Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 180 Gui Qingtong’s little strategies!

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Mei Yuxian actually has a wide range of hobbies and all are relatively elegant.

In addition to her liking of plum blossom paintings, she also likes blue and white porcelains.

So, when she heard that Lin Yuan will play ‘blue and white porcelain&#apos;, her eyes lit up.

There are many rare collections present at this time, so what Mei Yuxian wants is to have a mini-game on distinguishing the authenticity of the blue and white porcelain jars.

Mei Yuxian liked blue and white porcelain very much, so naturally, she knows a lot about it.

If one has the same hobbies as yours, then you will have a good impression of that certain person naturally.

Mei Yuxian took out a template and intentionally made her company’s ceramic factory imitate a batch of blue and white porcelain.

It is time to guess the authentic and fake ones to see who can distinguish between them.

There will be rewards for those who can guess.

In the original novel, Ye Feng correctly guessed it.

Everyone else guessed wrong and only Ye Feng guessed right.

As a mercenary king, Ye Feng’s identification skills are quite good plus he is also knowledgeable.

As for why a mercenary king can appraised treasures, Lin Yuan also forgot what the plot of the novel said, it didn’t matter anyway.

The imitation blue and white porcelain jars were specifically designed by Lin Yuan to prevent Ye Feng from guessing the authentic among the fake ones.

In the original novel, Ye Feng was able to establish a relationship with Mei Yuxian after identifying the authentic among the fake ones.

But because of Mei Yuxian’s disgust over Ye Feng, being able to impress her by identifying the authentic one, is not as effective and powerful as in the original plot where Ye Feng was able to gain Mei Yuxian’s kindness.

But Lin Yuan still didn’t want Ye Feng to have another chance for a comeback.

All these methods and opportunities that belonged to Ye Feng, Lin Yuan planned to destroy them all.”


Lin Yuan took out the blue and white porcelain he had prepared from the trunk of his car and then walked towards the group of porters who were moving the same type of jars.

“There is also a jar here which is the same as that batch. Aunt Mei said to add this to those.”

Lin Yuan grabbed the jar and walked directly towards the porter and said this.

The porter took the jar that was handed over by Lin Yuan.

After checking it, the porter didn’t have doubts about it, so the porter put the porcelain jar directly with the batch Mei Yuxian ordered.

Lin Yuan was not so surprised.

It’s not that these porters are not cautious but there is really no obvious difference with the jar he just handed.

Mei Yuxian’s authentic blue and white porcelain jar which was used to create imitation is very valuable.

Lin Yuan remembered that the authentic blue and white porcelain jar is worth tens of millions.

However, the authentic blue and white porcelain jar is not placed here now.

The fake porcelain jars will be put upstairs before the guessing game and then the authentic one will be taken out and will place among the fake ones.

And no matter how exquisite this batch of imitations, they are only worth tens of thousands.

So, there is no point in caring for them at all.

Mei Yuxian had asked to make more than a dozen of fake blue and white porcelain jars and adding one more or less is not a big deal.

Then there was Lin Yuan’s physical appearance and temperament.

If they are not familiar with the plot, no one would think that he would make an effort to put a blue and white porcelain jar among the batch Mei Yuxian had asked to be made.

So, Lin Yuan executed his plan easily and smoothly.

After inserting the especially imitated jar, Lin Yuan returned to the banquet room on the second floor.

As soon as he reached the door, Lin Yuan saw Gui Qingtong hurriedly approaching him.

"Big Brother Lin Yuan, where have you been?" Gui Qingtong asked.

“I went to the toilet. What’s the matter?" Lin Yuan smiled and asked.

“My mother wanted to give a gift to you. She has prepared a gift especially for you but then you are nowhere to be found.” Gui Qingtong said.

Lin Yuan glanced to where Mei Yuxian was.

Sure enough, there was Mei Yuxian giving the juniors some small gifts.

These were small bracelets and necklaces worth hundreds of thousands, all packed in small gift boxes.

“I see. Let’s go then.” Lin Yuan patted Gui Qingtong’s head and said this.


While Mei Yuxian was very busy, Gui Qingtong hugged Lin Yuan’s arm.

She also used the tricks that she secretly learned over the internet recently on Lin Yuan.

She leaned Lin Yuan’s hand toward her chest.

‘According to what was said on the internet. While walking, as Brother Lin Yuan’s arm bump my chest, Brother Lin Yuan would feel the softness of it.

Gui Qingtong secretly looked at Lin Yuan to see his expression.

But Lin Yuan didn’t have the slightest change of expression because even though Gui Qingtong put his arm towards her chest, it’s not so noticeable.

Gui Qingtong became a little depressed, but Lin Yuan did not notice the same.

When they were almost to where Mei Yuxian was, Gui Qingtong let go of Lin Yuan’s arm.

Then a man ran to the side and drank a few sips of milk.

While watching her chest, Gui Qingtong suddenly wanted to drink more milk, but thinking that in the future she will have the same chest as her mother, Mei Yuxian, she did not dare to drink too much.

“I envy mom…” Looking at Mei Yuxian who still looked full despite her purple loose dress, Gui Qingtong’s eyes showed a little envy and desire.

‘It seems that I can only put my hope in Brother Lin Yuan. I hope Brother Lin Yuan can help me become full when we get married…’

‘Brother Lin Yuan won’t dislike me because of this right?’

Gui Qingtong’s small face was full of confusion.

Lin Yuan didn’t know that because he did not react to what Gui Qingtong did just now, he hurt the heart of a young beautiful girl.

Lin Yuan at this time was looking at Mei Yuxian, who is then walking towards his location.

Mei Yuxian gave the juniors a meeting present.

It was nothing special, but Lin Yuan had always attracted the attention of the people around him.

Especially among women whose eyes were fixed on him.

Mei Yuxian also intends on giving Lin Yuan a gift.

But when Mei Yuxian walked towards Lin Yuan, she held a box in her hand which seemed more valuable compared to what was given to the other juniors.

Many people wanted to know what the gift inside was.

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