Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 174 Qiao Siying held her urine! Satisfied Mei Yuxian!

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Many guests began to think again upon hearing Lin Yuan mention the piano keys again.

Only a few ignored and did not even think through.

For many people who rethink, they quickly understood what Lin Yuan meant.

Earlier, Ye Feng blamed the Mei family’s piano and its keys had problems which is why he couldn’t play to the fullest of his abilities.

It was in fact like hitting Mei’s family face.

But now, Lin Yuan wanted Ye Feng to slap himself and admit to deceiving the audience.

But even if that is the case, Lin Yuan’s previous performance was so perfect that the people couldn’t see any fault with the piano.

However, in the case of Ye Feng, there were minor flaws in which he said that the piano was to blame.

Now Ye Feng can’t argue that there was a problem with the piano since everyone has thought subconsciously that the piano is perfectly fine, judging from the outstanding performance of Lin Yuan using the same piano.

Ye Feng is left with only two options, that is to insist that there is really a problem with the piano, which would make him appear as stubborn and unrepentant, or he could admit that the piano is fine, which would make him be labeled as a liar and boastful.

No matter which choice he makes, there is no good outcome.

Ye Feng can only choose that which would result in a smaller loss, that is the second option.

So Ye Feng then responded: “There is really no problem with the piano. It should be that my piano skills are not that good.” Ye Feng forced a smile.

After Ye Feng finished speaking, everybody turned to Lin Yuan.

In fact, many people did not hate Ye Feng that much. They paid more attention to Lin Yuan.

But now, Ye Feng is labeled as someone who tramples upon others to lift himself, which makes people annoyed.

The main issue is in comparison.

Everyone wouldn’t care whether the piano was really problematic, nor would they care if they will do the same thing Ye Feng did. They would only think that Ye Feng is just another guest of the Mei family but didn’t give any face to the Mei family.

As for Lin Yuan, he helped the Mei family save its face.

Nobody wants to be friends with someone who demean others and exalt themselves.

And people like Lin Yuan will receive a warm welcome from everyone.

Mei Yuxian looked at Lin Yuan with even more satisfaction.

Gui Qingtong also liked him even more.

【Ding! Mei Yuxian’s favorability +5! Reward 200 counterattack points!】

【Ding! Gui Qingtong’s favorability +2! Reward 200 counterattack points!】

【Ding! Reversed the plot! Reward 300 counterattack points】

Three prompts sounded consecutively making Lin Yuan smile slightly.

When Lin Yuan was about to come down the stage, suddenly someone shouted: “Young Master Lin Yuan, play another song!”

“Yes! Lin Yuan, can you play another song for us!”

“Yes! Brother Lin Yuan, go play another!”

Many people shouted.

Listening to Lin Yuan’s playing the piano is really pleasurable.

Seeing Lin Yuan coming down, many people were very reluctant.

Yu Shanshan and Gui Qingtong also cheered Lin Yuan and requested that he play another song.

Hearing this, there was also a trace of expectation in Mei Yuxian and Yan Ruyue’s eyes.

Lin Yuan even saw his parents, Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan, looking at him expectantly with a smile.

Lin Yuan immediately returned back and said: “Okay, I will play another song. What do I play? Hmm…”

“Play ‘Blue and White Porcelain’.” Yu Shanshan shouted.

Lin Yuan thought about it and then said: “Okay. I will just play ‘Blue and White Porcelain’.”

After Lin Yuan finished playing the piano, Qiao Siying had planned to go to the bathroom.

But after hearing the ‘Blue and White Porcelain’, she suddenly stopped in an instant.

‘Blue and white porcelain?’

The ‘Blue and White Porcelain’ that I have been listening to a lot recently?’

Qiao Siying who was planning to go to the bathroom held back her urine.

Lin Yuan then began playing.

But this time, he just played and did not sing while playing the piano.

The last time, he played the piano and sang the same piece for Chi Qian.

This time, it was a piano performance so Lin Yuan did not bother to sing.

But although he did not sing, the sound of his piano is still shocking and fascinating.

Even if there were only the rhythm and no lyrics, everyone can hear the misty rain as if experiencing the same firsthand.

Again, it felt like a 3D movie.

Although the scenes are completely different, however, everyone switched from the mythological and legendary mood to poetic and ancient style in an instant.

After the end of the piece, everyone woke up from their dreams.

Most of the people present have never heard of the ‘Blue and White Porcelain’.

So for them, it just sounded very pleasing to the ears.

But for Qiao Siying, she was shocked entirely.

Because she has listened to it not only once, but several times!

And after listening to Lin Yuan’s play ‘Blue and White Porcelain’, Qiao Siying was dumbfounded.

‘What is happening?’

‘How could Lin Yuan play this song?’

‘Could it be that the singer of ‘Blue and White Porcelain’ is also Lin Yuan?’


Qiao Siying instantly got rid of the idea.

‘But if it wasn’t him, how does he know how to play it?’

‘Right! ‘Blue and White Porcelain’ is popular, Lin Yuan must have heard it on the internet.’

‘Then Lin Yuan also liked it, and so he learned how to play it.’

‘And because he plays the piano very well, he was able to play it easily.’

‘Lin Yuan must have tried to learn it.’

‘Otherwise, how could someone as dumb as him write the song? ‘

‘Lin Yuan must have learned it from the internet!’

Qiao Siying reasoned out in her thoughts was the most probable explanation.

He actually has the same liking for the type of songs as Qiao Siying, which made her really unhappy.

Although Qiao Siying sensed that something may not be right, she didn’t think deeper and she didn’t want to trouble herself.

After playing ‘Blue and White Porcelain’, Lin Yuan stepped off the stage.

After playing the piano, everyone’s attitude and treatment of Lin Yuan turned a hundred and eighty degrees.

There were countless young and wealthy ladies who coveted Lin Yuan.

At this moment, they all rushed towards him to ask for his contact information.

Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan also suffered unwarranted calamities.

A large number of people rushed to them and expressed their intention to propose marriage to Lin Yuan.

The sudden outpour of marriage proposals also made Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan dumbfounded.

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