Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 178 You always fart when we are together!

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The farts caught the attention of everyone present.

The guests present have never seen such a scene ever since they were born, nor have they heard or experienced the same.

Seeing everyone laughing so hard and couldn’t even close their big mouths, Lin Yuan is not affected at all.

Lin Yuan is still the same; His mouth closed.

Lin Yuan silently took out a few more fragrant wipes in his hand.

Then he went to Mei Yuxian.

“Sister Yuxian, come here first.”

Lin Yuan pulled Mei Yuxian and gestured her to come.

At this time, Mei Yuxian was also happily smiling.

But seeing Lin Yuan ask her to come, she did.

Lin Yuan also pulled Gui Qingtong up.

Yan Ruyue who had been staring closely at Lin Yuan also followed curiously.

“Brother, why are you handing me some wet wipes?” Yu Shanshan asked strangely as well.

“Big Brother Lin Yuan, why are you pulling me over? I am still enjoying the sight of Ye Feng being embarrassed.” Gui Qingtong also asked.

“Xiao Yuan. This is a bit strange for me also.” Mei Yuxian said.

Although Yan Ruyue didn’t speak, her eyes were also quite puzzled.

Lin Yuan handed out wet wipes and then said:” Don’t ask. Just put the wet wipes on your nose, or you will regret not doing so.”

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, they were confused but still followed his order.

They covered their nose with wet wipes.

At this time, no one noticed Lin Yuan’s actions since everyone’s attention is focused on Ye Feng.

The guests were laughing non-stop because it was the first time they have experienced such a thing.

The representatives of the Qiao family were Qiao Siying and his father, Qiao Jianye.

Qiao Jianye stood behind Ye Feng and was getting ready to give the gift of the Qiao family when suddenly all this happened.

At this time, Qiao Jianye was also laughing so hard.


Because he was very close to Ye Feng and was standing behind him, he could hear the loud fart very clearly and saw Ye Feng’s pants getting pushed up by the fart as the loud sound was heard.

Qiao Jianye laughed so hard that he couldn’t straighten his waist and he couldn’t breathe.

He opened his mouth to catch his breath.

But shortly thereafter, Qiao Jianye’s face stiffened, his smile became dull, and his face became purple.

"Fuck! Your fart stinks!"

Qiao Jianye&#apos;s face was distorted.

The fart that got sucked in was just so stinky.

Qiao Jianye wasn’t the only one who smelled the unpleasant odor.

Everyone close to Ye Feng also smelled the disgusting odor.

“Fuck! Why is your fart so stinky! Didn’t they say that loud farts are not stinky?”

“Oh my God! This is the most stinky fart I have ever smelled in my whole life!”

“What the hell. I just opened my mouth while laughing hard and I ended up eating that stinky fart. Now, my breath also stinks. What should I do?!”

“What a smelly fart!"

“Ah! This fart is so stinky!"

As the foul smell spread, everyone who was close to Ye Feng covered their noses, then cried and squeezed their noses as they run away.

Run far away from Ye Feng.

As the smell of the fart spreads, every guest ridiculed Ye Feng and cursed how disgusting the fart was because the smell is just too foul.

This is not just to ridicule, the smell is really disgusting.

After a few seconds, Ye Feng was left where he was standing. Even Wang Sheng ran away, only Gu Qingshan who is pinching his nose was left.

Looking at each other’s reactions, the people kept talking and staring at Ye Feng.

Ye Feng was very embarrassed that all he could do was give Gu Qingshan the gift and then ran to the toilet.

Ye Feng kept making strange fart noises as he was walking very fast.

Because Ye Feng has been trying to hold the fart, they came out inconsistently.

Puff puff!




Ye Feng was like a train whistling and emitting smoke as he fled to the toilet.

Seeing Qiao Jianye, who had a weird expression on his face probably because of the stinkiness of Ye Feng’s fart, Yan Ruyue, Gui Qingtong, and all of the other women looked at Lin Yuan in surprise.

‘How did Lin Yuan know that Ye Feng’s fart would be so smelly?’

He even sent out wet wipes.

Yu Shanshan asked directly: "Brother, how did you know?"

Lin Yuan smiled and pinched Yu Shanshan’s face and said: “I usually smell your fart. So, I am already warned of a smelly fart.”

“Phew! You always fart when we are together.” Hearing this, Yu Shanshan cursed immediately.

Yan Ruyue, Mei Yuxian, and others chuckled.

In fact, Lin Yuan didn’t really mean it when he said he knew what a smelly fart was.

It was because he knew how effective the medicine, he gave to Ye Feng was.

All of the gas released passes through the intestinal tract. How can such fart not smell?

After Ye Feng left, the stinky smell still lingered for a long time.

It took a long time for the disgusting smell to wear off after dispersing into the air even after opening the doors and the windows.

【Ding! Change the impression of the guests on Ye Feng! Reward 300 counterattack points!] 】 A prompt from the system came into Lin Yuan’s mind.

Lin Yuan smiled lightly when he heard the system prompt.

This shit medicine is quite useful.

In fact, Ye Feng’s farting made him a laughingstock in front of everyone.

But for people like Qiao Jianye who claims to eat the stinky fart of Ye Feng, felt disgusted and didn’t have a good impression of him.

The banquet continued as the floors were sprayed with perfumes and air fresheners.

Soon, Mei Yuxian finished receiving her birthday gifts.

After this, Mei Yuxian asked the helpers to take out dozens of small boxes.

Lin Yuan already knows what they are.

Mei Yuxian was preparing to give the juniors gifts.

Mei Yuxian usually received a lot of gifts at every banquet held by the Mei family.

After all, the banquet was held not just to celebrate her birthday, but she usually returns the gifts to the juniors in the family.

Lin Yuan is also prepared to give his gift to Mei Yuxian.

He wants to be the one who gives the gift and not be labeled as the junior which will only create a gap between him and Mei Yuxian.

But he is not in a hurry.

It should take a while before Mei Yuxian will be free again.

Lin Yuan had other plans to do, and also he had to detoxify first the poison given to him by Ye Feng.

After Long Wu handed the painting to him, Long Wu immediately went down, now it is Lin Yuan’s hands.

Lin Yuan took a good look at it and intends to give the painting to Yan Ruyue so she can keep it for a while.

Seeing Lin Yuan’s movements, Yan Ruyue’s eyes lit up.

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