Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 162 Yan Ruyue’s initiative and the jealous Gui Qingtong!

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Seeing Yan Ruyue approaching, the wealthy sons pretended to be calm on the surface but were in fact extremely nervous and excited.

Every single one of them hopes that Yan Ruyue will walk towards them.

But they were all stunned because Yan Ruyue did not even glance at them.

Instead, she walked directly towards the entrance of the second floor.

‘Lin Yuan?’

‘Did Yan Ruyue just walk towards the young master of the Lin family?’


Although they all admit that Lin Yuan is indeed handsome, but from what they remember, both parties have already called off the marriage.

‘Isn’t Lin Yuan Yan Ruyue’s licking dog and Yan Ruyue hates him the most?’

These questions bud from the minds of the people.

‘Could it be that Yan Ruyue just wanted to go downstairs?’

‘It must be so!’

‘Or maybe she just wanted to express her disgust to Lin Yuan, lest Lin Yuan continue licking!’

The audience all gave their own version of reasonable explanations for Yan Ruyue’s supposed actions.

“The young master of the Lin family is miserable and hopeless who could only look at Yan Ruyue. But as soon as she sees him, she would want to go downstairs so as not to let him look at her!” One guy said.

“Exactly! Aside from him being tall and handsome, and his family is rich, he can’t be compared to us. Yan Ruyue’s decision to back out is right!”

These people began to underestimate Lin Yuan.

But what happened next made them all stunned.

They saw that Yan Ruyue actually walked directly in front of Lin Yuan.

It’s as if the frost state on her face was instantly thawed, Yan Ruyue took the initiative to show a peach smile to Lin Yuan and then said with joy: “You are here.”

“Well, here I am.” Lin Yuan nodded and replied with a smile.

Hearing Lin Yuan responding confirms that Yan Ruyue was really talking to him.

There was a sound of silence which signifies the heartbreak felt by the men at the scene.


The young men at the scene can’t think of why a licking-dog like Lin Yuan is better than them and why is Yan Ruyue so close to him and so cold to them.

In an instant, they all became very jealous.

The next exchange of words broke their hearts completely.

“My look today is this… Is it alright~?” Yan Ruyue’s face was slightly flushed. She turned around to show Lin Yuan her dress and asked him how she looked at her own initiative. She was still staring at Lin Yuan very nervously.

Yan Ruyue’s dress today is very similar to that of the one she wore with high heels that day. She was also wearing the stapped high heels Lin Yuan gave her that day.

“Well, it is very suitable and beautiful.” Lin Yuan praised honestly.

After receiving Lin Yuan’s praise. Yan Ruyue smiled even more brilliantly.

“You… are also very handsome today…” Yan Ruyue’s face blushed and mustered up the courage to praise Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan smiled, nodded, and then said, “Thank you.”


Listening to the dialogue between Lin Yuan and Yan Ruyue were not only those wealthy sons but also some people who knew Lin Yuan and Yan Ruyue.

They were all shocked.

‘What is going on?’

‘Is this really the ice-cold female president?’

‘Isn’t she indifferent to people of the opposite sex?’

‘Why is she acting so intimate towards Lin Yuan today?

‘How can she be so happy to receive Lin Yuan’s praise?’

‘How could she praise Lin Yuan for being so handsome today?’

‘Why was she so cold and frosty a while ago, but laughed so happily as soon as she saw and talked to Lin Yuan?’

‘And Lin Yuan, isn’t she Yan Ruyue’s most loyal licking dog?’

‘How can Lin Yuan behave so gracefully and elegantly even facing Yan Ruyue’s initiative today?’

Most of the people were stunned, feeling that the world seemed to have turned upside down.

And all those rich young masters looking at Yan Ruyue were all heartbroken and ashamed.

Yan Ruyue is dressed better and differently than usual today.

The wealthy sons dreamt that Yan Ruyue’s dressing up might be for one of them or maybe not.

Maybe Yan Ruyue is just interested to come to the banquet so she dressed up for the occasion.

But what they didn’t expect was that Yan Ruyue really dressed up for a specific person.

And listening to the dialogue between Yan Ruyue and Lin Yuan, they can really say that she really dressed up for him!

“Impossible! I can’t believe Miss Yan dressed up for Lin Yuan!”

“I don’t believe it either! Those high heels are so suitable for Miss Yan. They are perfect. How could she wore them for Lin Yuan alone?”

“Why do I feel like it is Yan Ruyue that is a licking dog to Lin Yuan, and not Lin Yuan?”

Most of the heartbroken wealthy sons have difficulty accepting the facts. They are so jealous and completely heartbroken.

Of course, it is not just the men who cannot accept the closeness between the two, but also many women looked unhappy.

Everyone envied Yan Ruyue’s ability to talk to Lin Yuan so closely.

Following Lin Yuan upstairs were Yu Shanshan, Lu Xiaoxue, and the annoying girls from earlier.

The annoying girls thought that Lin Yuan was Yan Ruyue’s licking dog but seeing how Yan Rue was taking the initiative to talk to Lin Yuan, they were all stunned.

It turned out that Yu Shanshan was right. Lin Yuan was not really a licking dog, but it appears to be Yan Ruyue.

Also, seeing Yan Ruyue so close to Lin Yuan, they are a little jealous.

And seeing Lin Yuan and Yan Ruyue talking so close together, Yu Shanshan was a little upset.

She still doesn’t like Yan Ruyue very much even now that she treats Lin Yuan better.

Compared to Yan Ruyue, Yu Shanshan still prefers Chi Qian, thinking that Chi Qian is worthy of Lin Yuan.

‘It was the absence of Chi Qian today that made Yan Ruyue able to show off!’ Yu Shanshan was upset.

Yu Shanshan is not the only one who is upset.

There is also Gui Qingtong who is accompanying her mother Mei Yuxian from far away who is also upset.

Although she and her mother were talking to some people, Gui Qingtong has been staring closely at Lin Yuan.

Seeing Yan Ruyue so close to Lin Yuan, Gui Qingtong’s jealousy blew up. She clenched her fists and felt unhappy.

She felt some strange pain in her heart.

Yan Ruyue’s eyes suddenly met Gui Qingtong’s eyes which were obvious to be filled with jealousy at that time.

Song Xuan knew Mei Yuxian. And Yan Ruyue also knew Gui Qingtong.

She doesn’t know why, but remembering that her mother Song Xuan will introduce Gui Qingtong to Lin Yuan, Yan Ruyue is very upset.

As a woman, Yan Ruyue clearly sees the jealousy in Gui Qingtong’s eyes.

Seeing Gui Qingtong’s eyes at this time, Yan Ruyue felt very uncomfortable.

After thinking for some time, Yan Ruyue lifted her perfect straight long legs a few centimeters off the ground…

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