Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 169 Lin Yuan: “You didn’t even reached the passing line.”

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Many people among the audience applauded, including some women.

Ye Feng is really handsome. He even had the confidence to come on the stage which makes him even more attractive.

Many people are also looking forward to Ye Feng’s performance.

This time, Ye Feng intends to make all the guests, including Yan Ruyue, Qiao Siying, Mei Yuxian, and Gui Qingtong to look at him with admiration.

Ye Feng took a deep breath and then put his fingers on the keys.

And then he began to play.

Lin Yuan sips red wine and occasionally chats with Gui Qingtong while listening to Ye Feng’s performance.

His performance was that of an elegant and soothing melody.

Although it can be said that the sound was kind of jerky which might be due to lack of practice for a long time.

But Lin Yuan had to say that Ye Feng really played very well.

There were still many people who wanted to come onstage but they thought that Ye Feng did a good job and there was nothing more to show because Ye Feng plays better than them. After all, Ye Feng’s piano skills are at a professional level.

Lin Yuan knew very well that Ye Feng playing the piano gave him the opportunity to show off.

“Okay! The performance was great!” Many people applauded.

The eyes of some noble young ladies are on fire, looking at Ye Feng at this time.

Many people praised Ye Feng.

After all, his piano skills are indeed in the professional level.

Ye Feng said modestly: “It’s nothing big. Had this piano didn’t have few key problems, I would have played a little better.”

Although Ye Feng spoke modestly, Lin Yuan could hear pride in Ye Feng’s tone.

Lin Yuan glanced at Ye Feng’s triumphant eyes.

Ye Feng also looked at Lin Yuan, but after seeing his expressionless face, he turned away.

Ye Feng also was looking forward to seeing Yan Ruyue’s surprised eyes, but what he saw was purely disgust.

Ye Feng could not understand Yan Ruyue. His piano skills are obviously very good but why doesn’t Yan Ruyue realize how good he was? Ye Feng became a little confused.

Actually, for Yan Ruyue, Lin Yuan’s piano skills are way better than that of Ye Feng.

This is why after listening to Ye Feng’s performance, she doesn’t appreciate it that much.

Moreover, Yan Ruyue hated Ye Feng very much and has almost reached the peak. What Ye Feng always did was just to add to her disgust every time.

Ye Feng then turned to see Qiao Siying’s reaction of his performance, but he found out that the mixed-race beauty was staring at Lin Yuan.

‘What is happening. I don’t know anymore.’ Ye Feng frowned.

In the original novel, Qiao Siying was actually drawn by Ye Feng’s piano skills, but because she always listened to ‘Blue and White Porcelain’, her standards have increased.

Qiao Siying sees Ye Feng’s performance as something very ordinary.

And the reason why Qiao Siying was looking at Lin Yuan was that because she was thinking of a way to make Lin Yuan embarrassed onstage.

This interest her even more.

Noticing that Qiao Siying was looking at him, Lin Yuan returned the gaze.

Then Lin Yuan raised his hand and made a gesture of rubbing something in the air.

Seeing Lin Yuan’s gesture, Qiao Siying thought of what Lin Yuan did to her in the equestrian club that day.

Her cheeks flushed instantly, and her eyes were on fire.

With these thoughts in mind, Qiao Siying didn’t have the time to scrutinize Ye Feng’s performance.

Ye Feng then looked at Mei Yuxian and Gui Qingtong.

But he found that the two weren’t even paying attention to him.

Ye Feng is so dumbfounded.

He believes that his piano skill is at the professional level.

Why hasn’t any one of his targets even had the slightest reaction.

In fact, Mei Yuan didn’t hear Lin Yuan play the piano yet, so she doesn’t have a point of comparison to Ye Feng’s performance.

When Mei Yuxian heard Ye Feng’s performance, she felt pretty good.

But because she and Gui Qingtong were chatting with Lin Yuan, she didn’t look at Ye Feng most of the time.

