

A puddle of cream also appeared on Xiao He’s face.

Then the muffled noises continued.

Qiu Wanxi suffered a brutal attack as well.

For Lin Yuan who barely survived the battle, Qiu Wanxi was willing to protect his face at all costs.

But Xiao Lian and Xiao He are unrestrained.

Lin Yuan’s face quickly turned into white.

Seeing Lin Yuan’s face buried in the deep cream, both Xiao Lian and Xiao He slipped away fearing that Lin Yuan would get angry at them and knock their heads off again.

But it was just for fun so Lin Yuan was not angry at all.

Looking at Lin Yuan who had a lot of cream on his face, Qiu Wanxi took care of him first despite having a lot of cream on her face itself.

Lin Yuan smiled and also helped Qiu Wanxi wipe the cream off her face.

The cream is made of butter, so it won’t be cleaned fully using bare hands.

“Master, I will get a basin of water and wash your face for you.” Qiu Wanxi smiled.

“Okay.” Lin Yuan nodded.

Seeing Qiu Wanxi turning around and preparing to leave, Lin Yuan suddenly thought of something.

“Wanxi, do you like cream?”

“Huh?” Qiu Wanxi turned around suspiciously, and then said: “I like it, what’s the matter?”

Qiu Wanxi likes cakes, so naturally, she does not hate cream as well.

She got curious because she doesn’t know why Lin Yuan asked such a question.

Then Lin Yuan’s response, Qiu Wanxi did not expect at all.

“If you like cream, then you don’t need to get a basin of water anymore. Just help me clean the cream on my face.” Lin Yuan smiled.

This is the idea Lin Yuan just came up with.

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, and seeing the smile on Lin Yuan’s face, Qiu Wanxi’s face which was covered in white cream blushed.

But Qiu Wanxi did not even refuse. Instead, she walked shyly over to Lin Yuan and sat beside him.

“Can you close your eyes?” Qiu Wanxi said while blushing.

Although she had kissed Lin Yuan several times, she is still very shy.

“Of course, but please don’t lick my eyes.” Lin Yuan smiled.

Then Qiu Wanxi saw Lin Yuan close his eyes.

Soon, Lin Yuan could feel Qiu Wanxi’s tongue all over his face.

Lin Yuan had the feeling of being licked by small animals.

Hmmm…It’s strange but wonderful.

And Qiu Wanxi’s heartbeat raced. She was very nervous although there was always a sweet taste in her mouth.

After half a minute, Lin Yuan became a little impatient.

He hugged Qiu Wanxi and kissed her lips.

Qiu Wanxi was taken aback, but having that familiar feeling, she slowly gave in.

“Is the store manager here at the moment?” A sudden voice can be heard.

Lin Yuan and Qiu Wanxi, who was currently enjoying what they were doing looked over to where the voice was coming from.

It was neither Xiao Lian nor Xiao He.

It was the cold assassin Chen Yu, whom Lin Yuan brought over as a bodyguard for Qiu Wanxi.

Chen Yu who had been living for revenge ever since she was a child has never seen such a scene up close.

And she knew these people.

Seeing the two licking the cream greedily on each other’s faces, Chen Yu was stunned for several seconds, blushed, and then ran away.

Qiu Wanxi blushed as well and wanted to get up and run.

But Lin Yuan pulled her back.

Then, Lin Yuan let her continue again.



One hour later, both Qiu Wanxi and Lin Yuan had taken a bath and changed their clothes.

Even now, Qiu Wanxi’s face remained flushed.

Looking at Qiu Wanxi, who was currently wearing a white dress and as beautiful as an immortal in a painting, Lin Yuan nodded in satisfaction.

“Let’s go. I will take you to eat hot pot.” Lin Yuan grabbed Qiu Wanxi’s little hand.

Qiu Wanxi was still immersed in what they did so her response was quite delayed. “Go, eat hot pot?”

“Well, the weather is getting cold. It’s just right.” Lin Yuan said.

Feeling the warmth of Lin Yuan’s palm, Qiu Wanxi smiled sweetly.

Chen Yu followed them from behind as a bodyguard.

Lin Yuan didn’t stop her.

At this time, Chen Yu’s face flushed frequently.

She must still remember the scene between Lin Yuan and Qiu Wanxi earlier.

‘What’s so good about this man for the store manager to be so happy like that?’ Chen Yu pouted. She was a little disdainful of Qiu Wanxi. She felt a strange feeling in her heart.

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