Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 152 Set up Ye Feng!

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“Old Man, your strength is no longer as much as before, but the action is the same as before, so it appears non-standard.” Lin Yuan explained.

Cui Yunrong understood it instantly!

It’s like a direct comparison of going up a 50-story staircase at the age of thirty and going up the 50-story staircase at the age of seventy.

Cui Yunrong is already in his 70s or 80s, so of course, his movements are not as powerful as they were back then.

Thinking of this, he also sighed: “Oh, time is not forgiving. I can’t do a lot of things when I get old. Even Tai Chi starts to despise me.”

“Grandpa don’t talk nonsense; I never think grandpa is old.” Cui Susu said immediately after hearing Cui Yunrong’s words.

Cui Yunrong shook his head, his face with a wry smile.

At this time, Lin Yuan suddenly smiled and said: “In fact, the strength is insufficient, but it may still be possible to perform standard moves.”

“Oh! Brother, do you have a way?” Cui Yunrong’s eyes lit up.

“According to your body structure and some of your fighting skills, you can raise your hand like this.” Lin Yuan combined his knowledge of medicine, combat, and Tai Chi, allowing Cui Yunrong to perform labor-saving and standard movements.

After listening, Cui Yunrong’s eyes were bright and his back straightened.

Tai Chi is his only hobby when he got older. He refuses to accept that when he got old, even Tai Chi he can’t do properly.

If Lin Yuan would be able to make him do Tai Chi again according to the standards, then Cui Yunrong will feel more comfortable.

Cui Yunrong immediately began to imitate Lin Yuan’s method.

He discovered that Lin Yuan’s method is really effective.

He didn’t feel tired when he did Tai Chi but was more relaxed and comfortable.

Cui Yunrong excitedly and happily played Tai Chi on his own.

Lin Yuan taught Cui Susu who was eagerly looking forward to him at this time.

“Well, your waist is a little straighter. That’s not right, your butt is closing a little…”

“In this action, you have to stand up and raise your head, chest out…”

In the process of teaching Tai Chi, Lin Yuan has been correcting Cui Susu’s movements, so there was constant physical contact.

Cui Susu was not only receptive but also very excited.

She even often initiated the contact. (T/N: Thirsty…)

In short, in a variety of actions, Lin Yuan normally let go of her, but she insisted on coming to him.

Lin Yuan was only willing to correct by fixing her hands and then letting go, but Cui Susu insisted he does not let go.

After some time, her whole body was pressing against Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan could only feel the softness of this young lady.

【Ding! Teach Cui Susu Tai Chi complete! Bonus skill: advanced chess! 】

A system prompt sounded on Lin Yuan’s mind.

Lin Yuan was not too embarrassed about accidentally taking advantage of other people’s granddaughter in front of her own grandfather.

And besides, he can roughly say that Cui Yunrong has a high opinion of him.

Lin Yuan then plans to proceed with the next steps.

He shook his foot three times in a row signaling something.

When Shi Shengnan saw this, she immediately called someone.

Soon a vehicle with sprinklers drove to Maanshan Park.

The sprinkler sprayed water on both sides of the ground, and there were several automatic brooms sweeping the ground.

A man’s head peeked through the window of the driver’s seat: “Grandfathers and aunts, let me clean up the square today. After cleaning up, you all can continue dancing and punching.”

After talking, he began to clean the square.

The aunts who danced in the square could only curse while going away.

Lin Yuan was about to say something, but Cui Susu interrupted and asked.

Cui Susu: “Brother, have you eaten breakfast? If you haven’t, would you like to join us and have breakfast together? After all, you just taught me so hard.”

Lin Yuan was slightly taken aback when he heard Cui Susu’s invitation.

Actually, his original plan was to invite them for breakfast to intercept Ye Feng’s chance of meeting them there today.

He planned to prevent Ye Feng from meeting Cui Yunrong and the others with whom he can get an alliance.

It was so unexpected that Cui Susu invited first.

Cui Yunrong also nodded and said: “Yes, brother. Today we were destined to meet. The breakfast at the Pearl Teahouse next door is not bad. Let us go eat together.”

Cui Yunrong pointed to a breakfast restaurant next to Maanshan Park.

Lin Yuan smiled and nodded:” Okay then. I’ll accept the invitation.”

Soon, the three of them came to the Pearl Teahouse next to Maanshan Park.

Lin Yuan was seated next to the window.

They can see Maanshan Park from there, not so far away.

After Lin Yuan and both Cui Yunrong and Cui Susu left, the sprinkler vehicle also left immediately.

And there was an old man dressed like Cui Yunrong there.

According to what happened in the Novel, Ye Feng went to Yan’s house to speak with Yan Ruyue and Song Xuan, then Qiu Wanxi…

Lin Yuan guessed that this time, Cui Yunrong was also expected to meet Ye Feng, so this time he not only had to intercept their encounter but also make them disgusted with Ye Feng.

The old man prepared for Ye Feng is a fake. If Ye Feng doesn’t show up today, he will continue showing up tomorrow…

Lin Yuan temporarily retracted his eyes.

Lin Yuan chat with Cui Yunrong while eating breakfast.

Instead of sitting next to his grandfather, Cui Susu sat beside Lin Yuan and gave Lin Yuan a piece of cake from time to time.

After the exchanges between the two sides, they quickly learned general information about each other.

Moreover, Lin Yuan has long understood the personality and character of Cui Yunrong and Cui Susu.

He will work on getting their favorability towards him be higher and higher.

At this time, Yuan suddenly saw a familiar figure outside come to the square of Maanshan Park…

Ye Feng feels so down recently.

After he came from abroad, he thought he could leap into the ocean and fly high in the sky.

But he did not expect to have such bad luck, and everything went wrong.

He was detained just right after arriving in the country.

Then Gu Qingshan and the Qingshan Gang took action to help him, but the Lin and Tang Family suppressed them.

And most of the thing seemed to be related to the young master of the Lin Family.

There is news from the Chen Family that a grand banquet will be at the Mei Family Banquet tonight which will be joined by all the people of the major families in Jiangbei.

The Chen family was not interested in the banquet, so they gave their place to both Ye Feng and his brother Gu Qingshan.

Ye Feng intends to grab this opportunity and show off, make friends with all the kinds of influential people in order to break through from the recent suppression. He wanted to avenge his brother Gu Qingshan and the Qingshan Gang.

In order to do this, Ye Feng had to buy gifts for the evening.

At this moment, he suddenly saw an old man in the square, wearing a simple dress but was punching in an extraordinary manner.

His eyes lit up and then he walked up immediately.

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