Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 184 You can’t cry! Don't cry! Why are you crying!

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For this purpose, Lin Yuan had planned for a long time.

That’s why he has this confidence!

“Thank you, Xiao Yuan. Your Sister Yuxian has long been looking for this ‘Ink Plum Blossom’. I did not expect that I will be getting it now without spending even a single yuan. Xiao Yuan, if you will need my help in the future, just come to your sister.” Mei Yuxian smiled.

“Okay.” Lin Yuan returned a smile.

Although Lin Yuan said it was a birthday gift and in exchange for the imperial jade green Buddha sculpture.

But the value of the gift is so high and Mei Yuxian’s liking of the painting is an understatement.

Of course, Lin Yuan must give it to someone as worthy as Mei Yuxian and her acceptance is already enough.

Although what Lin Yuan cared more about was that Mei Yuxian’s impression of him has changed.

Mei Yuxian has already recognized and named herself from Aunt Mei to Sister Yuxian…

Although she did not really treat Lin Yuan as a younger brother.

But this only goes to show that her impression of Lin Yuan has really changed.

Lin Yuan handed the painting to Mei Yuxian.

Mei Yuxian was very happy, opened the painting, and looked at it over and over again.

At this moment, Yan Ruyue whose eyes were red and swollen just walked out of the toilet.

Upon coming out, Yan Ruyue saw the scene of Lin Yuan giving the painting to Mei Yuxian, and also when Mei Yuxian opened the same.

This caused her eyes to tear up again.

When she entered the bathroom, she talked to herself in her thoughts.

‘You are still in the banquet. You can’t cry! Don’t cry!’

‘It doesn’t fit my character if I cry. I am a cold female president; how can I cry like this?’

‘Don’t cry! Don’t cry! Why are you crying! But… But I still feel so wronged…’

Yan Ruyue wanted to stop crying but she couldn’t help it as she felt very wronged.

She doesn’t know why but as long as Lin Yuan is involved, it seriously affects her mood.

When she thought about it earlier when Lin Yuan took the painting in her hand, squatting in the toilet, she cried endlessly.

She cried for a long time that the toilet paper ran out and she could barely wipe her tears away.

But what Yan Ruyue did not expect was that she just wiped her tears away and when she saw Lin Yuan giving Mei Yuxian the painting, she instantly felt all kinds of sadness in her heart.

Yan Ruyue’s eyes became red again.

She then ran into the elevator alone.

She pressed the topmost floor.

Before the elevator doors closed, Yan Ruyue took a glance at Lin Yuan.

And Lin Yuan felt something and turned only to see Yan Ruyue with red eyes.

Lin Yuan thought, ‘Was it easy to cry?’

‘You don’t need to hit me with that eyes.’

In contrast with Yan Ruyue, Mei Yuxian looked very happy and satisfied to see the painting.

Lin Yuan had new feelings again.

It is probably the same as what Lu Xun said ‘the joys and sorrows of human beings are not connected’. (T/N: a passage on an article written by Lu Xun on the 24th September 1926 titled ‘Little Miscellaneous Feelings’, meaning: ‘It is not possible to fully understand each other’s feelings, nor is it necessary.’)

Lin Yuan understands the fact the Yan Ruyue cried because of a misunderstanding.

It shows how he can affect Yan Ruyue’s mood so much.

It won’t be long to win the heart of this ice-cold female president who was originally disgusted with the original Lin Yuan.

Under his sets of attacks, he had slowly penetrated into her heart.

However, after the painting incident, Yan Ruyue was so hurt and became depressed.

Yan Ruyue is not a masochist.

So, Lin Yuan intends to uplift her emotions and go to her to comfort her, give her some sweetness.

Yan Ruyue also knitted him a pair of gloves before, although it was very poor.

He had to return the gift casually.

Lin Yuan touched his pocket and had a plan in mind.

Seeing that the elevator has stopped on the 6th floor, he can get on it again.

So Lin Yuan did not use the elevator and instead ran up the stairs.

The topmost floor of Mei’s house is a large rooftop.

When he ran to the top floor, Lin Yuan paused for a while before he walked out of the front door to the rooftop.

The reason why he did not take the elevator all the way up to the topmost floor is that he wanted Yan Ruyue to see him panting.

This kind of appearance would make Yan Ruyue think that he is very anxious and cared a lot for her.

This preconceived impression will be very beneficial for his next plan.

But the embarrassing thing is that his physique was so good now that even with all of that running, he didn’t catch his breath.

And so in the same place, he did a few more squats.

But it is still useless.

Lin Yuan didn’t even have a single drop of sweat.

‘I’m going to have to act again.’

Lin Yuan sighed.

Then he switched his panting mode on but without sweat and walked out towards the front door.

There he saw a beautiful figure leaning against the rooftop wall.


The rooftop light was not so bright. The shadow from the figure looks a bit lonely and it seems that the figure was staring blankly.

Seeing those straight long legs, Lin Yuan knew it was Yan Ruyue.

Lin Yuan did not hesitate and walked directly towards Yan Ruyue.


At this time, Yan Ruyue was staring blankly on the ground ten meters away from her.

She was thinking about the painting.

Although it is all her fault for dreaming that the painting will be given to her as a gift.

Thinking that the git was mean for Mei Yuxian, she felt inexplicably sad.

She remembered when Lin Yuan asked to whom the painting was sold to and that she was worried that if Lin Yuan buys it, it will be for a high price.

Thinking that the gift was meant for her, she thought long as to how to pretend she is surprised.

She even practiced in the mirror many times, trying to fake a surprised expression.

She was afraid that Lin Yuan would know that she had known it for a long time, so she wanted to pretend to be very surprised.

In the end, she was hurt for being too passionate.

The painting was not meant for her at all…

The wind on the rooftop makes Yan Ruyue’s heart even colder at this time.

Suddenly, Yan Ruyue heard a familiar voice from behind.

“Miss Yan, what are you doing here?”

Turning around, Yan Ruyue saw Lin Yuan.

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