Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 175 The afraid Qiao Siying!

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Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan were overwhelmed by the outpour of marriage proposals for Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan was also cornered by a lot of women and so he couldn’t get away.

Seeing how Lin Yuan was surrounded by a lot of women, Qiao Siying frowned and gave up on asking how Lin Yuan could play ‘Blue and White Porcelain’.

In fact, Qiao Siying felt a little afraid of asking Lin Yuan because whenever they come in contact with each other, she always ends up suffering and being embarrassed.

It can be said that the reason why Qiao Siying is less popular than Yan Ruyue is that she always makes fun of the rich second-generation young masters and tricks them to get money.

But it is different with Lin Yuan wherein she couldn’t get her way and always ends up suffering.

Thinking about having been scammed by Lin Yuan and that ‘part’ of her that still hurts a little bit now, Qiao Siying hated him even more.

Lin Yuan who was being surrounded by a lot of women was able to finally go through them with the help of Yu Shanshan and Gui Qingtong.

After getting through the women surrounding him, still more people went to him, both men and women.

This time, it is not only because they were driven by Lin Yuan’s handsomeness, but they were thinking of making friends with him.

Many of the guests heard that Lin Yuan made 30 billion on profit in stocks on one day.

Lin Yuan being able to play piano so well, may just be a trivial bonus.

But helping the Mei family save its face has greatly improved the people’s impression of him.

And Lin Yuan is also the young master of the Lin family.

He is a person with such good background and great abilities.

On the premise that there is no conflict of interest, naturally, they want to make friends.

As for Lin Yuan he didn’t refuse to most people.

If the other smile with him, Lin Yuan would smile too.

It is not so surprising that these people offered him a toast and wanted to make friends with him.

But what surprised Lin Yuan was that suddenly someone came to him and offered him a toast.

That person is none other than Ye Feng!

Lin Yuan saw Ye Feng lowered his head and then raised the wine glass using both hands respectfully and said in a rather admiring tone, “Young Master Lin Yuan is really amazing, I truly admire you. Just now, Young Master Lin, I was really surprised by your piano skills. I never thought that piano can be played like that. It really was an eye opener for everyone! I have been playing the piano for a long time and have never seen anyone like Young Master Lin Yuan. I admire people like you the most!”

“Before, I might have done something that young master misunderstood and make you a little unhappy. So I wanted to apologize and pay my respects to Young Master Lin Yuan. Let me offer you a toast. Let us both have a good time. How is that?”

Ye Feng’s posture at this time was very low.

Ye Feng’s words were so apologetic.

On his face was a trace of sincerity, shame, and respect.

It seemed to really accept defeat and wanting to make peace.

Lin Yuan looked at Ye Feng slightly.

In Ye Feng’s acting, be it in his movements, behavior, his tone, there weren’t any flaws at all.

It seemed like because of too much admiration and the unbearable pressure of Lin Yuan, Ye Feng sincerely apologized and wanted to make peace.

But Lin Yuan knew very well that no matter how well Ye Feng acted, everything was just a show.

Lin Yuan’s understanding of Ye Feng’s character is probably better than Ye Feng knew himself in many aspects.

With Ye Feng’s unrestrained and rebellious character, there is no way he would lower his head sincerely just like now.

Since Ye Feng intentionally did it, he definitely has a plan.

There is a high likelihood that it is a conspiracy to target Lin Yuan.

However, Ye Feng’s posture right now is really very low, even showing a little bit of inferiority.

If Lin Yuan doesn’t agree to make peace, he would look bad in front of the people there.

In addition, assertiveness is easy to see, while negative behaviors are hard to defend. Lin Yuan doesn’t mind seeing what Ye Feng’s conspiracies are so that he can deploy his defenses and plan his counterattacks in advance.

Of course, even he intends to pretend to accept Ye Feng’s apology, Lin Yuan still wants to make him lower his head for a little while.

Lin Yuan did not refuse instead just stared at Ye Feng who was currently lowering his head.

Lin Yuan’s movement was neither to accept nor reject Ye Feng’s apology which made Ye Feng very embarrassed.

Ye Feng just bowed his head for two to three seconds.

He couldn’t stand it anymore, so he raised his head and said with a humble expression on his face: “Young Master Lin, you are free. Let me do it first.”

After speaking, Ye Feng drank the wine and directly stretched out his hand for a handshake.

This time, Lin Yuan also stretched out his hand and shook Ye Feng’s hand gently.

The reason why Lin Yuan stretched out his hand was because he knew exactly what Lin Yuan was trying to do.

During the handshake, Ye Feng’s face is ecstatic.

To others, it seemed Ye Feng was happy because of Lin Yuan’s forgiveness.

Only Lin Yuan knew how fake his smile was.

Holding his cup, he discreetly smelled that hand he just shook hands with Ye Feng.

Sure enough, there is a very faint smell that can hardly be recognized without carefully smelling.

Recognizing the fragrance, Lin Yuan knew what Ye Feng put and transferred into his hands.

To be more specific, Lin Yuan already knew when he shook hands with Ye Feng because this is Ye Feng’s usual trick in the original novel.


Yes, he usually makes use of poison.

Ye Feng’s medical skills can be used not only to save people but also to kill through poisoning.

For those people who opposed him and whom he can’t handle directly, will be quietly killed by his poison.

For example, he pretends to be humble, and offers a toast, and a handshake.

He uses the handshake as his golden opportunity to transfer poison into Lin Yuan’s hand.

He did this because he was afraid to be discovered by Lin Yuan and be investigated and take responsibility afterward. After all, since they are at the Mei family’s banquet where there are a lot of people, there is also a lot of surveillance and security around.

So, the poison he gave to Lin Yuan was not so lethal, it was also colorless and tasteless.

This poisonous will make Lin Yuan’s weak limbs, he will also have a fever and experience slurred speech.

Lin Yuan was not only aware that Ye Feng administered the poisonous medicine, but he also knew how to counter it.

After all, Ye Feng’s medical skills were only at the advanced level, while Lin Yuan’s are already at the divine level.

Not to mention that this kind of poison is the most powerful poison that Ye Feng can use against him without killing him.

Although he knew everything well, he still pretended not to know anything and appear as satisfied with Ye Feng’s initiative to seek peace.

He even seemed proud of him and so patted Ye Feng on the shoulder.

But Ye Feng did not notice that when Lin Yuan patted his shoulder some poisonous powder flew out from Lin Yuan’s fingers and covered his neck.

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