Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 154 Cui Susu’s elbow turns the wrong way!

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In the chat with Cui Yunrong, Lin Yuan deliberately shifted the topic into hobbies.

Lin Yuan said directly: “In fact, I don’t just like Tai Chi. I am also very interested in paintings”

Hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Cui Yunrong’s eyes lit up and said, “Oh? Little Friend Lin is interested in paintings? Actually, I am also very interested in paintings.”

Lin Yuan raised his eyebrows and said, “My favorite paintings are plum blossom paintings. I like them very much.”

Cui Yunrong’s eyes brightened more and said: “I also like plum blossom paintings very much.”

Despite his sincere response, Lin Yuan still frowned slightly and then said, “Old man Cui, are you just trying to cheer me up? Although we are very destined, I don’t believe that this is just a coincidence that I like plum paintings and you also like them.”

Cui Yunrong smiled, shook his head, and said: “Don’t get me wrong Little Friend Lin. I really like plum paintings. Maybe it’s just a coincidence.”

Lin Yuan raised his eyebrows slightly and then said, “If that’s the case, then let me test you, old man Cui. Since you like plum paintings, do you know Wang Mian’s ‘The Ink Plum Blossom Painting’?”

Hearing Lin Yuan’s question, Cui Yunrong immediately laughed. After taking a sip of tea, Cui Yunrong smiled and then said: “Wang Mian’s ‘Ink Plum Blossom’ is a painting that has plums hanging upside down. The branches are dense and suspended and decorated with plum blossoms or budding petals. The front side is slanted like a jade bead falling from silver branches.”

Cui Yunrong described the painting with exceptional and very informative details.

And Lin Yuan had a ‘shocked’ expression that could not be concealed.

Lin Yuan then said: “Old man Cui, you know so clearly such a treasure. It seems that you have also studied it very well. What a coincidence!”

Cui Yunrong smiled and touched his white beard. “In fact, there is something you need to know Little Friend Lin. I like to collect paintings and the ‘Ink Plum Blossom’ you were asking about is actually in my hands at the moment.”

Although his tone was indifferent, Cui Yunrong couldn’t help showing a trace of triumph in his eyes.

The painting they were discussing just now, ended up to be in his hands.

Although he just generally likes the ‘Ink Plum Blossom’ painting.

Lin Yuan clearly knew what Cui Yunrong was thinking then he straightforwardly said: “Old man Cui, I have one more thing I would like to discuss with you. It is whether you can sell this particular painting to me?”

Cui Yunrong has a good impression of Lin Yuan so he was not annoyed upon hearing Lin Yuan’s request. “Why does Little Friend Lin want to buy the said painting? Do you want to add it to your collection? The price for it is not cheap.”

Lin Yuan replied: “I wanted to buy the painting to give it as a gift to a friend. She has liked this ‘Ink Plum Blossom’ painting for a long time. The price actually doesn’t matter. It’s okay if it is expensive.

Cui Susu liked Lin Yuan very much and so she said directly to his grandfather: “Grandpa, you have bought so many paintings already and kept the same, so let us sell this one painting to Brother Lin Yuan.”

Recalling that Lin Yuan said that the selling price for the painting doesn’t matter, Cui Yunrong asked with interest: “Can I dare to ask which family Little Friend Lin came from?”

When Cui Yunrong actually saw Lin Yuan the first time, he knew that he is not an ordinary person from the way he is dressed, and his temperament quite outstanding.

However, it is not very polite to ask rashly, and the question at this time also satisfied his curiosity.

Lin Yuan did not intend to hide his identity and said directly: “Jiangbei Lin Family. Lin Jianjun of the Lin Group is my father.”

Cui Yunrong thought for a while and smiled: “So you turned out to be the young master of the Lin family.”

After listening, Cui Yunrong admired Lin Yuan even more.

As the young master of a very influential Lin Family, Lin Yuan even studied painting and Tai Chi, which is very rare for people his age.

Cui Yunrong immediately smiled and said: “It seems that Little Friend Lin is really not short of money. I spent 50 million on this painting which is definitely not a big deal to Little Friend Lin. But my collection of paintings are very rarely sold and are mostly given only to those who are destined to have them.”

“I also Like this ‘Ink Plum Blossom’ very much. Although it is possible to refuse and cut ties with Little Friend Lin, but I will still feel disappointed if it happens. So, let me ask you a question first.”

“Old man Cui, go ahead and tell me.” Lin Yuan said.

Cui Yunrong smiled and asked: “Do you play chess?”

Lin Yuan said: “I play a little bit.”

Cui Yunrong: “Then it is easy to say. How about we do this: I don’t need your money for the painting. I will send it to you directly under one condition. That is that you win against me in the chess game. No, maybe I am bullying you too much. As long as you can hold for an hour without losing, you win”

“Of course, you can’t deliberately waste the time. In addition, will be a notary to the condition.” Cui Yunrong said.

While speaking, Cui Yunrong looked at Cui Susu while Cui Susu stared at Lin Yuan closely.

Cui Yunrong smiled, shook his head, and then said: “Okay. I won’t add the unfair notary. I believe Little Friend Lin will not deliberately waste time.”

Lin Yuan did not answer immediately after hearing Cui Yunrong’s words.

So Cui Susu said: “Grandpa! This is not fair! Brother Lin Yuan, do not accept his conditions. My grandfather is an expert in chess. He won’t let you win!”

Cui Susu then turned to his grandpa and said: “Grandpa! Don’t bully Brother Lin Yuan and give him the painting without these conditions. It is predestined for him to have it.”

“You girl, your elbow always turn the wrong way, you are not even married yet.” Cui Yunrong smiled and shook his head. (T/N: The elbow turns the wrong way = to favor an outsider instead of someone on one’s own side.)

In fact, Cui Yunrong doesn’t care whether he wins or loses. Even if Lin Yuan loses, he will still send the painting to him.

But when Lin Yuan said he played a little bit of chess, Cui Yunrong wanted to play with him.

Apart from Tai Chi, chess is also his favorite.

For him who had been doing Tai Chi for decades, Lin Yuan just made him realize and pointed his flaws in Tai Chi.

Cui Yunrong wanted to get back at him subconsciously.

He is a chess expert, and he intends to use the same to win a round against Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan nodded directly and agreed. “Okay, so let’s make a deal.”

Lin Yuan casually picked up and ate the snack given by Cui Susu, and then prepared to play chess with Cui Yunrong.

The teahouse offers a lot of recreational things, including chess.

Soon, all the chess pieces were already in place.

Lin Yuan silently upgraded his chess skills to the divine-level.

After half an hour of playing, Cui Yunrong looked at the chessboard and his face full of disbelief.

He didn’t even notice that he was pulling hard on his white beard and almost pulled it off.

And Cui Susu who originally thought that her grandfather will bully Lin Yuan, thinking that he would definitely lose, was also stunned!

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