Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 183 The Ink Plum Blossom

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Many guests were shocked when they heard Mei Yuxian’s words.

Someone couldn’t help but say: “One hundred million? Just to buy that worthless painting? I feel that one hundred thousand would be enough.”

A knowledgeable person next to him immediately said: “What are you talking about? That is Wang Mian&#apos;s ‘Ink Plum Blossom’ painting. It has a profound influence and value in the Ming and Qing art scenes. It is much more valuable than you think. If it is put up for an auction, a bid for a hundred million may not be enough.

“Tsk. Tsk. One hundred million, just for one painting.”

Although somebody explained how valuable the painting was, most people are still shocked to hear the price of the painting.

But what surprised everyone was that when faced with Mei Yuxian’s offer of a hundred million, Lin Yuan’s expression was indifferent.

Then Lin Yuan smiled and said, “Sister Yuxian. I can’t sell the painting to you.”


Hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Mei Yuxian frowned slightly. She did not think that Lin Yuan would want to raise the price. But she was also not willing to give up the painting.

She really likes the painting, so she bit her red lip slightly and prepared to quote a higher price.


But Lin Yuan did not wait for Mei Yuxian to finish and spoke first.

Just listen to Lin Yuan with a smile and said: “This ‘Ink Plum Blossom’ painting is a birthday present for Sister Yuxian. Of course, it can also be regarded as an exchange gift to Sister Yuxian for giving me the imperial jade green Buddha sculpture.”


Hearing Lin Yuan’s words, everyone was shocked and took deep breaths.

They all felt how terrifying Lin Yuan is for giving away a painting worth 100 million.

He is just too rich.

Many people looked at Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan for having such a prodigal son.

But they soon remembered one thing, that is Lin Yuan has his own company.

Lin Yuan was able to help his family trade stocks and made 30 billion in one day…

100 million is considered an insignificant amount compared to his one-time earnings.

Just how many of them can earn so much in this lifetime.

Those were pure profits and liquid funds.

Earlier, everyone thought that Lin yuan could not afford to give a gift to Mei Yuxian that’s even equivalent to the imperial green jade Buddha sculpture.

But unexpectedly, Lin Yuan was able to give a more expensive gift in return, which is ten times more expensive.

He is such a man with great abilities and very generous.

He is also handsome and knows a lot about paintings, very impressive.

Most of the people admired Lin Yuan.

Gui Qingtong opened her mouth as she was slightly shocked that Lin Yuan had given her mother such a very expensive painting as a gift.

Her pink lips just couldn’t close.

Brother Lin Yuan gave her mother such an expensive painting. Does he want to ask her mother for her hand in marriage?

Gui Qingtong couldn’t help but start dreaming.

And Qiao Siying looked at Lin Yuan, also in surprise.

Lin Yuan had clearly cheated with money on her before and even did so again several times.

Why did he spend so much this time?

Is this still the Lin Yuan that she knew?

Qiao Siying couldn’t understand Lin Yuan more and more as time passes.

On the side, Qiao Jianye also looked at Lin Yuan in shock.

‘Why is this kid so generous?’

Qiao Jianye planned to trouble Lin Yuan after giving his gift to Mei Yuxian and teach him a lesson for making her daughter cry.

But he did not expect that he would almost faint from Ye Feng’s fart.

He was ready to wait for Mei Yuxian to give Lin Yuan her ceremonial gift, and then go after him and confront him.

But he did not expect that Lin Yuan would give Mei Yuxian a painting worth 100 million as a birthday gift!

That is much more expensive than the gift he gave to Mei Yuxian!

But of course, even so, he must still teach him a lesson and vent his anger to Lin Yuan. Qiao Jianye thought.

Mei Yuxian was also shocked that Lin Yuan rejected her offer to purchase the painting and instead insisted on giving her the same.

Although Lin Yuan already said that it is a gift for her, but the painting is worth 100 million not 11 million or any less.

And this painting seemed to be in the hands of an influential person before.

Mei Yuxian had asked before to inquire about it several times but did not return any positive results.

Unexpectedly, it was directly given to her as a gift by Lin Yuan.

Seeing that Lin Yuan had serious and calm eyes. It appears that the gift is not 100 million worth of painting but just a piece of torn paper.

Mei Yuxian can’t compare such eyes of Lin Yuan to a young man who is ten years younger than her.

Mei Yuxian felt that Lin Yuan treats her as an equal and did not intend to treat her as an elder but as a sister.

Mei Yuxian gave Lin Yuan a deep look and then with a charming smile on her face she said: “Well, since Xiao Yuan is so generous, then Sister Yuxian will welcome such generosity and accept it.”

【Ding! Mei Yuxian favorability degree +10! Reward 500 counterattack points! 】

【Ding! Mei Yuxian&#apos;s view of the host has changed! Reward 500 counterattack points! 】

As soon as Mei Yuxian finished speaking, Lin Yuan heard the system prompts.

His plan worked.

Looking directly at Mei Yuxian’s charming eyes, Lin Yuan could tell that Mei Yuxian looks at him differently from before.

Before, Mei Yuxian looked at him as a junior, someone of Gui Qingtong’s level.

This is a kind of unequal relationship.

It must be difficult and useless to break such a barrier.

But now Mei Yuxian regards him as a mature adult.

Although they are not peers, after all, there is still an age gap.

But it is not the same as before.

Lin Yuan is not in a hurry since it is just the first step to change her impression of him.

He has to slowly establish his role in Mei Yuxian’s heart.

He will do so one step at a time.

Until she regards him as a man and conquer her.

Mei Yuxian and Lin Yuan are very similar in some respects.

They are both confident and strong.

They are very confident in everything that they do and they have the qualifications to be so.

Compared to Yan Ruyue who is an ice-cold female president, Mei Yuxian is a lot more amiable and approachable.

But in fact, Yan Ruyue is just cold on the outside, and there are also several factors that qualify her cold attitude such as family reasons.

As for Mei Yuxian, she is warm on the outside but is actually cold on the inside.

It is easy to be Mei Yuxian’s friend.

But getting her recognition is very difficult.

There are a few things that Mei Yuxian cares about that Lin Yuan knew very much.

Because of Lin Yuan’s personality in these aspects, he has the greatest resemblance to Mei Yuxian.

It is entirely difficult to conquer such a person even if you know a lot of key information.

Lin Yuan did not dare to say that he can fully conquer Mei Yuxian’s heart at once today.

But Lin Yuan is so sure that he can sleep with Mei Yuxian tonight!

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