Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 170 Young Master Lin, how about you demonstrate and teach me how?

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Lin Yuan had been quietly watching Ye Feng playing the piano earlier.

Ye Feng’s piano skill is actually at the professional level.

But hearing Ye Feng’s remarks earlier that the quality of the piano is just mediocre and some keys are insensitive, Lin Yuan laughed.

Actually, these remarks are like a slap to Mei Yuxian’s face.

Sure enough, upon hearing the same, the smile on Mei Yuxian’s face disappeared.

Ye Feng said two times already that there is a problem with the piano.

But the truth is, Ye Feng was just pretending that he could do better had the piano been of better quality and that there wasn’t any problem with the keys.

But this is like belittling the Mei family.

After all, this a banquet hosted by the Mei family, and Ye Feng said two times already that the piano Mei family placed there was of mediocre quality and defective.

What does he mean?

He is very good at playing the piano, and the piano does not match his level.

Gui Qingtong looked disgusted even more.

【Ding! Mei Yuxian is disgusted by Ye Feng! Reward 200 counterattack points!】

【Ding! Gui Qingtong is disgusted by Ye Feng! Reward 200 counterattack points!】

As Lin Yuan guessed, the system prompts sounded in his mind one after the other.

Of course, the Mei family did not believe Ye Feng.

Other people believed Ye Feng when he said that the problem was the piano, and that it affected his performance.

Hearing the system prompts and the praises for Ye Feng, Lin Yuan thought he should speak something arrogant and mocking.

Lin Yuan: “In my opinion, you didn’t even reach the passing line.”

Lin Yuan’s short remark was like a single tone that caused a thousand waves.

The people who were cheering for Ye Feng were silenced by Lin Yuan’s words.

Almost everyone at the scene looked at Lin Yuan at this time.

“What’s the matter with Young Master Lin?”

Lin Yuan said arrogantly that Ye Feng did not even reach the passing line.

At what level are his piano skills to dare say such words?

Thinking of the conflict between them earlier, everyone felt that Lin Yuan was deliberately provoking Ye Feng.

Ye Feng thinks so too.

Although he was very angry and upset in his heart, Ye Feng still responded humbly and asked: “Young Master Lin Yuan seems to know the piano very well. Can you point out the problems?

Ye Feng naturally pretends to be humble at this time.

Ye Feng thought that Lin Yuan was intentionally provoking him and didn’t think that Lin Yuan had any piano skills.

And even if he did have some piano skill, Ye Feng ‘s is not bad at all.

Ye Feng thought that there weren’t any problems with his performance just now.

Even if Lin Yuan’s piano skills are more professional than him, he doesn’t have the right to say that he didn’t even reached the passing line.

And so, Ye Feng had to pretend being humble all of a sudden to see how Lin Yuan would answer.

If Lin Yuan can’t point out the problems with his performance just now, then it is like slapping his own the face.

There were some people from the audience who knew that Lin Yuan doesn’t know how to play the piano.

And so, remembering the same, they waited for Lin Yuan’s answer and looked forward to him getting embarrassed.

But what they did not expect was that Lin Yuan said in a calm expression: “The first shortcoming is that you didn’t play with emotions. As we all know Richard Clayderman’s ‘Ballade Pour Adeline’ is not a very difficult piece as many can play it very well, it is supposed to be an emotional piece. But when you played it, you didn’t have any emotion at all. The melody is dry and boring.”

Hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Ye Feng’s smile slightly froze.

Lin Yuan is right because he does have a professional level piano skill and naturally has a corresponding music theory.

Professional level piano players must unite the body and the mind and concentrate on integrating emotions into the rhythm of the particular piece.

At first, Ye Feng thought he should play to catch the hearts of the women with high status, and then several messy things occurred and so he was not able to focus on delivering the piece with the emotions it was supposed to give to the audience.

But why would Lin Yuan ask him with such high demands?!

What Lin Yuan said was right, but how many people can really play the piano incorporating emotions on the cold keys?

To be able to achieve that, one must have a top master level piano skill, or one must try very hard to incorporate emotions into the piano keys.

There were certainly no emotions at all, but Ye Feng treble and bass are very accurate.

It is not as good as that of a piano master, but everyone thinks his skills is not that inferior.

Why does Lin Yuan criticize Ye Feng so much?

Ye Feng and a lot of people from the audience had the same thoughts.

But before Ye Feng could argue further, Lin Yuan continued to speak: “The second shortcoming is that your keys are not very stable. Some basic notes were not hit correctly.”

Hearing this, Ye Feng argued: “Young Master Lin, didn’t I explain already? It’s a problem with the piano. I did not hit the notes fully because there is something wrong with the piano keys…”

Lin Yuan suddenly interrupted: “This is your third shortcoming. You blame the piano countless times. Of course, the piano matters. But from what I heard; you are the problem.”

Ye Feng was now a little annoyed.

With the song he just played, it seemed to Lin Yuan that it was nothing.

His professional level performance and the cheer from the audience turned out to be worthless. Who can bear such embarrassment?

Ye Feng did not pretend to be nice anymore and asked Lin Yuan coldly. “Since Young Master Lin has so many comments on my performance, why don’t you come up and demonstrate how it shall be done?”

Ye Feng asked Lin Yuan to come up on the stage and play.

Not only Ye Feng wanted to say this, but also many people present in the audience.

Just as Lin Yuan thought, Ye Feng and many people from the audience thought that his comments are baseless.

Those three shortcomings they thought Lin Yuan just came up with.

As a listener, why would Lin Yuan give such embarrassing remarks?

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