Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 156 Gui Qingtong wants to propose!

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Cui Yunrong is a relatively open-minded old man. And with his ties with Lin Yuan, he felt that the concept of the generation gap is not that important.

Lin Yuan smiled, nodded, and said: “Okay. Old man Cui.”

Cui Yunrong asked again: “Xiao Yuan, can I ask to whom the painting is meant to be given away?”

Lin Yuan smiled and said: “I don’t know if you know that the Mei Family Banquet will be held tonight. The person I want to give it to is the matriarch of the Mei Family, Mei Yuxian.”

“Mei Family Banquet? Mei Family matriarch?” Cui Yunrong knew a little about Jiangbei, but he is not too familiar with the Mei Family, so he asked casually.

“Old Cui, if it is okay, I will say goodbye first.” Lin Yuan said.

“Well, you have to come to the Maanshan community to visit me in the future. Or if you go to Yanjing sometime in the future, you must come to see me. In Yanjing, I still have some little influence.” Cui Yunrong said.

“Okay!” Lin Yuan nodded.

“Big Brother Lin Yuan, are you leaving now? Susu wants to come with you to the Mei Family Banquet. Can you take me?” Cui Susu looked at Lin Yuan reluctantly.

“Susu, don’t make trouble, Xiao Yuan is very busy not like you.” Cui Yunrong scolded.

“Big Brother Lin Yuan must chat with me more on WeChat, so I won’t miss you that much. Come and visit us when you are free!” Cui Susu shouted.

“Yeah.” Lin Yuan smiled and waved his hand.

“I’ll bring my dad next time and let him go to the Lin Family to propose a marriage to you!” Cui Susu shouted again.

“You naughty kid. You dare say that to your father and your dad would hit you.” Cui Yunrong smiled.

Lin Yuan also smiled and then went down to the teahouse.

After Lin Yuan left, Cui Susu looked at Cui Yunrong. “Grandpa~, let us go back and help me talk to my dad. I really like Brother Lin Yuan! I want to marry him!”

Cui Yunrong touched his beard and said, “Young people these days really want to get married immediately. You two just met, so don’t be fooled by the appearance. But I also feel that Xiao Yuan is a good boy. Not only is he elegant and calm but also stable. Though it feels like he has always known our identity, but does not seem like it.”

“Jiangbei Lin Family, the background is good enough to be my grandson-in-law. Mainly, I think he is very pleasing to the eye. Okay, I’ll help talk this out to your dad when we go back.”

“Yey!” Hearing Cui Yunrong’s words, Cui Susu jumped with joy and then picked up her mobile phone and sent a message to Lin Yuan in WeChat.



Not long after Lin Yuan got in the car, he saw a message from Cui Susu which read that she will go to the Lin Family to propose marriage.

What made him dumbfounded is that Cui Susu is not the only one who wants to propose to him.

Just after turning away from WeChat, Lin Yuan received a call. The person on the other end said with a crisped voice, “Is this Brother Lin Yuan?”

“Yes, it is. Who is this?” Lin Yuan asked.

The voice seemed a little familiar.

“It’s Qingtong! Brother Lin Yuan, you are stupid! Why don’t you even remember my voice?! I listen to your song every day!” Gui Qintong said.

“Qingtong, why do you have my number?” Lin Yuan asked.

“I got it from someone. That’s not important. The important thing is that Brother Lin Yuan, you will come to our family’s banquet, right? I have already said to my mother that I want my mother to marry you. Ah! No! I mean I want to propose to you and get married to you!” Gui Qingtong said excitedly.

Just now, Cui Susu said that she and her dad would propose marriage to his family.

Now, Gui Qingtong said the same thing.

Well, it is fine to propose marriage, but he did not like Gui Qingtong’s flat chest.

What he is greedy about is the seductive plumpness of Gui Qingtong’s mother, Mei Yuxian.

‘What do I do?’

‘How should I talk to Gui Qingtong tonight?’

‘Mei Yuxian, I would definitely not let my chance with her slip.’

‘But what about Gui Qingtong…’

After thinking about it, Lin Yuan got tired and had a headache.

‘Okay, just adhere to the three noes principles,… ‘

(T/N: established in April 1979 and maintained by President Chiang Ching-kuo of the Republic of China, commonly known asTaiwan, in response to the People’s Republic of China’s attempts to have direct contact with the ROC. The three noes principles are ‘no contact, no negotiation and no compromise’ (不接觸,不談判,不妥協))

After a few chats with Gui Qingtong, Lin Yuan hung up.

He still has things to do.

After witnessing Ye Feng going to the Maanshan Park today, he would definitely be present in Mei Family’s Banquet tonight.

The plot of the original novel is still in place even with the butterfly-effect of him coming into this world and changing the plot. Maybe this is the so-called luck, as part of the protagonist’s destiny.

One opportunity after another always leaned towards Ye Feng.

So today, he had to make preparations for his plan at Mei Family’s Banquet he prepared two days ago.


Lin Yuan went to a ceramic factory called Meihua Ceramics.

Seeing how Lin Yuan was dressed and with a very conspicuous temperament, obviously not an ordinary person at first glance, the director of the factory immediately greeted him.

“This distinguished guest, do you want to order any ceramics?” asked by the director of the ceramic factory.

Lin Yuan took out a receipt and said: “I’m here to pick up the clay jar. I ordered a blue and white porcelain jar here the other day.

The factory director took a look, then nodded quickly and said, “Oh! I’ll get it for you right away!”

Soon the director took out the blue and white porcelain jar.

While handing the blue and white porcelain jar to Lin Yuan, the director of the ceramic factory asked hesitantly:” You ordered this porcelain jar, and specifically requested that it be fired in our ancestral kiln. So, even if we try to avoid it, there are still some shrinkage…”

Lin Yuan waved his hand and said: “It’s okay, what I want is the reduction of the glaze, which can only be made using the original ancestral kiln.”

Glaze shrinkage refers to the defects in the ceramic production process. Due to various reasons, there will often be local glaze defects on the surface of the glazed product after putting over the fire, and that is glaze shrinkage.

While looking at the blue and white porcelain jar in his hand, Lin Yuan pointed at the pile of blue and white porcelain jars next to him and asked: “Are you sure it was made according to my requirements?”

The director of the ceramic factory glanced at the employee next to him, and the employee nodded quickly: “Yes! The ceramic jars over there are the ceramic jars made for Chairman Mei. You said that you want the same thing. I just did as you said. Except for the shrinkage, you specifically requested to burn in the old kiln, the other styles are exactly the same as there!”

Lin Yuan walked over and compared the row of blue and white porcelain jars that Mei Yuxian asked for, and then nodded in satisfaction: “It’s done well, it looks very similar.”

Satisfied, Lin Yuan paid the money.

Lin Yuan took the blue and white porcelain jar and left.

Tonight, at the Mei Family’s Night Banquet, Lin Yuan wanted to give Ye Feng a hard blow, so that he could not act according to the original plot.

This blue and white porcelain jar is the sharp blade he intends to use to give Ye Feng a hard blow!



In the evening, at Yan Family’s house.

“Mom, can I wear this dress with high heels?” Yan Ruyue asked her mother Song Xuan nervously while looking at the mirror.

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