Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 167 Mei Yuxian troubles Xiao Yuan for help!

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“For today’s banquet, I invited a piano master to play the piano on the spot to stimulate the atmosphere but that piano master seemed to be sick so he didn’t come.” Mei Yuxian said.

Lin Yuan looked around and found a Steinway piano located on a slightly elevated place in the hall.

It is particularly obvious but most people would think that it is mainly just for decoration.

Lin Yuan smiled and asked: ”What do you plan to do then?”

Mei Yuxian waved her hand and said: “It’s okay. I told the housekeeper to find someone among the guests who can play the piano.”

Lin Yuan looked up and saw the housekeeper was already on the stage.

“Hello, distinguished guests. Excuse me. We originally invited a piano master to come and play the piano for us tonight. Unfortunately, he is sick and couldn’t come today. So, I would like to ask if there is anyone from you who can play for us?” The housekeeper asked.

As soon as Gui Qingtong heard the words ‘playing the piano’, she had an idea on how to get her mother to agree to her and Lin Yuan’s engagement in advance, and so she immediately reacted.

She shook her mother’s arm and said: “Mom, did you forget what I just told you, how I got to know Brother Lin Yuan? I got to know him through the music exhibition of Jiangbei Conservatory of Music. He was very good at playing the piano!”

“Eh?” Mei Yuxian raised her eyebrows and remembered.

Gui Qingtong said to Mei Yuxian before that because Lin Yuan played the piano very well, she got attracted to him.

But Mei Yuxian was so busy at that time, she did not pay so much attention to it.

Mei Yuxian smile immediately, turned to Lin Yuan, and said: “I almost forgot Xiao Yuan must be good at playing the piano, right? If no one is willing to come on stage, can I please trouble Xiao Yuan to help?”

Mei Yuxian smiled and said casually.

In fact, it is not so much of a big deal. Mei Yuxian does not know Lin Yuan’s piano skills, but it was just to entertain and set the mood of the guests.

Lin Yuan smiled and said, “No problem, little things.”

Mei Yuxian in fact asked casually because the guests more or less have a good background and many knew how to play the piano.

After listening to the housekeeper, many guests were eager to volunteer.

Especially those young people.

After all, many of the guests are influential people in Jiangbei. Even if they will only be acquainted through the piano performance, it may be beneficial for future development.

But many were hesitant since it would be embarrassing if their performance fails.

After all, a lot of people will be watching.

Just when many young people were hesitating, someone suddenly stood up and said: “I’ll try it.”

Everyone saw a rather handsome man stood up and confidently stepped onto the stage.

Everyone had their eyes focused on this man.

Under such circumstances, the people who will step forward would naturally attract attention.

Lin Yuan shook the red wine he just dank and looked at the person on stage with cold eyes.

The person on stage is none other than Ye Feng!

For Ye Feng’s volunteering, Lin Yuan was not surprised.

He even knew that the piano master will not come as in the original novel.

Ye Feng is not only a retired mercenary but is also set in the novel as a good pianist.

He plays pretty well, better than ordinary people. His skills at the advanced level.

At today’s banquet, he originally met a large number of people first.

Then through his amazing piano skills, he will persuade many people to connect with him and attract many young upper-class ladies.

After all, Ye Feng’s appearance is definitely considered handsome, and his temperament not so bad.

Lin Yuan has successfully ruined Ye Feng’s first chance in connecting with influential people.

But for the second chance, for the piano performance, Lin Yuan did not bother to ruin his opportunity.

He is just waiting for Ye Feng to finish.

If it is the piano performance only, his skills are definitely superb.

Just go over it and it’s done.


At this time Ye Feng who was on stage didn’t know of Lin Yuan’s thoughts.

Ye Feng slowly sat in front of the piano, wearing a confident and happy smile on his handsome face.

Ye Feng is very happy at this time.

He was drinking with Gu Qingshan just now and laughed immediately upon hearing the housekeeper’s announcement.

He did not expect that there will be an opportunity for him to perform and another chance to uplift his reputation.

Ye Feng, in fact, came just to make friends with some influential people who can help him and Gu Qingshan in their plight.

Recently, Gu Qingshan and his gang have been suppressed by the Lin Family under Lin Yuan’s control.

And it is not only the Lin Family but also the Tang Family that is targeting the Qingshan Gang.

In fact, Ye Feng knew many influential people but he can’t turn to them for help even if he wants to.

Those influential people he knew, some are in Yanjing, some are in Demon City, Jinling, and even abroad. When he was a mercenary, he met many influential foreigners abroad.

But he is now in Jiangbei.

In fact, his influence in Jiangbei is not weak. He is backed by Gu Qingshan and the Qingshan Gang. Gu Qingshan is the underground emperor of the Xiling District.

Before coming to Jiangbei, his master even paved a way for him to connect with the Yan family, one of the top major families in Jiangbei.

Ye Feng is also backed by the Chen family, whose patriarch he once saved. The Chen family is also one of the top major families in Jiangbei.

But what made Ye Feng so angry was that even with such good support, he still has difficulty in Jiangbei.

This is all because of Lin Yuan!

From the moment he got off the plane, he was plotted to be sent to the detention center for three days.

It was because of Chen Meng that he was able to come out shortly.

Then came the Qingshan Gang, which was directly targeted by Lin Yuan and the Lin family.

Then he went to the Yan family to ask for help but was turned away.

And the young miss of the Yan family whom he was so fond of, not only treated him coldly but also directly embraced Lin Yuan.

The only one he can rely on is Chen Meng, the head of the Chen family whom he has a life-saving grace.

But some members of the Chen family also have real powers to slightly hinder Chen Meng.

And so, he will not get the full support of the Chen family, only Chen Meng.

In case he will be targeted by both the Lin family and Tang family, if Chen Meng directly helped him, he would not only be criticized but there will be a lot of resistance.

This has something to do with Ye Feng’s lack of strength.

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