Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 153 Cui Susu is extremely disgusted!

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He couldn’t tell if it is because his master is an extraordinary old man, but when he saw this old man who looks not simple at Maanshan Park, he wanted to make friends immediately.

There is a feeling of good fortune coming from his soul.

When Ye Feng went out today, he felt as if he would meet a noble person today.

He also couldn’t understand why he felt like this.

But he always had such an unrelenting feeling. For example, the time when he met the head of the Chen Family whom he saved by chance.

Today, he felt the same and looked forward in Maanshan Park.

So when Ye Feng saw the old man, he directly walked towards him.

He smiled and said to the old man who was currently doing Tai Chi: “Old man, you are doing well. I am Ye Feng. You can also call me Xiao Ye. Can I ask your name?”

The old man also looked calm and said lightly: “This old man’s surname is Ning. What’s the matter? Do you also know Tai Chi?”

Ye Feng saw a piece of valuable jade hanging on the old man’s waist, but his clothes were simple. Ye Feng believed that this was a low-key noble person, so he immediately smiled and said: “I understand a little. Let me show you.”

After that, Ye Feng directly hit a set of Tai Chi.

Lin Yuan, who was currently at the teahouse, saw through the glass how Ye Feng did Tai Chi and nodded because he did a good job, not any worse than his advanced Tai Chi.

Noticing Lin Yuan’s eyes, Cui Yunrong and Cui Susu also looked over.

Cui Yunrong’s attention and interest were caught by Ye Feng, while Cui Susu turned around and continued looking at Lin Yuan.

The old man at the square also nodded in satisfaction and said: “Well, not bad.”

“The movements are pretty standard. But, ah, you, young people make it look fancy. Unlike our generation, the movements can hurt or even kill people.”

Hearing the comments of the old man Ning, Ye Feng suddenly felt a little upset.

He is a magnificent soldier, and Tai Chi can kill people just as much as other forms of martial arts.

On the contrary, the old man’s movements were quite just the standard. How dare this old man says he was doing it poorly. How could he bear it as a high caliber soldier?

Ye Feng immediately responded: “Old Ning, you may have misunderstood. My…”

Without waiting for Ye Feng to finish speaking, Elder Ning interrupted directly: “How about we compare notes?”

Ye Feng was stunned for a while and then said, “Okay…”

Old Ning hooked his palm towards Ye Feng.

“Come on, this old man will let you do it first.”

Ye Feng’s eyes rolled a few times while having a thought in his mind.

‘This old man certainly has a high status, but his brain is twisted.’ Ye Feng thought of giving him a good beating, but he can’t really beat the old man.

He still wanted to hug this thigh, so Ye Feng planned to show him a hard blow and scare old Ning, and then pretend to give up.

Looking at Old Ning who was seriously waiting for him, Ye Feng made up his mind.

“Old Ning be careful. Here I go.” Ye Feng reminded him before proceeding.

“Come on. I am rather invincible with a pair of iron fists. No one all over the country can beat me. Today, I will compete with you little kid, barely using 10% of my skills.”

Facing Ye Feng, Old Ning did not even raise his head; his hands were placed behind his back and his expression, calm.

Seeing Old Ning acting invincible, Ye Feng was a little speechless.

He proceeded with his blow, intending to directly hit Old Ning in a single punch.

The movement seems fast, but Ye Feng did not use any force at all.

The punch was actually so light that even a child can receive it.

But under Ye Feng’s sluggish gaze, Old Man Ning whose hands were still behind his back pretending to be invincible suddenly fell to the ground before even receiving his fist.

”Ah!” Old Ning, also let out a terrible cry like a pig.

Ye Feng was stunned.

‘What’s going on? ‘He couldn’t remember that a punch in the air can hurt someone?

“Look! Someone wants to hit the old man and kill him. He is bullying the old man in public!”

“Shameless! Hitting an old man at a young age!”

There were just the two of them, but after Old Ning still on the ground continued screaming, a large group of people suddenly gathered, accusing Ye Feng of hitting the helpless old man.

Ye Feng suddenly realized.

The old man is a scammer!


This old man whom he thought was a low-key noble person is actually a scammer!

Not far from Maanshan Park is a police station.

If it weren’t that the police might come, Ye Feng wanted to give the old man a kick.

“Give him money! Don’t even think of leaving without giving the old man some money. You can’t just run away after hitting an old man!” Seeing Ye Feng wanted to leave, several old people surrounded him.

Old Ning also rolled to the ground in front of Ye Feng.

“You wanted to run away after hitting me? I will call the police, or you can give me ten thousand and I will let you go! If not, go to the police station with me!”

Ye Feng watched as old man Ning said this while clenching his teeth.

Old Ning’s acting is actually very bad. He obviously looks just fine.

But Qingshan Gang was in a lot of trouble recently, and Ye Feng did a lot of dirty work in secret in the past.

His fingerprints are likely to be registered again.

He was afraid that as soon as he entered the police station, his reputation will be compromised again.

There were a lot of people surrounding him and he felt that they are all the old man’s accomplices so they would not let him go.

So despite being angry, Ye Feng planned to take out cash to solve the matter.

“I only have two thousand in cash! I don’t have ten thousand! Take it and get lost!” Ye Feng gritted his teeth and took out two thousand.

“Don’t think about running away if you won’t pay for the beating! I was half dead only to receive two thousand and then get lost?!” This time, Old Ning rolled again on the ground and take out a QR Code.

Below the QR code were written words: ‘Welcome to Transfer’.

”Give money! Give money! Give money!” The people surrounding them shouted again.

Ye Feng clenched his fists, gritted his teeth, and opened the WeChat transfer.

“Don’t ever let me see you again next time, because If I do see you, I will really kill you!” Ye Feng said full of hatred.

Seeing that the police are coming, the people surrounding them immediately disbanded and so Ye Feng hurried away.

As soon as Ye Feng left, the old man also stood up and left.

Seeing the ‘ok’ message on the phone, Lin Yuan smiled slightly.

Lin Yuan deliberately arranged with Old Ning to create such a scene.

Even if Ye Feng doesn’t come today, old man Ning will still come. This is the actor Lin Yuan paid for. He will go every day for the purpose of playing Ye Feng.

Lin Yuan didn’t expect Ye Feng to come today. It was a coincidence, but it was a good thing.

Because Lin Yuan, Cui Yunrong, and Cui Susu were seated on the second floor of the Teahouse, they have seen what happened very clearly.

“That young man just now did well in Tai Chi.” Lin Yuan said casually.

Cui Yunrong immediately shook his head and said. “His Tai Chi is indeed well, but his attitude is so bad. At first, I was a little interested, thinking that I could meet two outstanding young people today. But it wasn’t the case. That young man is far behind you little friend Lin.”

”That’s right. That person didn’t look like a good person at first glance. How can he compare with Brother Lin Yuan?!” Cui Susu added a piece of cake to Lin Yuan’s plate.

【Ding! Cui Yunrong has a serious dislike for the protagonist Ye Feng! Reverse the plot! Reward +1000 counterattack points!】

【Ding! Cui Susu is extremely disgusted with the protagonist Ye Feng! Reverse the plot! Reward +1000 counterattack points!】

Hearing two consecutive prompts from the system, Lin Yuan smiled slightly and said, “Thanks.”

The intercept has been successful!

And after their chat where they learned general information about each other, the relationship between Lin Yuan and Cui Yunrong has become closer.

Cui Yunrong even regarded him as a friend.

Lin Yuan planned that it was then time to talk about his reason for meeting with Cui Yunrong, that is, to talk about the ‘The Ink Plum Blossom’ which he was going to buy as a gift!

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