Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 151 Love at first sight!

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Although Ye Feng originally had a face value of 160, it was still not enough to get the attention of Cui Susu.

As for Lin Yuan, his current face value is 200 points, so Cui Susu immediately had a good impression of him.

Cui Susu wanted to strike up a conversation with the excuse of asking Lin Yuan to teach her Tai Chi.

With regards to choosing whether to teach her or not, does not affect his plans.

So Lin Yuan just has to choose according to the rewards.

The cooking skill is currently useless while the chess skill might come in handy in his plans soon.

So of course, Lin Yuan chose the first.

【Ding! The selection is finished! Agree to teach Cui Susu Tai Chi! 】

Lin Yuan immediately smiled and said: “Okay, brother will teach you Tai Chi.”

Cui Susu straightened her back immediately and was prepared to be taught by Lin Yuan.

But just when Lin Yuan was about to teach Cui Susu, who was looking forward to it with heart in her eyes, Cui Yunrong arrived shortly.

He actually wanted to teach her granddaughter himself, but Cui Susu always said that it is boring and old-fashioned. But then, there she was so eager to learn from Lin Yuan. Cui Yunrong knew exactly what Cui Susu was thinking.

Cui Yunrong grabbed Cui Susu and scolded: “Why are you so rude and ignorant Susu? You suddenly disturbed a person and you are also giving him the burden to teach you Tai Chi. Don’t you know how difficult it is to reach this degree? It won’t be easy to teach you.”

After hearing her grandpa’s scolding, Cui Susu whispered: “What’s so wrong with asking him to learn Tai Chi?” Cui Susu had a good impression of Lin Yuan, which can be regarded as love at first sight.

Cui Yunrong apologized to Lin Yuan and said: “My granddaughter is very ignorant and bothersome. I’m sorry for the way she acts young man.”

Lin Yuan smiled and said: “It doesn’t matter. Since your granddaughter wants to learn, I can teach it without a problem. This kind of promotion and inheritance of traditional culture is a great thing.”

“Okay! Well said!” Cui Yunrong yelled directly.

Lin Yuan said these words in his heart. He sighed often because young generations don’t care about traditional culture anymore. Today, he became very happy that there are still those who are eager to learn Tai Chi. This made his favorability soar.

Lin Yuan said again: “Speaking of this old gentleman coming to me. Is there anything wrong?”

Cui Yunrong smiled immediately and said: “I couldn’t help but come over when I saw your Tai Chi. I also like Tai Chi. Your punches are very good, relaxed, and powerful, and your movement is so vivid.”

Cui Yunrong first complimented, and then stretched out a long sentence: “But…”

“But you have some flaws in your Tai Chi, and there is a big problem with your movement. You are a rare young man, so I just wanted to point this out to you.”

“Oh?” Lin Yuan raised his eyebrows in disbelief. “Although I can’t say how good my Tai Chi is, I have practiced it for many years. How can there be any major problems?”

Hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Cui Yunrong showed a triumphant look in his eyes and then said, “When you just performed the ‘Part the wild horse’s mane’…” (T/N: one of Tai Chi Forms)

Cui Yunrong said happily, while Lin Yuan smiled and pretended to nod, although he was not entirely listening.

Although Cui Yunrong was right, Lin Yuan was not really lacking.

The reason is that Lin Yuan intentionally showed a special flaw to attract Cui Yunrong over.

He fully understands Cui Yunrong’s character and will definitely come over to correct him.

It’s like a student who could have been admitted to Tsinghua University and Peking University was paid attention to by the headteacher because he was able to answer difficult questions perfectly but failed on the basic questions in a mathematics exam.

For Cui Yunrong, who loves Tai Chi, such a loophole is almost like an obsessive-compulsive disorder patient. He must want to correct it. Cui Yunrong’s response shows that Lin Yuan was right.

Cui Yunrong really came to correct it!

Soon Cui Yunrong’s corrective action began. Lin Yuan also slapped his palms a few times and exclaimed: “Okay! The old man’s Tai Chi movements are stronger than my standards. It turned out I have been wrong all this time.”

After receiving Lin Yuan’s compliment, Cui Yunrong couldn’t help but smile slightly.

If ordinary people praise him for good Tai Chi, he naturally doesn’t care and feels nothing.

But if a young man like Lin Yuan who is equally good at Tai Chi praised him, and he feels the sincerity, it felt great.

For many retired seniors who have gained high levels of achievements in their youth, they needed a sense of identity or recognition.

But what Cui Yunrong didn’t expect was that Lin Yuan suddenly said: “Old man, your movements are within the standards, but there is a problem with your form. I feel you have made a mistake.”

Hearing this, Cui Yunrong’s face immediately became stern” “Brother, your Tai Chi is not so low. Where I made a mistake, you quickly point it out to me. I will definitely be willing to change it. I have been performing Tai Chi for many years, but no one has ever said that there was a problem with my movements.”

Although it was for Lin Yuan to point out, it must be changed accordingly. But Cui Yunrong didn’t believe there was really a problem with his movements.

In his opinion, it is estimated that this young man was just unhappy when he said that there was a problem with his movements, so he would also find a flaw in him.

He wanted to know what was wrong with him.

Lin Yuan was not polite. He directly showed the action, and acted as he did it, “Old Man, your ‘Left Grasp Sparrows Tail movement’, your arms are not high enough, and your movements are not smooth enough…”

Seeing Lin Yuan doing it, Cui Yunrong did the same.

He did not see if there was something wrong, so he asked Cui Susu to take a video.

After comparing with Lin Yuan, he found out that there really was a problem with his movement!

“This can’t be, I have been performing Tai Chi for decades and even performed as a Tai Chi representative before. How come there was such a problem?” Cui Yunrong frowned and murmured.

Lin Yuan smiled immediately: “Old Man, I know why.”

Cui Yunrong said quickly: “Brother, please tell me, why?”

Lin Yuan smiled and said: “In fact, your original actions are very standard, and the current ones are the same. The actions have not changed, but you have changed. You are different now. You are no longer the 30 or 40-year-old you.”

“The action has not changed. I am no longer the 30 or 40-year-old me…” Cui Yunrong murmured when he heard Lin Yuan’s response.

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