Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 166 Seed!

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Another point is that due to the age gap if Lin Yuan directly praises Mei Yuxian’s waist, he would appear as a little flamboyant and disrespectful.

So, Lin Yuan included the name of Song Xuan, so that he would not appear frivolous.

Although Song Xuan never really said it, Mei Yuxian would not bother thinking whether Song Xuan really ever said it.

She only felt that Lin Yuan was very good at talking.

He seemed sincere which made Mei Yuxian very happy.

This made them slowly get along.

In fact, Lin Yuan had many ways to win Mei Yuxian, but he did not want to wait!

He has to achieve the home base tonight after the banquet!

There are two reasons.

The first is the destruction of the Qingshan Gang which Mei Yuxian will play an important part in. He does not intend to waste time and give Qingshan Gang a chance to breathe.

Through the news from Long Wu and Wang Ergou, everything is basically ready.

The only key is the power and influence of Mei Yuxian’s family.

The second one is that appetite and desire are human nature, and a good young man is thirsty for wooing a maiden he loves. (T/N: from or Book of Songs meaning ‘A beautiful and virtuous girl is a good companion for a gentleman’.)

In simple words, Lin Yuan is greedy for Mei Yuxian’s body.

It can be said that Mei Yuxian’s body is indeed superb.

Except for the real eunuch, no normal man can resist the desire for her body.


Although Lin Yuan was thinking all these, he still showed a gentle smile on the surface.

Mei Yuxian didn’t know that Lin Yuan had already calculated everything in his heart.

Mei Yuxian only thinks that Lin Yuan is more pleasing to the eye the more she looks at him.

Not only is he handsome, but he also has a deep family background.

Looking at Lin Yuan’s extremely handsome face, Mei Yuxian smiled and joked: “Since you said that Xiao Yuan, it is okay to call me Sister Yuxian from hereon, although it will a generation younger than Song Xuan’s, but you know it is also good to feel young.”

“Xiao Yuan you are not only handsome, but you know how to make girls happy. In just a few words, you made me, a woman who already has a child has the feeling of having a first love. If I was born twenty years younger, I would have snatched you from Qingtong. If you were born twenty years earlier, then I might not have Qingtong.”

Mei Yuxian was just joking.

But Lin Yuan also smiled and said: “If I was born twenty years earlier, I would have definitely chased after Sister Yuxian. Sister Yuxian was the goddess of Jiangbei. Of course, now Sister Yuxian’s charm has not diminished at all, and she is still heart-warming.”

Lin Yuan also used a joking tone.

Everyone who hears it will surely smile.

They will just treat it as a compliment and politeness or a joke.

But when Lin Yuan said this, he was looking at Mei Yuxian with a little seriousness in his eyes.

And Mei Yuxian also looked directly at Lin Yuan’s deep eyes.

Listening to Lin Yuan’s words and looking at the pair of serious eyes, Mei Yuxian’s heart trembled abruptly for the first time after so many years.

But it was just momentary since Mei Yuxian recovered and calmed herself down quickly.

‘What am I thinking? The trembling of my heart just now must be just an illusion.’

‘Lin Yuan is only a few years older than my daughter!’

‘He is from a younger generation. How could I have other thoughts?’

‘I could very well be Lin Yuan’s aunt!’

‘And even if Lin Yuan wanted to pursue me, it is useless’

‘I already made a decision long ago.’

‘I will never come in contact with any man in my life!’

But seeing Lin Yuan’s young and handsome face and very sturdy built, Mei Yuxian’s heart trembled a little which she didn’t even notice.

Mei Yuxian’s charming beautiful eyes looked at Lin Yuan and Lin Yuan also looked at her.

Mei Yuxian found out that such a young man did not even blush when she looked at him, which made her surprised.

Mei Yuxian is still very confident of her charm.

Since she was eighteen years old, there have been only a few who can look at her without blushing.

Lin Yuan looked at her straight and did not have any reaction at all.

In the end, she took the initiative to move her eyes away and then smiled as if nothing happened. “Stop kidding Xiao Yuan…”

Although Mei Yuxian’s tone is very casual, Lin Yuan still smiled.

Lin Yuan smiled because he knew that the first seed was planted successfully.

Now, can it germinate?

Whether it will wither or not depends on whether it can be watered and given fertilizer in time.

Gui Qingtong only watched the conversation between her mother and Lin Yuan.

She could feel something strange, but couldn’t pinpoint what it was.

It seems to her that everything is just normal since the two were only throwing their jokes at each other.

Gui Qingtong touched her head but decided not to think deeper. She shook Mei Yuxian and said: “Mom. Didn’t you say that you will help me propose marriage to Brother Lin Yuan?”

Gui Qingtong interrupting suddenly, the strange atmosphere between Lin Yuan and Mei Yuxian returned to normal.

“When did I say that I would help you propose marriage? I only wanted to check Lin Yuan for myself, and he is indeed a very good man. But you are still too young. Wait until you graduate from college, then let us talk about it again.”

Lin Yuan also smiled and said: “Your mother is right Qingtong. Let us talk about the marriage when you graduate from college.”

Hearing that the both of them have the same opinion. Gui Qingtong showed her puffed cheeks and said: “I am not a child anymore! Also, even if you cannot talk about marriage yet, you can still get engaged first.”

It is needless to say that Gui Qingtong really is clever.

She thought of a solution in a blink of an eye.

But Mei Yuxian still had to take care of the banquet at this time so she cannot take care of it for now.

“You stubborn child. Let us talk about this later. Be good…” Mei Yuxian touched her daughter’s head.

The upbringing is really strict so Gui Qingtong is a little afraid of her mother getting angry, so she did not dare to continue making a fuss.

At this time, suddenly a person dressed as a housekeeper approached Mei Yuxian.

She whispered a few words in Mei Yuxian’s ear.

Mei Yuxian nodded as she listened, her expression unchanged. They exchanged a few words and then the housekeeper left.

After Mei Yuxian finished talking to the housekeeper, Lin Yuan asked casually: “What’s the matter Sister Yuxian? Is something wrong?”

Mei Yuxian smiled and then shook her head. “No. It is nothing big. It’s just…”

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