Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 168 Lin Yuan’s terrifying eyes!

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If Ye Feng and Qingshan Gang are strong enough, then Chen Meng can use the name of cooperation to help Ye Feng tide over difficulties.

What happened to the Tang Family was that there was a conflict of interest. As long as the Qingshan Gang lowered its head, it could get through.

However, he and the Lin family, especially Lin Yuan had some real grudges against each other.

If he could, he wishes for Lin Yuan to die soon, and trample the Lin family under his feet.

So Ye Feng plans to take advantage of this banquet.

In other words, he wanted to make friends and connect with more people with high status.

Men companions are fine.

Women are more welcome.

Ye Feng knew very well that he has an advantage when it comes to appearance.

He is not only handsome but in addition, he is also very strong, being a mercenary king.

These qualities are very popular among noble and young ladies.

If there will be a chance to develop a romantic relationship with these women with high status, he doesn’t mind getting help from them in the name of love and to develop and strengthen his own influence.

He thought that his plan to make friends with influential people was going well until Lin Yuan came into the picture and ruined his chance.

But now, Ye Feng was given another opportunity, this piano performance.

Ye Feng had confidence in his looks.

At this time, Ye Feng owned the stage.

Sitting in front of the piano, he could see the eyes of many wealthy ladies and young ladies looking at him.

Obviously, his face is still very useful.

With confidence on his face, his eyes a little complacent, Ye Feng looked at some other people.

He can see the reaction upon seeing their faces, but most are of average status and background.

Ye Feng is more concerned about those with a strong background or those comparable to the major families like the Yan family, Lin family, and Chen family.

Ye Feng on the stage looked at the people watching condescendingly.

His eyes scanned Yan Ruyue first.

It has to be said that Yan Ruyue is really beautiful today. Her perfect pair of jade long legs after putting on high heels makes her coveted.

But Ye Feng found that Yan Ruyue did not even glance at any other man but Lin Yuan alone.

After cursing and calling her a bitch in his heart, Ye Feng turned to another big beauty, Qiao Siying, who had an unusually delicate face and perfect body proportions, probably from a mix of race.

Ye Feng is not very familiar with Qiao Siying but had an impression that she is also a young lady of a very influential family.

And he also has an inexplicable attraction to her.

Qiao Siying is also very beautiful. Although she is not as glamorous as Yan Ruyue today, she is also a beauty with extremely exceptional looks.

Qiao Siying looked at the stage at this time.

She came to this banquet today and was looking forward to it the most because of the news she heard that the singer of ‘Blue and white porcelain’ will appear.

Qiao Siying originally thought that it might be the piano master who was supposed to come today.

Unfortunately, that piano master could not come because he was sick.

Instead, the man who had a clash with Lin Yuan came on stage.

Because Qiao Siying cared a little about Lin Yuan and she remembered that Ye Feng had a conflict with Lin Yuan, she didn’t have a good impression of Ye Feng, even a little disgusted.

Although she doesn’t have the feeling that Ye Feng is the singer of the ‘Blue and White Porcelain’.

But since he came on stage, she would naturally look at him.

Qiao Siying still hopes that the person she’s been wanting to meet will show up today.

However, compared to Ye Feng, Qiao Siying prefers seeing Lin Yuan on stage.

In her opinion, Lin Yuan, a nasty young master, would definitely not have learned the piano. Thinking that Lin Yuan would only play blindly if he comes on the stage, she wanted to laugh.

Qiao Siying not only looks forward to seeing the singer of the ‘Blue and White Porcelain’, and also seeing Lin Yuan getting embarrassed.

But she knew both would probably be impossible.

Of course, Ye Feng didn’t know that Qiao Siying is not attracted to him. Looking his way was only incidental.

Ye Feng thought that Qiao Siying must be attracted to his handsomeness, so he immediately smiled at her.

When Qiao Siying realized the same, she immediately cast her eyes aside.

Ye Feng felt a little embarrassed when he saw what Qiao Siying did.

But he doesn’t care.

He believed that after he shows off his piano skills, this mixed-race beauty will definitely feel good about him, and slowly fall in love with him.

Then Ye Feng looked at the host of the banquet again, the head of the Mei family, Mei Yuxian.

In fact, the person whom Ye Feng wanted to draw attention from the most is Mei Yuxian.

Unlike the other old ladies, Mei Yuxian is not only very beautiful, but Ye Feng’s heart gets excited by just a glance at her.

Moreover, Mei Yuxian is in full control of the Mei family.

If he can get the support of Mei Yuxian, then he could make a comeback soon.

With the help of the Chen family and the Mei family, the Lin family can definitely be suppressed.

But what hurt Ye Feng was that when he glanced at Mei Yuxian with the most handsome eyes, but she just glanced at him flatly, and then continued to talk to Lin Yuan who was beside her at this time.

Ye Feng is indeed handsome, but Mei Yuxian had seen a lot like him. Lin Yuan is definitely more handsome than him.

Ye Feng also thought of glancing at Mei Yuxian’s daughter, Gui Qingtong.

But then he found out that Gui Qingtong hated him inexplicably just the same as Yan Ruyue.

Finally, Ye Feng glanced at Lin Yuan coldly with a murderous look.

‘It seems that you want to suppress me by using your rich second-generation identity background, but that will never be possible. Very soon, I will soar into the sky and trample you under my feet!’

However, Lin Yuan’s eyes were very cold and calm at this time, which gave Ye Feng the chills.

‘Isn’t he just a rich second-generation who relies solely on the power of his family to suppress people! What a crap! Sooner or later, I will ruin the Lin family and put you Lin Yuan in shame!’ Ye Feng clenched his fists and then began placing his hands onto the piano keys.

‘I will start with this piano performance.’

Hiding these thoughts in his heart, Ye Feng smiled brightly and said: “Hello everyone. I am Ye Feng. My piano skills are just average but since the piano master can’t come, I will try my best to fill in. I hope everyone likes it.

”Let me play a very famous piece for everyone, ‘Ballade pour Adeline’.”

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