Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 187 Worship!

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Qiao Jianye came to the banquet today to teach this young master of the Lin family a lesson for bullying his precious daughter, but now he doesn’t know whether it will be necessary.

He had heard someone say that Lin Yuan earned 30 billion in a day.

And when he passed by and overheard Song Xuan and Mei Yuxian’s conversation, it appears Lin Yuan was also good at medicine.

Not only the Lin family but also Song Xuan and Mei Yuxian adore him.

To them, he is such a great kid.

How can he teach him a lesson?

Touching his own bald head, Qiao Jianye glanced at his precious girl.

‘No, my daughter has never been bullied ever since she was young.’

‘Nobody dared to bully her.’

‘I will try and talk to him later so that he will not bully my daughter again.&#apos;

Soon, Lin Yuan came to the elders and Lin Yuan’s expression didn’t change much.

Meng Yuelan explained that it was Mei Yuxian who suggested that he come over.

Lin Yuan smiled at Mei Yuxian, then casually greeted everyone, calling uncles and aunts.

Lin Yuan’s attitude was neither humble nor proud. Others did not dare to claim their identity and just nodded in response.

Only Wang Sheng ignored him, but Lin Yuan did not care.

Next Mei Yuxian and the others continued to discuss major issues between the family companies, negotiate cooperation and deal with conflicts of interest.

At first, everyone thought that Lin Yuan was just like Yan Ruyue who just came over to listen.

After all, being able to trade stocks doesn’t mean you also know how to run a business.

The affairs between business families are too complicated, and it is difficult to have any useful insights without sufficient knowledge and accumulated experience over the years.

But what people did not expect was, as a junior, Lin Yuan is not the timid type, but even actively participated in the discussion.

Moreover, Lin Yuan’s words are very meaningful and in a lot of ways more thorough than them.

Naturally, it is not that Lin Yuan’s experience and ability are better than these elders who have decades of experience already.

Lin Yuan has an understanding of the original plot as well as the characters and events.

It can only be possible with this kind of advantage

Naturally, it is impossible for Lin Yuan to tell about the future.

He will not disclose much information fearing the butterfly effect.

Lin Yuan only revealed some harmless instances.

But even so, a lot of the heads of the family and even company directors who initially had a good impression of Lin Yuan were still impressed.

With a son like Lin Yuan, the Lin family will never descend their status in the future and will be even glorious. Many heads of the family looked at Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan with envy. They all thought as to how they can get closer to the Lin family.

Song Xuan and Lin Yuan are familiar with each other, so they smiled and asked, “Xiao Yuan, how do you know so much? I think you have well predicted a lot of situations, and they all feel quite right.”

Lin Yuan smiled and said: “I had master from whom I have learned fortune telling techniques. You can call me Fortune Master Lin.”


Everyone was stunned by Lin Yuan’s sense of humor.

Seeing Lin Yuan perfectly blending in with the elders, Yan Ruyue had some sort of admiration in her eyes.

This is because even if her mother, Son Xuan had deliberately cultivated her to run the family business, and kept her in attendance during these important meetings, it is still difficult for her to deal with these elders.

But Lin Yuan did not just blend in, he won the hearts of these elders. He was so impressive that it appears that Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan are not the masters of the Lin family, but their son, Lin Yuan.

There will always be someone who does better than you can do.

Usually, there will be a feeling of either worship or frustration.

Yan Ruyue now worships Lin Yuan a little.

Thinking of her admiration of Lin Yuan, Yan Ruyue blushed shamefully.

But he is just too impressive, it is but normal to admire him.

Yan Ruyue blushed, even more, when she remembered how her first kiss just got stolen.

If… if only the marriage was not put off…

Yan Ruyue stared blankly at Lin Yuan.

She doesn’t know if they can get back together.

Yan Ruyue realized that more than half of her mind has always been about Lin Yuan.

Also, maybe, in her heart…

【Ding! Yan Ruyue&#apos;s favorability +5! Reward 1000 counterattack points! 】 The system prompt sounded in Lin Yuan&#apos;s mind.

Lin Yuan also smiled when he saw Yan Ruyue’s eyes.

But he didn’t say anything since someone was very interested in what he was talking about at the moment.

Tang Guofei stretched out his hand and said to Lin Yuan; “Lin Yuan. You said you are a fortune-teller.

Tang Guofei is the leader of the Tang family, and the father of Tang Bowen, with whom Lin Yuan had a race.

When Tang Bowen told about the anomalies done by the Qingshan gang directly affecting the wealth of the Tang family, he mentioned Lin Yuan. This is why Tang Guofei had a good impression of Lin Yuan.

At this time, Lin Yuan was showing off his sense of humor while joking.

Everyone also admired him for having such a playful mentality.

Lin Yuan smiled lightly and squeezed Tang Guofei’s hand a few times.

Then before the eyes of everyone, Lin Yuan smile and said: “Uncle’s real estate business hasn’t been doing so well but the momentum of the technology business isn’t so bad right?

“How do you know?” Tang Guofei was a little surprised because all that Lin Yuan said was right.

But how does he know so well about the Tang family when none of these affairs have been made known to the public.

Everyone could see that Tang Guofei’s surprise was not just pretense and that Lin Yuan seemed right.

Lin Yuan smiled slightly.

Naturally, he would not admit that he has an understanding of each person’s character and events in the novel.

Soon, someone stretched out his hand and asked for his fortune to be told.

“You have been doing well with the food industry recently, but…”

Everyone who asked that Lin Yuan do fortune-telling looked surprised by how precise Lin Yuan was.

Even if he has an understanding of each and everyone, it will take a long time to remember each and every detail.

And even if he understands them, can he even write all the details down at once?

And there are some situations that they didn’t make known to the public, so there is no other way to know about it.

Does Lin Yuan really have a gift of fortune-telling?

Everyone could hardly believe it, but there is just no other explanation that makes sense.

As Mei Yuxian’s eyes looked at Lin Yuan, it was obvious that she is also interested. “Xiao Yuan, do the fortune-telling also for your sister.”

Mei Yuxian stretched out her soft and slender white jade hand.

Her fingers were painted with bright red nail polish.

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