Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 159 Yu Shanshan gets even!

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‘Bang! Bang! Bang!’

Lin Yuan transformed his hand into a knife and knocked Yu Shanshan’s head three times.

“What are you talking about? I was following you around and called you ‘Sister Shanshan’?” Lin Yuan asked with a smile on his face.

“Oh, no. That was a mistake!” Yu Shanshan quickly covered her mouth.

“Anyway, they did not believe that I have a cousin like you! Now here you are! Let’s go and let them see.” Yu Shanshan took Lin Yuan’s hand and pulled him towards the annoying group of girls.

Lin Yuan also followed Yu Shanshan as he was going inside anyway.

Yu Shanshan was already preparing to compliment how amazing Lin Yuan was in front of the annoying girls.

But as soon as she turned her head to them, the annoying girls were already in a daze while staring at Lin Yuan.

All their eyes were focused on Lin Yuan.

“Wow…So handsome…” The girls couldn’t help muttering.

Today, Lin Yuan is wearing a personally customized high-end suit. His tall and upright figure is perfectly revealed underneath his clothes.

His face with sword eyebrows, starry eyes, rosy lips, and white teeth, make him look very handsome.

Even those male stars when compared to Lin Yuan are no match.

After all, he possesses a 200-point charm.

“Is this the cousin Shanshan so praised about? How could he be so handsome? Oops! My heart beats so fast it feels like I’m having a heart attack!”

“Super handsome! More handsome than the stars! From now on, Lin Yuan is my idol!”

“Who just said that Shanshan’s brother is a licking dog? I can’t believe it! His name is Lin Yuan, right? Tomorrow, I will make my dad go to the Lin Family and propose marriage!”

The annoying girls all had hearty eyes and red cheeks.

As for the things they said about Lin Yuan earlier, they already forgot everything.

For these annoying ordinary girls, Lin Yuan’s lethality is just unbearable.

It was not only these girls that stared at Lin Yuan.

There were also some middle-aged ladies who can’t help but secretly look at him.

Lin Yuan’s clothes are very extraordinary. If they did not know that only rich and influential people are invited to the banquet, they would have come up to Lin Yuan and asked if he wanted to have fun with rich women.

Lin Yuan was already used to this, so he is calm.

The annoying girls who didn’t believe Yu Shanshan earlier, all looked closely at Lin Yuan and were all smiles, their cheeks slightly red.

‘Well, it’s really cool to have a handsome cousin.’

Yu Shanshan lifted her chin and turned to them.

When Yu Shanshan walked back, she was immediately surrounded by these girls.

“Shanshan! Shanshan! We have a good relationship, right? Can you give me your cousin’s contact information?”

“Shanshan! Shanshan! I have the best relationship with you! Can you introduce me to your cousin?”

“Shanshan, introduce me to your cousin. I can be one of your harems! Okay?”

“Shanshan’s cousin is not only rich but also really handsome!”

“Trying to be part of Shanshan’s harem, and wanting to meet his cousin, do you even think you are worthy?”

The annoying girls were all trying to please Yu Shanshan to get Lin Yuan’s contact information and to be introduced to him.

But Yu Shanshan said unceremoniously: “Oh. Didn’t you all said just now that my brother is a licking dog?”

Of course, the most important thing is that these annoying girls only had average looks, so they can’t qualify to her harem standards and sister-in-law standards, so she ignored their offers.

Yu Shanshan turned to Xiaoxue and said: “Xiaoxue, look. I did not lie to you, right? Is my cousin really handsome? He also…”

Yu Shanshan was preparing to introduce her to Lin Yuan but to her surprise, Xiaoxue didn’t seem to be listening to her at all but stared blankly ahead.

She followed her gaze and found out that Xiaoxue was also looking at Lin Yuan in a daze. She still hasn’t recovered.

Yu Shanshan was taken aback.

Her cousin is about to snatch her wife!

Xiaoxue then finally reacted and directly hugged Yu Shanshan’s arm and then said: “Shanshan, your cousin is indeed very handsome. Introduce me to him.”

“Didn’t you say that you only love me and will always love me until the end of time?” Yu Shanshan looked suspiciously at Xiaoxue.

Xiaoxue smiled and said casually: “Of course. My favorite remains Shanshan. I just wanted to meet him. After all, your cousin is my cousin as well.”

“Okay!” After hearing Xiaoxue’s response Yu Shanshan nodded and took her to meet Lin Yuan.

Seeing that Yu Shanshan will introduce Xiaoxue to Lin Yuan, the annoying girls were envious.

But Lin Yuan’s aura is too strong although he always smiled politely, they won’t dare come to him without Yu Shanshan’s introduction.

What Yu Shanshan did not expect was that when she was about to introduce Xiaoxue to Lin Yuan: “Brother, this is…”

Xiaoxue, who just pledged her love to her, suddenly hugged Lin Yuan’s arm and introduced herself first: “Hello, Shanshan’s cousin! My name is Lu Xiaoxue. I am 18 years old. I am a good friend of Shanshan.”

“I am single, unmarried, and don’t have a boyfriend. Brother, I really like your temperament. Can we be friends and can you leave your contact information?”

Seeing the usually innocent, gentle, and quiet Lu Xiaoxue who always looked at her, now hugging Lin Yuan’s arm. Yu Shanshan was shocked and her mouth was wide open.

Lin Yuan smiled lightly when she looked at this girl in Lolita’s dress.

He was already used to this situation.

Well, she deserves to be Shanshan’s harem. When she grows up more in the future, her beauty can reach 80 to 90 points.

Lin Yuan did not refuse and let her add him in WeChat.

And then, Lin Yuan walked towards Mei’s villa.

Seeing Lin Yuan leaving, Yu Shanshan followed him, and Xiaoxue followed Yu Shanshan.

The annoying girls also followed them closely.

Yu Shanshan gritted her teeth and then said to Lin Yuan: “Cousin! Xiaoxue added your contact information. Why did you agree? You rouge. Are you having an idea with your cousin’s harem?”

Lin Yuan smiled and said, “Didn’t she claim that she has no boyfriend?”

Yu Shanshan gritted her teeth and said: “She doesn’t have a boyfriend, but she has a husband!”

Lin Yuan smiled and responded: “Go. It is not my business. Take care of your own wife. Your cousin is busy.”

When Lin Yuan opened WeChat and added Lu Xiaoxue, he saw a message from Yan Ruyue saying that she didn’t find him.

Lin Yuan replied that he just arrived and was about to go up.

When he was about to go to the second floor, what he didn’t expect was seeing an acquaintance at the entrance of the second floor.

Lin Yuan raised his eyebrows.

At this time, the person standing at the entrance of the second floor is not someone unfamiliar. It is Ye Feng!

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