When Ye Feng finished playing the piano, Mei Yuxian said: “This Ye Feng plays the piano very well.”

Lin Yuan smiled. Before he can even speak, Gui Qingtong spoke first: “Mom, you haven’t heard Brother Lin Yuan play the piano yet. He plays better than this Ye Feng. Way better I can say.”

“It’s true. I didn’t say that because Brother Lin Yuan is handsome. Compared with Brother Lin Yuan, Ye Feng played shit.”

Gui Qingtong mercilessly belittled Ye Feng.

Earlier, when Lin Yuan and Ye Feng clashed, Mei Yuxian just watched them and did not feel anything.

As for Gui Qingtong, she watched them closely, and in her point of view, Ye Feng is definitely not a good person.

Gui Qingtong is extremely disgusted of Ye Feng as much as that of Yan Ruyue.

And Lin Yuan’s piano skills is indeed much better than Ye Feng so Gui Qingtong said the same without hesitation.

Hearing Gui Qingtong’s words, Mei Yuxian immediately looked at Lin Yuan: “Xiao Yuan, your piano is really good? Sister Yuxian wants to hear it.”

When Mei Yuxian heard from Gui Qingtong that she liked Lin Yuan because he played the piano very well, Mei Yuxian didn’t believe at once. She thought that it was just maybe because Lin Yuan was handsome.

But when Gui Qingtong said that Ye Feng’s performance is nothing compared to Lin Yuan’s, Mei Yuxian became interested.

Mei Yuxian knew a lot about Lin Yuan.

She heard the matter about Lin Yuan earning 30 billion in a day and his medical skills from Song Xuan.

‘Not only is he handsome and has a good background, he makes money in stocks, has superb medical skills, and he is also a piano master?’

Mei Yuxian wanted to see and hear for herself.

But Lin Yuan just took a sip of wine and said in a calm manner: “Sister Yuxian, don’t worry. There will be a chance for me to play it for you. Right now, someone is playing and I can’t just tell him to get off the stage, right?”

“You are right.” Mei Yuxian smiled, but she looked forward even more to attesting Lin Yuan’s piano skills for herself.

She is very familiar with Lin Yuan’s light-hearted look because she also did the same when she is very sure and confident of what she says.

‘But Ye Feng’s piano skills is already at the professional level, can Lin Yuan really surpass it?’

Mei Yuxian is very curious.

Ye Feng played another piece.

Ye Feng found out that none of the targets he wanted to attract attention was successful.

Instead, most of them only paid attention to Lin Yuan.

But Ye Feng still feels good since most of the people were impressed by his performance.

At this time, many people from the audience rooted for him.

This great piano skill combined with Ye Feng’s handsome face, made many wealthy ladies and young ladies’ eyes brighten.

Ye Feng is still very satisfied with what he had accomplished so far.

Ye Feng glanced at Gu Qingshan.

Gu Qingshan understood Ye Feng, then immediately shouted: “Ye Feng, you are really good at playing the piano!”

“Ye Feng, you play really well!”

“Ye Feng, you are great!”

Following Gu Qingshan’s yell, many people also followed.

Ye Feng, however, humbly responded: “No, no. Everyone can play just the same. I play very mediocrely. Also, the quality of the piano is mediocre as well. There are few keys which are not very sensitive, otherwise, I would have played better. I barely passed.”

“How come?! Why do you say you barely passed, when you played very well?”

“Yes! You played really well!’

”You passed with full marks!”

After pretending to be humble, Ye Feng heard what he wanted to hear.

But at this moment, someone said something that made Ye Feng’s extremely ugly face come out and the noisy audience silenced instantly.

“Indeed, you are right, you barely passed. In fact, you overestimated yourself. In my opinion, you didn’t even reach the passing line.”

Seeing Lin Yuan was the one who spit out those words from the audience, Ye Feng’s face become abnormally gloomy.

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