Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 157 Yan Ruyue and Qiao Siying’s expectations, Gui Qingtong wants to get married!

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It is not that Yan Ruyue has not attended banquets like that of Mei Family’s Banquet before.

On the contrary, although she did not like it, she attended many banquets like this in order to learn the business from her mother Song Xuan.

Although she didn’t show it in the past, she still felt a little reluctant to go to such kinds of gatherings.

But today is different. Knowing that Lin Yuan would also participate in Mei Family Banquet, Yan Ruyue was very much looking forward to it.

Especially thinking that Lin Yuan asked her about Wang Mian’s painting hinting that he will give it to someone deserving as a gift, she got excited.

She had this inexplicable feeling.

So today, Yan Ruyue dressed carefully and beautifully.

She remembered Lin Yuan’s praise when she wore high heels before.

She put on high heels and was ready to wear the same to attend the formal occasion.

Seeing Yan Ruyue wearing high heels and a gorgeous dress, Song Xuan was also slightly stunned.

She remembered that Yan Ruyue never wore high heels.

She knows very well the reason why Yan Ruyue doesn’t like to wear high heels, so she never forced her to wear one.

But Yan Ruyue took the initiative to wear high heels today?

Lin Yuan suddenly appeared in Song Xuan’s mind making her smile lightly.

“Your dress matched very well with your high heels. Xiao Yuan’s eyes will definitely brighten up when he sees it.” Song Xuan smiled.

“Mom! What are you talking about? I didn’t wear these just to show him. I just…I just…” Yan Ruyue blushed slightly after hearing her mother’s words.

Song Xuan smiled and waved his hand and said: “Okay. If you say so that it is not for Xiao Yuan, then so be it. Let’s go.”

After this, Yan Ruyue also got into the car with Song Xuan.



On the other side at Qiao Family’s house. Qiao Siying was looking at the mirror.

Today, Qiao Siying is wearing a knee-length white dress with laced edges at the skirt, which is both very feminine and sexy.

And the dress is a bit fit on her which fully reveals her perfectly proportioned body.

Looking at herself in the mirror, Qiao Siying with a delicate mixed-race face raised her chin and nodded, expressing satisfaction.

She heard from her close friends that the singer who sang ‘blue and white porcelain’ might show up at the Mei Family’s Banquet today.

Recently, Qiao Siying feels that this song is getting better and attached to her the more she listens to it.

So she is looking forward to possibly meeting the singer today.

“Hey, my daughter, you are so beautiful today! You must be the star of the banquet tonight.”

Looking at Qiao Siying who was downstairs, his father praised her exaggeratedly and smiled happily.

However, Qiao Jianye began sneering in his heart.

Of course, he is not sneering at Qiao Siying, but at Lin Yuan!

After her daughter came back crying a few days, he immediately asked Tang Bowen. It turned out that the one who made his precious daughter cry is none other than the young master of the Lin Family!

It was the young master of the Lin Family whom her daughter had a blind date with, that made her baby girl cry!

Although he has a good relationship with the Lin Family, Qiao Jianye still intends to teach Lin Yuan a lesson.

He will not allow anyone to bully his precious daughter!



In the huge Mei’s house, many servants are busy cleaning the tables and setting the plates so that the place will be ready to welcome the guests.

They are all aware that today is Mei Family Banquet and it is a very important event. If there will be a flaw, even how small, they will surely suffer.

This is the reason why all of them are working hard.

Mei Yuxian was standing and watching over them while thinking and waiting for the guests to come.

And Gui Qingtong who was standing next to her mother constantly shook her arm: “Mom! Didn’t you promise that you would help me propose marriage to the Lin Family and get me to marry Brother Lin Yuan?”

Mei Yuxian didn’t look at Gui Qingtong and replied coldly: “When did I promise you? You are still young. Don’t rush to talk about marriage. Lin Yuan…Is that the kid from the Lin family? Song Xuan has mentioned him to me.”

“Stop shaking my arm. Anyway, you were on a blind date with that kid last time, weren’t you? Mom will first observe and see. If I am satisfied, I will consider the things between you and him.”

“Okay.” Gui Qingtong replied in a flat tone.



In the Lin Family, Lin Yuan and her parents Meng Yuelan and Lin Jianjun are all ready to leave.

Lin Yuan watched both Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan talking and wanted to laugh at what they were talking about.

Meng Yuelan: “We must seize this golden opportunity to find a good daughter-in-law for Yuan’er at the Mei Family Banquet.”

Lin Jianjun nodded: “That is right. This opportunity is rare, and we must find a partner for our son. Otherwise, I am afraid that Yuan’er will forever be a bachelor.”

“Dad, Mom, what are you two talking about?” Lin Yuan turned to them with a smile.

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, Meng Yuelan and Lin Jianjun both shook their heads.

“Nothing… Nothing…”



At Mei Family villa which covers a very large area, with a total area of thirty to forty thousand square meters.

It almost looks like a small castle.

Today, Mei’s villa no longer looks deserted because luxury cars continuously pass by one after the other.

One after another, well-dressed people come out of the luxury cars.

Soon, there were already hundreds of people in the Mei Family villa.

The Mei Family Villa has five floors, each floor having an elevator.

On the first floor of Mei Family Villa at this time, there were already a lot of people standing.

At the gate on the first floor of the villa, there was a group of girls standing.

The girls are young, about 18 or 19 years old.

One of the girls said: “I am not joking. My cousin is really handsome! Super handsome!”

“And he is not only handsome. In addition to his appearance that fascinates thousands of girls, he is also very talented. His piano skills are at a master level. Even at our conservatory of music, no one can match him. In addition to playing the piano, he is also great at singing as well as composing songs. His original composition which he sang at a concert moved 100,000 people.”

“Of course, when we were young, he is my follower. Even now, he still has to call me sister Shanshan when we meet.”

Hearing Yu Shanshan’s words, a girl next to her did not believe her at all. “Shanshan, stop bragging. Every time we are together, you always talk about your ‘perfect’ cousin. I don’t believe you.”

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