Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 177 Ye Feng farts! The Audience was shocked!

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When Ye Feng was eating earlier, he felt a strange feeling in his stomach.

His stomach grumbled a few times.

But he was clueless.

Lin Yuan’s shit poison is colorless and tasteless and unless Ye Feng examines it carefully and studies the medicine, he will not be able to recognize it.

So Ye Feng didn’t mind what was going on in his stomach at all.

He only thought that maybe he had eaten too much.

Then when it came to the gift-giving for Mei Yuxian’s birthday, Ye Feng came to Mei Yuxian with his gift. Gu Qingshan accompanied him.

Ye Feng picked up the gift and smiled at Mei Yuxian and said: “I wish the Matriarch of the Mei family to get…”

Ye Feng was only halfway through his sentence when he felt something was wrong.

He felt a strong sensation in his anus.

It was like a dam which was about to burst!

But since Ye Feng is a trained mercenary after all, so he tightened his anus and straightened his butt.

The thing that was about to come out abruptly was held back.

Then he continued to hold on with a smile on his face: “This is from me on behalf of the Chen family…”

But as soon as he opened his mouth, there came another shock into his anus, and this time, Ye Feng was not able to hold it back.

Puff!…!! !!!

It was like a trumpet was blown.

An extremely loud sound suddenly came from behind Ye Feng.

What happened next is almost comparable to when Lin Yuan began playing the piano.

At the moment the fart sounded, everyone fell silent.

There were many people who watched Mei Yuxian as she received her presents, after hearing the sound of the fart, everyone looked over.

Lin Yuan shook the wine glass he was holding in his hand and looked at Ye Feng with a playful gaze.

‘Someone farted?&#apos;

‘Was it Ye Feng?&#apos;

Because the sound of the fart was extremely loud, everyone’s eyes were fixed on Ye Feng’s body.

Such a loud fart may be attributed to indigestion, everyone thought.


Now, there were even more people looking at the scene, and all couldn’t help laughing.

With that laughter, many people also laughed altogether.

Feeling the gaze of the people and listening to their laughter, Ye Feng’s face instantly turned red.

He is a mercenary king who has never experience being this embarrassed in front of many people!

Farting in the public with an extremely loud sound, what could ever be more embarrassing than this?

Ye Feng had forgotten all the words he prepared as he hands over the gift.

The laughter of the people around him was like rains of bullets hitting and piercing through Ye Feng fiercely, making him ashamed.

Ye Feng who had never experienced such embarrassment before was stunned for a while. He did not know what to do.

However, Gu Qingshan was like an old fox; His reaction is unusually fast.

Gu Qingshan pressed his feet hard on his leather shoes, and then quickly rubbed them a few times on the ground.

The leather shoes which were rubbed on the ground made a few creaking noises.

Then Gu Qingshan said with a shameful look on his face, “Sorry. The quality of my shoes is not at its best today. The soles are too rough. I am sorry to have rubbed the same on the floor and made loud noises."

Although everyone had guessed what was going on, Gu Qingshan’s rescue was still timely.

Everyone who was laughing hard didn’t say anything.

“Oh. It was like that Brother Qingshan, it’s okay.” Someone next to them helped.

Today, there was no one from the Chen family, but the Chen Family controlled many groups. The one who helped is the boss of one of the Chen family groups, Wang Sheng. Saving the face of Ye Feng is like saving the face of the whole Chen family.

“Well. I will walk as lightly as possible so that I won’t bother everyone any longer.” Gu Qingshan smiled.

With Wang Sheng’s help, the incident was resolved.

Seeing that both Gu Qingshan and Wang Sheng were helping Ye Feng out, Lin Yuan did not panic at all. Instead, he took a sip of red wine.

This is because Lin Yuan knew the efficacy of his shit poison.

This will not be the end.

When Ye Feng farted, it was not a big deal, just a little embarrassment.

Everyone did not even care about it soon.

Ye Feng also continued explaining his gift and giving it out.

Ye Feng’s speech speed increased.

He wanted to get it done as soon as possible so he can already run to the toilet.

But it was only ten seconds since he last farted when Ye Feng felt an uncontrollable sensation coming from his anus again!

This shouldn’t be!

As a mercenary, Ye Feng has good control over almost every muscle in his body.

It’s just that the anus can’t be exercised…

Ye Feng was squeezing his anus tightly while talking.

Lin Yuan smiled and watched it together with many people.

Ye Feng’s face quickly turned as red as an apple.

In the end, he couldn’t hold it anymore.

He felt that he would explode if he continued to hold it back.


Another high-pitched fart sounded from behind of Ye Feng.

It was like a man with a huge lung capacity blew a horn.

The tone was so high and loud.

The fart that Ye Feng held back for a while lasted longer than the previous one and it was even louder.

The people who turned their heads away from Ye Feng again looked back at him in amazement.

This time, it was clear.

They could hear it clearly coming from behind Ye Feng’s bulging pants.

They could tell that he farted.

The fart lasted for about four to five seconds.

Ye Feng’s face turned red, it wasn’t because he was suffocated with the fart but because he was too ashamed!

Gu Qingshan and Wang Sheng who has helped Ye Feng make excuses earlier were also dumbfounded.

Gu Qingshan wanted to cover him up again by rubbing his shoes to the ground again, but the fart was just too loud that it can’t compare to the sound the shoes make.

Finally, Gu Qingshan gave up.

This time, everyone couldn’t help it.

They all laughed.

“Puff!! Hahahahaha”

"Hahahaha! It&#apos;s awesome! It&#apos;s awesome!"

“I am not joking, his fart is really louder than the funeral horn which passed by my door two days ago! I swear!”

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