Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 164 Mei Yuxian’s heartbeat!

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Lin Yuan can clearly see Mei Yuxian’s broad hips under her loose purple evening dress.

Although he can only peek at it, Lin yuan is sure that it is unique and fatal.

Lin Yuan knew that Mei Yuxian intentionally wore a loose dress, to hide her figure.

Mei Yuxian’s figure is really attractive and she is well aware of the same so she hid her figure under a loose dress.

But the same still couldn’t hide her terrifying figure completely since the slightly fitted part is already enough for people to notice.

Because of her mature charm, not on Lin Yuan, but almost all of the men present had secretly looked at her figure.

There’s just no way she can hide it. She is just too fascinating.

She has that kind of charm that can stimulate human hormones at a glance.

Although what can be seen is already sultry enough, Lin Yuan knew that Mei Yuxian covered a lot.

And so far, no man had the luck to see her body fully.

At this time, Mei Yuxian finished talking to a few guests.

Then, Gui Qingtong pulled her and so both walked towards Lin Yuan.

Although they are actually mother and daughter, they looked like pretty sisters together.

When Gui Qingtong pulled Mei Yuxian, Lin Yuan smelled a fragrant wind.

He smelled two fragrances in the wind. One is elegant and young, and the other slightly sultry, Gui Qingtong’s and Mei Yuxian’s.

The two different scents blending together is not unpleasant at all, even having a unique fragrance.

“Brother Lin Yuan! Good evening!” Gui Qingtong shouted to Lin Yuan as soon as she approached him.

Lin Yuan smiled and nodded and then replied: “Good evening Qingtong.”

Gui Qingtong’s eyes were fixed at Lin Yuan. She looked very excited.

After all, she hasn’t seen Lin Yuan for days.

Gui Qingtong couldn’t wait to rush into Lin Yuan’s arms.

But she did not even dare to pull Lin Yuan’s hand.

Lin Yuan knew that Gui Qingtong couldn’t do so because she is a little afraid of her mother, Mei Yuxian.

This is because Mei Yuxian is a strict mother, otherwise, she would have rushed to him already.

After nodding at Gui Qingtong, Lin Yuan turned to Mei Yuxian.

At this time, it is already the front view and the distance between them is very close.

Lin Yuan could see Mei Yuxian closely at this time.

She had a beauty that seems to belong to a lady whose age is either 27 or 28 years old.

Mei Yuxian and Gui Qingtong looked quite similar. No one will believe that they are in fact mother and daughter because they look like sisters.

Mei Yuxian’s face resembled the face as shown in the photos by Song Xuan before.

It is the same person after all.

Her face is still as beautiful and charming.

Mei Yuxian’s face is a standard oval face.

Her facial features don’t show the slightest trace of time.

She still looks very delicate and young.

Mei Yuxian’s skin is smooth, her eyes bright, her facial features extremely delicate and perfect.

In those beautiful eyes of hers, there is a natural meek feeling that softens the mood of people.

Mei Yuxian’s appearance when she was young is as perfect as that of Chi Qian and based on Lin Yuan’s aesthetic, he favors Mei Yuxian more.

Even at this time, Mei Yuxian’s appearance is still a peerless beauty who can cause the downfall of a country, but of course, her beauty when she was younger can’t compare to now.

Of course, her beauty now is no longer as perfect when she was young.

But Lin Yuan can still give Mei Yuxian’s appearance now with more than 95 points.

And the perfect figure contributes to extra points.

There is no normal man who can withstand this.

Based on Lin Yuan’s personal aesthetic preferences, Chi Qian’s flawless face and jade skin, Yan Ruyue’s perfect long legs, and Mei Yuxian’s plumpness, are all the most perfect in their respective aspects.

Of course, these three also have something in common, that is, they are all super beautiful women!

If Lin Yuan would make a choice, he would choose…

Of course! He wants them all!

Only children make choices.

As a mature adult, Lin Yuan naturally wants everything.

When Lin Yuan watched Mei Yuxian, the latter also looked at him.

Of course, they had completely different thoughts while looking at each other.

Lin Yuan sees her as a woman or a person from the opposite sex, while Mei Yuxian looked at Lin Yuan as her future son-in-law and a junior.

In fact, Mei Yuxian was a little curious about Lin Yuan because her strictly disciplined daughter often talks about him.

And her friend, Song Xuan often praised him.

Song Xuan also talked about the miracle caused by Lin Yuan that cured her illness.

At her age, appearance is no longer important.

But as soon as she saw Lin Yuan today, Mei Yuxian’s eyes brighten.


This was Mei Yuxian’s first impression of him.

Jade tree in a breeze! (T/N: Idiom. See chap 101)

His facial features are perfect.

Not only does his face look good, but his lips are red, and his teeth are very white.

He is indeed very handsome.

And Lin Yuan has a very charming temperament.

Many people can’t explain what temperament it is.

They just know that he is attractive.


But Mei Yuxian knew what it was, self-confidence and self-containment.

Lin Yuan is a very confident person.

The reason why Mei Yuxian could see this is that she is also such a type of person.

Lin Yuan has overwhelming confidence.

Appearance, figure, temperament, and even his family background…

Mei Yuxian couldn’t single out any faults with him.

Even if Mei Yuxian is a bit old, she still thinks that Lin Yuan is very handsome.

As far as she can remember, Lin Yuan is the most handsome person she has ever seen.

In an instant, she understood why her always behaved daughter, has only seen Lin Yuan a few times but became so fascinated with him.

If she can go back to twenty years ago.

Mei Yuxian didn’t think she could be better than Gui Qingtong when she was young.

Of course, she is no longer the 16 years old girl anymore.

So, seeing the overly handsome Lin Yuan, her heart beats a little faster and then returns to being calm quickly.

She then returns the point of view of looking at Lin Yuan as her future son-in-law.

Lin Yuan fits perfectly.

It is not impossible to let her daughter and Lin Yuan be more in contact.

With this idea in mind, Mei Yuxian has a good first impression of Lin Yuan.

Therefore, Mei Yuxian laughed and said to Gui Qingtong: “So this is the brother Lin Yuan you have been going on and about to me all day long.”

Hearing Mei Yuxian’s teasing, Gui Qingtong blushed immediately.

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