Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 176 Yan Ruyue’s fantasy!

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Lin Yuan knew everything that Ye Feng wanted to do.

But Ye Feng didn’t know and thought that Lin Yuan hadn’t found out anything about it yet and that he was completely left in the dark.

Seeing Lin Yuan’s slightly complacent appearance, Ye Feng couldn’t help laughing.

Make him, Ye Feng, soft?

That is simply impossible for a Heavenly King!

What Ye Feng did just now was to try to poison him.

Lin Yuan cannot be killed by such medicine though.

This time, Ye Feng intends to advance the interest first.

In the future, he will surely think of ways to slowly kill Lin Yuan.

But the concentration of the poison Ye Feng just applied to Lin Yuan’s hand was not light.

It can make a person feel hot and weak, just like a usual fever does.

And this will last for three to four days.

Thinking of the torture that awaits Lin Yuan, Ye Feng felt a little refreshed.

After his goal is achieved, Ye Feng would eventually not stay any longer.

The humble expression on his face was swept away, then turned around and left.

But when he turned around, Ye Feng did not notice that Lin Yuan patted him in the shoulder.

Ye Feng unknowingly scratched his slightly itchy neck and smiled.

Looking at Ye Feng who left with a smile on his face, Lin Yuan also laughed.

He could get rid of the poison easily.

But Ye Feng did not even notice that Lin Yuan put some medicine on his neck when he patted his shoulders.

Lin Yuan is a prepared and careful person.

With his divine level medical skills, he is not only good at acupuncture, but also took the time to study all kinds of medicines.

Lin Yuan knew that Ye Feng had advanced medical skills, and so refined several antidotes to deal with severe poisoning.

But obviously, Ye Feng did not dare to do anything extreme today.

And because Ye Feng had advanced medical skills, it is easy for him to smell the poison.

The medicine Lin Yuan put on him isn’t particularly poisonous.

It can even be used for some patients with severe constipation.

Shit poison!

It was Lin Yuan’s name for the medicine he created out of croton plant, senna leaves,…

It only takes a little powder and even without taking the same orally, when it begins to disperse, it can make the stomach function properly, and the intestines unblocked, to aid in proper digestion and excretion.

It is an essential medicine but it can also have adverse effects.

It also makes people fart continuously and have diarrhea.

After Lin Yuan’s various techniques were carefully refined, Lin Yuan looked closely at Ye Feng who was still eating at this time.

‘Guru guru…&#apos;

Ye Feng’s stomach was making noises.

The people around who were also eating all looked at Ye Feng.

Ye Feng also looked at them and smiled embarrassingly.

“Brother, are you okay? Do you feel sick?” Gu Qingshan asked.

“It’s okay. I know my body very well.” Ye Feng responded.

Gu Qingshan also nodded when he heard Ye Feng’s response. After all, he knew about Ye Feng’s medical skills.

Ye Feng said he was okay, and so it must be.

After eating and drinking, many people began taking out their gifts for Mei Yuxian.

Although the Mei Family Banquet is not about drinking, nor did they just come to celebrate Mei Yuxian’s birthday, but at least they should offer something in the name of the celebration.

After all, they are all from decent backgrounds.

Many guests prepared valuable gifts.

Mei Yuxian also smiled and accepted the gifts one by one.

Seeing Mei Yuxian receiving countless gifts, Lin Yuan took ‘The Ink Plum Blossom’.

But he won’t rush to give her the gift at once.

It is not the perfect time yet.

It will be too sudden if he gives the painting now.

After all, the elders were still giving their gifts, for example, Lin Jianjun, Meng Yuelan, Song Xuan, and Qiao Jianye.

If a junior like Lin Yuan intervenes, he will seem unrespectful.

Lin Yuan didn’t notice that when he was holding the painting in his hand, Yan Ruyue’s eyes looked over.

When she saw that rolled-up painting, Yan Ruyue’s eyes lit up almost instantly.

Her heart began to beat fast.

‘Is Lin Yuan finally giving me the painting?’

‘Isn’t this gift too expensive? After all, it is worth 50 million!’

‘Were my gloves so good for him to give me such an expensive painting as a gift in return?’

‘Lin Yuan giving me the painting will surely steal the limelight from Aunt Mei Yuxian.’

‘Today is Aunt Mei Yuxian’s birthday. Isn’t it bad timing to do this? But I am looking forward to it.’

‘I see the painting now. Isn’t it not a proper time to do it? When Lin Yuan gives me the painting in a short while now, I can’t show that I was expecting it.&#apos;

‘I can’t let him know that I guessed his plan a long time ago otherwise he will definitely not be happy.’

‘As soon as he gives it to me, I shall pretend to be very surprised.’

‘I will let him have a sense of accomplishment, although I really like the painting.’

‘By the way, when I get a hold of that painting, I will show it to that spiteful little girl. I will laugh so hard to see that her chest is as flat as the painting.’

‘It’s okay to show her. But I have to protect the painting because if she finds out that Lin Yuan gave it as a gift to me, she might snatch it and tear it apart. When I think about the look in that little girl’s eyes, I feel very much comfortable, seeing how jealous she is.’

Yan Ruyue stared closely at the painting in Lin Yuan’s hands while countless thoughts flashed in her mind making the corners of her mouth curl up slightly.

As for some people nearby, they can see Yan Ruyue staring blankly at Lin Yuan, and then giggling.

The licking dogs around who were staring at Yan Ruyue were all heartbroken.

And Gui Qingtong who observed Yan Ruyue’s behavior looked at her warily.

Yan Ruyue noticed and returned a triumphant look.

Gui Qingtong also didn’t understand where that triumphant look from Yan Ruyue was coming from.

Lin Yuan was unaware also that Yan Ruyue thought that the painting in his hand was for her.

At this time, Lin Yuan is thinking as to how to give the painting to Mei Yuxian in a very impactful way.

While Lin Yuan was thinking, Ye Feng got up from where he was seated.

It is a different scenario for him who came in alone while Lin Yuan came with his parents.

So he had to prepare and bring his own gift.

While he was preparing to take out his gift and came over to where Mei Yuxian was to hand over his gift, Ye Feng suddenly felt a strong sensation in his anus.

It was like a dam which was about to burst!

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