Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 171 Yu Shanshan: “Can she take away the little sister position from me?”

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And even though Lin Yuan stood with the audience, but it seemed as if he looks condescending. It’s as if a teacher was pointing to his pupils, which made many people very uncomfortable.

Many people began whispering and talking ill of Lin Yuan.

“This Lin Yuan is really good at picking thorns. He can’t even just listen quietly. Even if he picks thorns so well, I still feel that Ye Feng clearly plays better.”

“Maybe he is just one of those ‘Keyboard Warrior’. He just didn’t like Ye Feng and was jealous of his piano skills so he wanted to belittle him.”

“Is the Lin family’s young master of this quality? He is very condescending and points at other people’s faults? If he is really capable, we’ll see as soon as he plays a song!”

”That’s right! That’s a good point! We’ll see for ourselves if he is qualified to criticize Ye Feng as soon as he plays a song. I bet it will be bullshit! He just uses his family’s influence to oppress others!”

If it were Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan, there would not be too many people who dare to mock.

But it is not the same case with Lin Yuan, after all, he is young, and although he is the young master of an influential family, he is still a junior.

Such young arrogant people do not deserve any respect.

Especially for some middle-aged women who were fascinated by Ye Feng and those young men who are jealous of Lin Yuan and Yan Ruyue’s relationship.

They all took the opportunity to talk ill of Lin Yuan.

“Shanshan, your brother is indeed too much. Although he is handsome, he can’t just do as he pleases. I think Ye Feng who just played the piano is really handsome. You can’t belittle others just because you don’t get along very well.” One of the annoying girls said.

“Bullshit! My brother really plays better than him. My brother didn’t demean him at all!” Yu Shanshan said angrily.

“Brother! Go up and play a song! Let them know how great you are!” Yu Shanshan said to Lin Yuan.

Yu Shanshan knew how powerful Lin Yuan’s piano is. She can still recall the scene of Lin Yuan playing the piano that day.

Gui Qingtong also said: “Brother Lin Yuan, play a song and teach that Ye Feng! He insulted our family again and again saying that our piano is the problem! I am so angry!”

After hearing that Ye Feng made a fuss again about the piano, Gui Qingtong and Mei Yuxian felt angry.

But Lin Yuan’s remarks just now made them feel better.

Mei Yuxian also looked at Lin Yuan expectantly.

“Yes, Lin Yuan, you can play way better than him.” Yan Ruyue also said suddenly.

Mei Yuxian was surprised to hear Yan Ruyue cheering for Lin Yuan.

It is understandable for Gui Qingtong and Yu Shanshan to be biased towards Lin Yuan. But even Yan Ruyue said he plays better. Is Lin Yuan’s piano skills really better than Ye Feng’s?

Qiao Siying was also watching Lin Yuan from the side at this time.

Qiao Siying was still shocked that Lin Yuan dared to say those remarks.

Although she knew that Lin Yuan was bold and unrestrained, but he actually said that Ye Feng didn’t even reach the passing line, was just too exaggerated.

Compared to meeting the singer of ‘Blue and White Porcelain’, Qiao Siying became more interested in seeing Lin Yuan play the piano.

With a preconceived impression, Qiao Siying thinks that Lin Yuan’s performance would be like a crying ghost and howling wolves.

Thinking of this, Qiao Siying wanted to laugh.

Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan also just arrived on the second floor.

Meng Yuelan got furious upon hearing others talking ill of her son, Lin Yuan.

But Lin Jianjun grabbed Meng Yuelan and said: “Look at your son’s self-confident appearance. He is very determined. You just have to trust him.”

Lin Jianjun has always believed in his son.

Meng Yuelan also glanced at Lin Yuan. Lin Yuan indeed had a calm face. She nodded and said: “Well I believe Yuan’er.”

“But…when did he learn the piano?”

Lin Jianjun: “…”

When Lin Jianjun heard Meng Yuelan’s question, he also does not know the answer.

Meng Yuelan was prepared. If Lin Yuan really embarrasses himself, then she would have to tear her mouth any moment now.

Under the eyes of everyone, Lin Yuan did not even care. His complexion did not even show the slightest wave.

Just when everyone thought that Lin Yuan will back out eventually, Lin Yuan suddenly spoke.

“If that’s the case them let me give you all a demonstration and show you how it’s done.” Lin Yuan smiled.

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, everyone immediately got stirred up.

Just now, Ye Feng let him demonstrate humbly.

Unexpectedly, Lin Yuan really dared to go and demonstrate.

Does he actually plan to go onstage?!

“Look at his expression. Does this Lin Yuan really know how to play the piano?” Someone already doubted Lin Yuan’s indifferent expression.

“Heh. Young Master Lin? He is just pretending!”

“That’s right. Ye Feng’s piano is absolutely at the professional level. But this Lin Yuan says he is just a beginner. I really think he’s the beginner here.”

“Do you really want to go on stage under the pretext of demonstrating? How shameless, right?”

“Yeah, he could just apologize and it’s over. But he still wants to go onstage. I feel quite embarrassed of him myself. Even the Lin family will be completely ashamed.”

Everyone continued to talk ill of Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan only ignored these remarks and walked slowly towards the stage.

In just a few steps, Lin Yuan heard someone cheer for him.

“Go, Brother Lin Yuan!” Gui Qingtong cheered him on.

“Brother, come on!” Yu Shanshan also cheered him on and glanced at Gui Qingtong.

‘Why is this girl cuter than me? But even if she is cuter, can she take away the little sister position from me?’

Yu Shanshan had a hint of alert in her eyes.

“Lin Yuan, come on!” Yan Ruyue also shouted earnestly.

Mei Yuxian did not speak, instead smiled slightly at Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan could see the look in her eyes which also cheered him on.

Seeing so many beautiful women cheering for Lin Yuan, Ye Feng who was on stage had a trace of jealousy in his eyes.

He looked forward to Lin Yuan embarrassing himself in front of these beautiful women and all the people in the audience.

Lin Yuan just turned around to face the audience when he heard someone shout again.


Originally, Lin Yuan thought it was another lady who wanted to cheer him on, but when he turned to the person who shouted, he saw a rather middle-aged uncle.

Lin Yuan’s body chilled all over.

‘What is happening?’

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