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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1218

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Chapter 1218

“After three days, if I don’t see the money,” He put the knife under her chin, “I’ll post all those naked
pictures of yours so that Mr. Tanner can see what his girlfriend would do for money.”

Sandy’s shoulders were shaking, and the pain in her belly turned her pale.

Lenny finally left with his men.

Sandy noticed blood coming out between her legs and opened up her skirt to check. The pain made
her drop to the floor in tears. She took a deep breath and crawled up to the couch to call Tanner, but
Tanner didn’t pick up.

Pearl’s assistant walked out of the elevator and saw Tanner walking out with his jacket in hand and no
tie. His shirt was wrinkled too.

The assistant was surprised, but Tanner walked past her straight into the elevator before she could ask.

She pushed the door open. “Ms. Santiago, Mr. Hannigan-” When she saw the scene, it made her

Pearl was curled up on the couch with only her underwear on, her hair was a little messy, and she
could see marks on her skin. The assistant brought her clothes over and covered her up. “M-Mr.
Hannigan did this?”

Pearl didn’t answer but looked away.

Her assistant felt horrible. “Why would he do that? How could he… That’s disgusting!”

Pearl looked up, and her voice was coarse.

Don’t tell anyone about this. I don’t want anyone to know, I beg you.”

She was broken enough and didn’t want the rumors to destroy her completely.

The assistant could see tears in her eyes, so she hugged her by her shoulder.” Alright, I promise.”

On the way leaving La Perla, Tanner received a call from the hospital. The caller said something, and
he immediately rushed toward the hospital.

Sandy was sent into the operation room, and Tanner rushed over. “Sandy!”

He was stopped outside, but he grabbed onto the doctor. “What happened?” “Are you her boyfriend?
She lost a lot of blood because of her miscarriage. How could you leave her home alone?”

Lost blood because of miscarriage…

Tanner’s body swayed when he suddenly remembered a few missed calls from Sandy. He lost his

It was his fault. He had left her because a lot was going on in his mind, but he didn’t expect the phone
calls to be for help.

He leaned against the wall and covered his face with his hands. He was such a jerk.

After an hour, Sandy was pushed out of the operation room, but she was still out because of the

Tanner stood outside the room and looked at her lying there, feeling deeply guilty.

The doctor walked over and looked at him.” Sir, I’m afraid you need to be mentally prepared.”

Tanner was surprised. “Why?”

The doctor frowned. “Didn’t you know that your girlfriend had a history of abortion? Her uterus walls are
really thin now, and after this miscarriage, I’m afraid she won’t be able to have children anymore.”

Tanner’s face froze.

He looked toward the room again with a dark expression when the doctor left.

After a long time, Sandy woke up and saw him standing by her bed with a dark expression, and she
burst out crying, “Why didn’t you answer my calls, Tan? Did you know how much pain I was in? We lost
the child—”

Tanner was feeling guilty, and the guilt lingered in his heart because they had lost a child. After all, he
hadn’t picked up her calls, but after the doctor told him that she had a history of abortions, the way he
looked at her had changed. Seeing how cold he was, Sandy stopped crying and put out a hand toward
him.” Tan, why are you looking at me like that? Do you think I didn’t protect the child well? It’s not my
fault. I wanted to protect him too, but… someone came and beat me up because they didn’t want me to
give birth. I’m in so much pain.”

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