Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 181 Yan Ruyue: Isn’t the painting meant to be given to me?

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Before Mei Yuxian arrived, Lin Yuan went to find Yan Ruyue first.

Lin Yuan was taken aback because he only asked Yan Ruyue to keep the painting, but at this moment Yan Ruyue unfolded the painting scroll and was enjoying it.

“Miss Yan, what are you doing?” Lin Yuan asked with a strange voice.

“Looking at the painting.” Yan Ruyue felt confused.

At first, Yan Ruyue was secretly excited seeing Lin Yuan came back but what she was waiting for were not the sweet words she thought.

Instead, Lin Yuan asked her with a strange voice, what she was doing with the painting.

Didn’t he give the painting to her?

So, what if she was looking at the painting?

Lin Yuan felt a little strange, he just asked Yan Ruyue to keep it for a while.

How could she open it without authorization?

But thinking about it, it seems to be understandable.

After all, the painting was originally owned by the Yan family.

“Wasn’t this painting given to me? Let me see how…” Yan Ruyue said.

“Miss Yan, the painting I asked you to hold, can you give it back to me now.” Lin Yuan said.

The two of them talked at the same time, but Lin Yuan&#apos;s words were faster interrupting Yan Ruyue.

Yan Ruyue didn’t react and understand at all so Lin Yuan took the painting from her hand and put it away.


Seeing her hand emptied and the painting now in Lin Yuan’s hand, Yan Ruyue was stunned.

The two looked at each other.

Lin Yuan finally understood what was happening.

Yan Ruyue was a little dazed.

In the end, Yan Ruyue spoke first.

Seeing the painting was taken away from her by Lin Yuan’s hand, Yan Ruyue felt a little embarrassed.

“Aren’t you giving this painting to me?” Yan Ruyue said.

“No… When did I say I was going to give you the painting? Didn’t I just asked you to help me keep it while I go to the toilet?” Lin Yuan said helplessly.

Although Lin Yuan had already understood what was happening.

All of it was just a misunderstanding of Yan Ruyue.

She misunderstood that the painting for Mei Yuxian was supposed to be given to her.

Lin Yuan remembered Yan Ruyue’s words and her inexplicable expression earlier.

Lin Yuan knew that the misunderstanding hurt Yan Ruyue’s feelings.

Yan Ruyue was dumbfounded to have learned the truth.


‘The painting was not for me??’

‘Was I just being too passionate again???’

Yan Ruyue’s face immediately turned red.

A mixed expression of sadness and shame can be seen on her face.

Seeing Lin Yuan’s reaction, Yan Ruyue finally understood that the painting wasn’t meant to be given to her.

Yan Ruyue continued to blush and felt ashamed of all of her fantasies.

Doesn’t she deserve all the hurt and shame?

Wasn’t she doing this to Lin Yuan before?

In the past, Lin Yuan would always send her gifts and what she did was to return them.

Even if the gifts were given by Lin Yuan in his own initiative, she didn’t like nor want them.

And didn’t she also take the initiative to give Lin Yuan a pair of gloves?

Who knew whether Lin Yuan liked them?

And it was just a pair of gloves.

How can it be worth the 50 million painting in exchange for a mere pair of gloves?

Yan Ruyue thought this and seemed to have weighed the situation.

In addition to a self-inflicted shame, she also felt a sour uncomfortable feeling from within, extending to her whole body.

Yan Ruyue remembered how excited she was to receive the painting.

And so, she was extremely saddened to have known that the painting was not meant for her.

A strong sense of grievance surged into her heart and her eyes instantly turned red.

“I’m… sorry…”

Yan Ruyue felt too ashamed and did not know what to say.

Feeling that her tears might fall down from her eyes at any time, Yan Ruyue discreetly rushed to the toilet.

Lin Yuan became speechless looking at Yan Ruyue covering her eyes while rushing to the women’s comfort room.

Yan Ruyue was hurt again by her own fantasies.

Lin Yuan did not expect it.

She was even more involved than before. (T/N: refer to chap 43)

Although he didn’t expect it, Lin Yuan has already thought of a solution.

He is not at fault, so the problem shouldn’t be difficult to address.

Lin Yuan looked up and saw that Mei Yuxian was already nearby.

Mei Yuxian held a valuable gift box that made everyone curious as to what was inside.

Mei Yuxian came with a fragrant wind immediately entering Lin Yuan’s breath.

Mei Yuxian was very close to Lin Yuan because she has a very good impression of him.

The demonic figure under the purple dress has a very vivid impact at close range.

If it’s someone with a weak disposition, he would have had a nosebleed.

However, Lin Yuan was very stable. Although he got naturally attracted at a glance, he still looked at the gift box on Mei Yuxian’s hand.

Others were not as close to Mei Yuxian to experience a close-range distance with Mei Yuxian.

They were also curious to know what was inside the box in Mei Yuxian’s hand.

At a first glance, the gift box looked different from the ones Mei Yuxian gave to the other juniors.

The box alone looked very expensive which made everyone dying to know what Mei Yuxian’s gift was to Lin Yuan.

For this special treatment of Mei Yuxian to Lin Yuan, everyone was not surprised.

After all, Lin Yuan helped the Mei family save face earlier.

Moreover, Lin Yuan came from an influential family so it was easy to have a good impression of him.

Lin Yuan was also very curious about Mei Yuxian’s gift.

Lin Yuan took the gift box and directly opened it.

Opening it now with other people present or opening it alone doesn’t matter.

Lin Yuan was also curious, so he opened the box directly.

After seeing the gift in the gift box, Lin Yuan was quite surprised along with the many guests.

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