Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 160 Face slapping Ye Feng! Ye Feng’s anger!

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There are five floors in the villa of the Mei family.

Each floor is very spacious.

It is very obvious that most of the guests gathered on the second floor.

Lin Yuan went up to the second floor and saw a lot of familiar faces.

There were Qiao Siying, Gui Qingtong, Tang Bowen…

Of course, there was also Yan Ruyue who have arrived early.

When Yan Ruyue saw Lin Yuan, her eyes lit up immediately.

Lin Yuan smiled at it.

It is not so surprising to see Yan Ruyue and all of his other acquaintances.

But what surprised him was that he also saw Ye Feng.

Standing with him should be his brother Gu Qingshan.

But then again, it is not so surprising that Ye Feng also came to the banquet.

After all, with the gratitude of saving Chen Family’s patriarch, it was easy for the Chen Family to give him this opportunity.

What Lin Yuan was actually surprised about was that Ye Feng came so early.

And at this time except for his brother Gu Qingshan, there were five to six quests with him and they all looked happily talking.

This is the protagonist’s halo, Lin Yuan thought.

In the original novel, Ye Feng’s background will improve through the Mei Family Banquet.

With the aid of the Mei Family Banquet, Ye Feng met people from the upper echelons of Jiangbei.

This event was a springboard and turning point for Ye Feng.

Even if he is only backed up by Gu Qingshan and his gang, and the Chen family, he still talked to a lot of people.

Of course, this is understandable, after all his looks and temperament are still very good, coupled with the influence of the major family in Jiangbei, the Chen family. It is natural for people to want to get acquainted with him.

When Lin Yuan saw Ye Feng, the latter also saw him.

Seeing Lin Yuan’s gaze, Ye Feng coldly glanced back at him.

There was a certain Mr. Wang talking with Ye Feng happily, noticing Ye Feng’s eyes.

He also turned his head and looked towards Lin Yuan.

Because of Lin Yuan’s face, aura, and identity, the moment he went to the second floor, nearly half of the number of people’s attention was caught.

When the people who were chatting with Ye Feng saw that Ye Feng and Lin Yuan glanced at each other, their eyes shined brightly.

When Mr. Wang discovered this through his peers, he turned to Ye Feng and asked:” Brother Ye Feng, do you also know Young Master Lin Yuan?”

Hearing Mr. Wang’s question, Ye Feng sneered and said, “Of course I know. How could I not know the Lin family?”

Mr. Wang and the others did not know what was going on between him and Lin Yuan, so they all didn’t notice Ye Feng’s sneer.

After hearing Ye Feng’s response, Mr. Wang immediately boasted: “Brother Ye Feng is really good. Not only does he have a good relationship with the Chen family at a young age, but he also personally knew the young master of the Lin family. Young yet very promising.”

After hearing Mr. Wang, the guests who were also with them now looked at Ye Feng more closely.

Although the people attending Mei Family Banquet more or less had some good background, but the same is far incomparable compared to the top families in Jiangbei, the Chen and the Lin Family.

Having known that Ye Feng is acquainted with these families, they flocked around him, otherwise, they would not be around him.

Many of them wanted to use Ye Feng to get a connection with the Chen family.

And if Ye Feng knew the Lin Family and all other influential families in Jiangbei, then he surely is not simple!

Seeing the eyes of these people around him, Ye Feng frowned slightly.

He knew these people had misunderstood that he has a good relationship with Lin Yuan, but he did not contradict their thoughts.

And he thinks that sooner or later, he can surpass Lin Yuan’s influence and trample on Lin Yuan and the Lin Family.

What if he will continue to be targeted by Lin Yuan and the Lin Family?

No one could stop him from soaring into the sky!

Today, even if the Qingshan Gang and Gu Qingshan weren’t recently involved in a mess, they could still not receive the invitation to such an event.

But through the gratitude of the Chen family, he was able to come here.

Seeing Lin Yuan’s reaction, Ye Feng thought that Lin Yuan must be surprised at the sight of him.

Thinking this way, Ye Feng was in a good mood. Seeing Lin Yuan walk by him, Ye Feng said in contentment: “Master Lin, it has been a long time since we have seen each other.”

The reason why Ye Feng intentionally took the initiative to greet first was to brag.

Originally, Ye Feng thought that Lin Yuan would be ashamed but Lin Yuan’s answer stunned him.

“Who are you?” Lin Yuan frowned and asked indifferently.

Ye Feng’s proud face instantly turned stiff and he was stunned.

The people around him especially Mr. Wang looked at Ye Feng with doubts.

Ye Feng was stunned.

‘What do you mean?’

‘You don’t know who I am?’

‘If you don’t know who I am, why did you deliberately set me up so I will get detained.’

‘If you don’t know who I am, why are you especially targeting my brother Gu Qingshan and his gang?’

‘Although we are indeed not in a good relationship, how can you say you don’t know me!?’

‘He must be doing this on purpose!’

‘Lin Yuan definitely pretended not to know me on purpose!’

Ye Feng roared inwardly.

Lin Yuan didn’t really plan to pay attention to Ye Feng.

Contrary to Ye Feng’s thoughts, Lin Yuan actually expected that Ye Feng will be present at the Mei Family Banquet.

With the help of the Chen family, he could certainly come.

It was also planned that Lin Yuan would not pay attention to him.

But this kind of treatment is even more humiliating than beating and cursing.

Ye Feng thought about it carefully and realized that Lin Yuan is face slapping him! (T/N: Face slapping is a slang word meaning what someone said is proven to be false.)

Ye Feng just greeted Lin Yuan in order to show off, but Lin Yuan denied him.

This response is as humiliating as stepping on him!

At this time, Ye Feng’s face couldn’t help being red.

Especially when the people around him stared at him and Lin Yuan, Ye Feng couldn’t help but clench his fists and grit his teeth.

“Brother Ye Feng, I am leaving first.”

Even the guests surrounding him including Mr. Wang began making excuses to leave.

After discovering that the atmosphere between Lin Yuan and Ye Feng seemed to be based on grudges, many guests walked away.

Ye Feng just greeted Lin Yuan and the latter denied knowing him.

There are only two possibilities here, it is either Lin Yuan doesn’t really know him or that their relationship is not good.

Ye Feng’s face flushed, a little irritated and even frustrated.

But Lin Yuan, the initiator of all this, just walked straight past him without even looking at him.

“Lin! Yu! An!”

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