Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 163 Mei Yuxian and Gui Qingtong!

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Yan Ruyue lifted her perfect straight long legs wearing high heels a few centimeters off the ground. Her cheeks were red but she still said to Lin Yuan: “These high heels are the pair you picked for me last time. I remember you said I look good in these heels. This is the second time I have worn it. Nothing strange, right?”

Although Yan Ruyue’s movements were very small at this time since she only raised her legs slightly, with her perfect jade legs, she possessed an inexplicable charm.

Although Yan Ruyue blushed and looked embarrassed, Lin Yuan could see in her eyes that she was waiting to be praised.

She looked like a primary school student who has completed her homework and waiting to get praised by the teacher.

He found out that Yan Ruyue and Gui Qingtong were looking at each other.

Yan Ruyue has really changed a lot and she doesn’t act so reserved as before as if doing so makes her happy and proud.

Lin Yuan has always been honest, so he smiled and said: “Well, there is nothing strange. And they are very beautiful. High heels really suit you. Compared with your crooked look before, now you have improved a lot.”

Hearing Lin Yuan mention crooked look, Yan Ruyue thought of the first time she wore high heels and twisted her hips before. Lin Yuan also sent her a video that time. Thinking about it, she immediately blushed up to behind her ears.

After hearing Lin Yuan’s praise, Yan Ruyue felt a sweet feeling in her heart.

Especially that Lin Yuan’s tone just now was very soft, Yan Ruyue felt very comfortable.

The girls next to them were a little jealous of Yan Ruyue, wishing Lin Yuan spoke to them in the same manner.

Gui Qingtong clenched her teeth and widened her eyes while staring at Yan Ruyue.

‘This stinky woman is so close to Brother Lin Yuan and continues to provoke me!’

If it weren’t for her mother who was next to her, she would have run over to drive away the stinky woman.

As for Gui Qingtong’s stare, Yan Ruyue secretly curled her lips. Her eyes were slightly scornful.

‘Although you are indeed cute, but you are still very young to compete against me!’

Yan Ruyue did not realize that she had subconsciously considered Gui Qingtong as her enemy and that she is hostile towards her.

After chatting happily with Lin Yuan for some time, Yan Ruyue left to go to the bathroom.

Yan Ruyue saw Lin Yuan holding a painting scroll.

Yan Ruyue’s heart pounded when she saw the painting scroll.

She guessed that it must be ‘The Ink Plum Blossom’ that Lin Yuan wanted to give to her.

Although money is not a big deal, but this painting was sold by her family and has a special meaning to her.

Yan Ruyue got so excited that she planned to go to the toilet to retouch her makeup.

Although she had guessed it, she decided to pretend to be surprised and beautifully receive it.

Before leaving, Yan Ruyue glanced at Gui Qingtong with disdain.

Looking at Yan Ruyue’s eyes, Gui Qingtong couldn’t wait to smash her fist on the head of this stinky woman.

But when Yan Ruyue left, Gui Qingtong met Lin Yuan’s eyes, she quickly recovered her lovely smiling face.

Her smile is very cute and sweet showing the two rows of her white teeth.

Lin Yuan also smiled back at Gui Qingtong and both of them looked at each other.

Seeing Lin Yuan’s eyes looking straight in her direction, Gui Qingtong thought that he was looking at her, so her face turned red immediately and her heart was full of joy.

The corners of her mouth raised slightly and she smiled happily.

Today, Gui Qingtong is dressed very youthfully and beautifully, both charming and cute.

After learning that Lin Yuan would come, Gui Qingtong tried hundreds of dresses until she finally chose to wear a pale pink dress.

The dress is not that long, but when Gui Qingtong wore it, she still looked very pure and lovely.

Half of her white lotus arms and slender legs were exposed.

That petite and young feeling she exudes makes people want to be protective and possessive of her.

And her very cute and charming style, makes people want to hold her in their arms and kiss her.

Lin Yuan also looked at Gui Qingtong several times which Gui Qingtong misunderstood.

Lin Yuan was mainly looking at her mother Mei Yuxian who was standing next to Gui Qingtong.

Compared with the lovely Gui Qingtong, the seductive Mei Yuxian is to whom Lin Yuan is attracted more.

Mei Yuxian was wearing a purple evening dress, which gives a very mature impression.

From where Lin Yuan was, he can only see the side of Mei Yuxian’s face.

It’s only one side of the face, but it’s more enticing to look at her figure.

Under the purple evening dress, there lies an extremely seductive body.

It is an amazing S-shape!

This is by far, the best figure Lin Yuan has ever seen.

Her proportions are so perfect.

It is really a devilish figure!

Even if she looked ugly, with this figure, countless men will salivate.

And Lin Yuan also knew…

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