Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 173 Shocked Qiao Siying, the strangeness of Mei Yuxian!

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Many of the guests, mostly women, turned emotional and was moved by the love of the king and wept.

Of course, there were also some men.

For example, Qiao Siying’s father, Qiao Jianye, a middle-aged man, was also teary-eyed.

From the start of Lin Yuan’s playing until the end, there was no other sound in the hall.

Until Lin Yuan finished playing, the people were only able to react.

The so-called reaction means that the 3D picture has disappeared.

The beautiful melody that Lin Yuan played is still a hallucination at this time. In their ears, and in their minds it echoes non-stop.

But everyone has no opinion and even thinks that they were lucky to have heard this.

They greedily want to listen to the melody over and over again, and even wanted to listen to it forever.

The sounds are so amazing.

This is the thought of everyone in the hall at this time.

At this time, everyone seemed to forget about Lin Yuan’s arrogance earlier or they came to understand his actions.

Compared with Lin Yuan’s performance, Ye Feng indeed did not even reach the passing line.

It was not known who initiated to clap first.

But after that, the applause in the hall was thunderous.

Almost everyone applauded uncontrollably.

Even Qiao Jianye, who planned to teach Lin Yuan, is clapping hard.

“Good! That was really good!”

“It seemed as if I was watching a movie! I became a king! I was so affectionate! I was so touched.”

“What king? You are just a loach in the water.”

“Stop fighting. You are not worthy of being that affectionate and handsome king, only Lin Yuan is worthy. And I must be the sculpture that turned into a beautiful girl. Lin Yuan and I will always be together, forever.”

“That’s bullshit! The Lin family’s young master is mine!”

“I didn’t think so much before. After listening to Lin Yuan’s performance, I really feel that Ye Feng’s performance is so bad.”

“It turns out that Lin Yuan’s remark that he didn’t pass the passing line was not an insult, but flattery. Young master Lin is too modest. If I will rate him, I will give him 100 points, and Ye Feng’s a negative score!”

All the guests couldn’t help but begin to praise Lin Yuan.

It is totally different from their previous curse.

Ye Feng looked gloomy and listened to the people around him.

Originally, he planned to use Lin Yuan’s coming onstage to highlight his previous performance.

But instead, it was because of him that Lin Yuan was praised by a lot of people.

In fact, he was not that bad at playing the piano. It’s just that Lin Yuan played too well.

Not only is Lin Yuan’s physical appearance better than Ye Feng’s, but the piano skill is also much better.

In the face of this huge difference, others would not be able to think rationally that Ye Feng is good at playing.

They can only be able to conceive that what Lin Yuan said was right, that is Ye Feng played shit!

Yan Ruyue and Gui Qingtong knew about Lin Yuan’s piano skills for a long time and so were mentally prepared.

But for these people who heard Lin Yuan for the first time, such as Qiao Siying and Mei Yuxian, it was shocking for them.

Looking at Lin Yuan blankly on the stage, Qiao Siying seemed to have known this man for the first time.

Her previous impression of Lin Yuan had always been that of an uneducated young master.

The first time her impression of him improved was when she was completely crushed during the race.

But then Lin Yuan pinched her until it became swollen, which made her feel less favorable. (T/N: I think the author forgot that he already removed that scene of Lin Yuan pinching Qiao Siying’s boob and changed it to hugging instead. Anyway, Qiao Siying is pertaining to Lin Yuan pinching her boobies here.)

Qiao Siying said more than once that Lin Yuan is uneducated and does not have any talents, and also belittled Lin Yuan for not being good at chess, calligraphy, and painting, and that he is only proficient in eating, drinking, and is a womanizer.

However, Lin Yuan’s performance today shocked her a lot. She also learned how to play the piano, and it is precisely why she knows how good Lin Yuan was.

Lin Yuan has the best piano tone she has ever heard.

Except for the singer of the ‘Blue and White Porcelain’ that she heard recently, she couldn’t find anything that’s comparable.

Qiao Siying looked at Lin Yuan with extremely complicated eyes.

Mei Yuxian looked at Lin Yuan with slightly different eyes.

‘Is this Lin Yuan’s piano skill?’

She began to understand why her daughter, Gui Qingtong, liked Lin Yuan because he plays the piano very well.

This is because her heart which had been silent for many years, beat several times with Lin Yuan’s playing.

The king’s unparalleled love is too shocking, and that kind of love that transcends through time and space, Lin Yuan was able to express it fully. This shook Mei Yuxian’s heart.

Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan looked at each other and were also dumbfounded

‘When did Lin Yuan play the piano so well?’

Looking at the young and wealthy ladies who had their extremely hot eyes focused on Lin Yuan, the two began to think about whether they have to worry about Lin Yuan being a bachelor for life.

【Ding! Qiao Siying’s favorability +5! Reward 200 counterattack points!】

【Ding! Mei Yuxian’s favorability +5! Reward 200 counterattack points!】

The system sounded two prompts in a row.

After hearing the prompts, Lin Yuan smiled slightly.

The effect is very good.

Music easily affects people’s emotions.

But it is not enough.

Seeing that everyone in the audience is watching him, Lin Yuan smiled at Ye Feng, who looked gloomy at this time, and said: “Ye Feng, have you learned?”

After Lin Yuan’s words, everyone looked at Ye Feng.

Seeing that everyone shot their eyes towards him, Ye Feng instantly swept away the gloomy look on his face.

“Thanks to Young Master Lin Yuan for his guidance, I learned some insights.” Ye Feng said with a smile that’s uglier than crying, looking grateful.

Lin Yuan’s behavior is simply a slap on his face.

Lin Yuan slaps his face fiercely!

But the gap between him and Lin Yuan is indeed very large. Ye Feng knows it very well.

So, he was speechless and knew that arguing would only make the impression on him worse.

He thought it would be better to lower his head temporarily and pretending to be grateful, maybe he can still save a little bit of his face.

True enough, the guests looked away after hearing Ye Feng’s words.

After all, Ye Feng played just fine.

But Ye Feng still clenched his fists secretly.

Because he found out that those young and wealthy ladies whose fiery eyes originally looked at him, now all turned to Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan is much better than Ye Feng in appearance.

His piano skills are also much better.

The family background is even top notch.

With these comparisons, who would even want to look at Ye Feng?

Everything he worked so hard to build before is now ruined because of Lin Yuan’s performance!

But it was not enough for Lin Yuan. Lin Yuan smiled again and said: “Ye Feng, do you think there were parts of my performance just now wherein the keys and notes were not stable?”

Ye Feng didn’t know why Lin Yuan had to ask such a question, but the gazes from countless people made it difficult for him to remain silent.

Ye Feng could only grit his teeth and then said: “None.”

“If that’s the case, can we conclude then that there is no problem with the piano and its keys, and that the problem is that your piano skills are not that good as you think?” Lin Yuan said with a smile.

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