Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 150 Cui Susu asks to teach her Tai Chi!

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Early next morning, Lin Yuan drove to Ma’anshan Park. Lin Yuan wants to buy “The Ink Plum Blossom”.

“The Ink Plum Blossom” is in the hands of Cui Yunrong.

Cui Yunrong is part the Cui family of Yanjing, so how can Lin Yuan meet Cui Yunrong in Jiangbei?

Logically speaking, it is basically impossible to have an encounter with him in Jiangbei.

Not only is it impossible for Lin Yuan but also for Ye Feng.

But after all, this novel is an urban Xiao Baiwen. Does logic matter? It is unimportant. (T/N: Xiao Baiwen is a novel wherein the plot and structure is simple)

Lin Yuan remembered that in the original novel, it was a coincidence that Ye Feng met Cui Yunrong.

In the novel, Cui Yunrong was a bit tired of staying in Yanjing, so he took his granddaughter to Jiangbei for a vacation and rest.

Don’t ask why Cui Yunrong didn’t go to Yanjing’s resort scenic area, or why Cui Yunrong didn’t go to Hailan Island with better scenery. In short, Cui Yunrong came to Jiangbei for vacation.

And he is living in a relatively high-end community in Xiling District, Ma’anshan Community.

Every morning Cui Yunrong takes his granddaughter for a morning exercise at Ma’anshan Park.

This has become a habit.

And in the novel’s original setup, Cui Yunrong saw soldier king Ye Feng while the latter was practicing Tai Chi in the morning.

Ye Feng’s Tai Chi is capable of killing people, so Cui Yunrong became interested in him.

And so, the two got acquainted almost naturally.

Ye Feng smoothly embraced this big and thick thigh to pave the way on smoothly slapping people on Yanjing.

However, Lin Yuan planned to come over today to intercept their encounter. Although he only planned to buy the painting from Cui Yunrong, he certainly had to intercept upon the thought of it.

Looking at the group of aunts who danced the square dance at the park square early in the morning, Lin Yuan could only regard them as old yet strong people.

Today, Lin Yuan did not let Shi Shengnan follow him, instead Shi Shengnan looked at the park square five hundred meters away.

He reminded her to look out for a Yanjing Jeep 212.

The Yanjing Jeep 212 is a commemorative car while Cui Yunrong was in the military, so he always only drove the same.

Knowing the situation very well, Lin Yuan was not in a hurry and ate breakfast on the Lamborghini, while watching the dancing aunts do the square dance. (T/N: square dance = open-air fitness dancing)

About ten minutes later, Shi Shengnan called: “Master! I saw the Jeep 212 you asked me to look out for! Do you want me to block its way? Will the people inside be a threat to Master?” Shi Shengnan asked.

After a few days of getting along, she has made Lin Yuan’s safety her top priority.

Sometimes, mistaking the shadow of bow to a snake. (T/N: meaning extremely suspicious; the shadow of the bow reflected in the wine glass was mistaken for a snake caused fear due to suspicion.)

Lin Yuan said speechlessly: “It’s okay, just tell me what you can see from there.”

After hearing Shi Shengnan’s message, Lin Yuan got off his car.

He went to the other side of the square in Ma’anshan Park, and then began Tai Chi.

It is very strange for a young man to practice Tai Chi in the square.

Many people watched him.

Those square dancers wanted to laugh at him.

But after seeing Lin Yuan’s tall and straight figure, and handsome face, the square dancer’s momentum suddenly slowed down by a few beats.

Some aunts were even thinking how many rich young ladies in their home had left.

Some other uncles who especially do Tai Chi also saw Lin Yuan.

They can only curse silently in their hearts: ‘wdnmd!’

When Lin Yuan found out about his audience, he can only feel the horror of 200 charms.

But he naturally has no interest in these aunts.

Although he prefers more mature women, for these square dance aunts, it is hard to say the least.

Lin Yuan’s Tai Chi is in the advanced level, and really looks pretty decent.

Especially with the face value bonus,.

The aunts were very refreshed by the sight of him and were very happy. Several aunts were moved and wanted to come over to him and ask for his contact information.

Looking at the movements of the aunts as if he can see through their thoughts, Lin Yuan moved his feet discreetly, and began to walk away to avoid accidents.

At this moment, Lin Yuan could already see the target.

He saw an old man with gray hair and blue Tai Chi attire coming over. Beside him was a delicate young girl.

Although this old man had many strands of white hair, he looked full of energy and his temperament was very different from that of an ordinary old man. Lin Yuan could tell at a glance that he was probably Cui Yunrong.

Of course, Lin Yuan looked sideways and, on the surface, still punching intently.

And not only does Lin Yuan look at Cui Yunrong. The latter also saw him and recognized him doing Tai Chi at first glance.

It’s was too obvious that this young man was practicing Tai Chi in broad daylight.

And what caught the attention of Cui Yunrong the most was that although Lin Yuan was young, his Tai Chi was pretty decent and he is not worse than him.

However, there are some areas he can’t perform well, and the problems with his movement are too big. Such a good seedling needs to be taught carefully.

Cui Yunrong walked towards Lin Yuan, but before he can even reach where he was positioned, his granddaughter Cui Susu had run over to him first.

Cui Susu asked Lin Yuan directly: “Bir brother, why are you practicing Tai Chi here early in the morning? You performed well! Can you perhaps teach me?”

At this time, Cui Susu looked at Lin Yuan with little peach hearts in her eyes.

【Ding! Cui Susu asks you to teach her Tai Chi! Please make a choice! 】

【Choice 1: Agree to teach her to do Tai Chi! Reward: Advanced Chess! 】

【Choice 2: Refusing to teach her Tai Chi! Reward: Advanced cooking skills! 】

Hearing the prompt in the system and Cui Susu suddenly appearing before him asking to be her coach, Lin Yuan was a little confused.

Cui Susu is the granddaughter of Cui Yunrong, about 17 or 18 years old.

Her appearance is delicate, lovely, and very charming, with a face value of more than ninety points. And so, her requests is absolutely not a problem.

Lin Yuan remembered that in the original novel, when Ye Feng did Tai Chi, Cui Susu looked down on him and thought of him as a liar.

Only Cui Yunrong saw Ye Feng’s awesomeness.

Of course, naturally, Ye Feng would slap faces again and again showing how great he is.

Doesn’t Cui Susu look down on people who practice Tai Chi?

Why did she suddenly come to him and asked him to teach her Tai Chi?

Lin Yuan was stunned for a while, but also understood eventually.

He and Ye Feng are different, and they are not the same person!

Lin Yuan suddenly realized.

The face value is the problem!

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