Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 189 Qiao Siying: You are a bad person!

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Qiao Siying thought that his father would just nod affirmatively.

But what she did not expect was, Qiao Jianye scolded her.

“Lesson? I want to teach you a lesson! You take care of yourself first. What is so wrong with Young Master Lin? He seemed pretty decent. It must be your problem that you are not on good terms with each other. You make sure to be better to him in the future…”

Qiao Jianye hasn’t even finished speaking yet, but Qiao Siying walked away with tears falling down her eyes.

Qiao Jianye has never scolded her ever in the past.

But now because of Lin Yuan, her father treated her like this.

She felt very wronged.

Seeing this, Qiao Jianye sighed knowing that what he just said was also too harsh.

He usually sides with her daughter whom he loves the most.

But what Lin Yuan said is indeed true, so he just wanted to correct Qiao Siying’s shortcomings, which always ends up failing.

This time, he said those words not only because of Lin Yuan but also because he wanted her daughter to change for the better.


On the other side, Lin Yuan drank a lot of wine.

He is still sober although he drank a lot, but he needs to go to the toilet to urinate.

As he was about to enter the comfort room, he heard someone weeping softly.

Lin Yuan felt that the back of the person crying looked familiar.

She wore a white dress and had a very good figure.

It was not someone else but Qiao Siying!

Although he didn’t see what happened, Lin Yuan can clearly guess.

Lin Yuan immediately smiled and said: “Miss Qiao. We met again. What a coincidence?”

Qiao Siying stopped weeping when she heard a familiar voice.

Then she turned around only to find out that the familiar voice came from Lin Yuan.

“Go away. I don’t know you.”

Although she was crying, she doesn’t want to be seen by him nor by everybody else.

After all, she is not a child anymore.

She felt very wronged to have thought that her father was reprimanding Lin Yuan earlier.

Seeing Qiao Siying being like this, Lin Yuan smiled again and said: “Miss Qiao, you seem to be upset.”

“It’s none of your business!” Qiao Siying did not look back at him.

“Aren’t you crying because your father just scolded you?” Lin Yuan poked Qiao Siying’s currently fragile heart mercilessly.

Qiao Siying shed more tears and couldn’t stop it.

“I was scolded by my father, so I cried! You are a bad person!”

Perhaps Lin Yuan had known she was crying and so took up the courage to face him upfront while still sobbing.

The appearance of the pear flower showered with rain is actually quite beautiful.

Qiao Siying wanted to say something to him and show her strength and bravery.

But Lin Yuan did not let her speak and continued to add salt to her wound: “Miss Qiao, don’t you remember that you still need to grant to my request?”

“I remember! So what?" Qiao Siying said while wiping her tears.

“The dress you are wearing tonight looked good but looks pretty tight. Whether it feels hot or not, do you want to loosen it so you can breathe?” Lin Yuan deliberately made his eyes shine and then scanned Qiao Siying’s perfectly proportioned body.

Qiao Siying immediately covered her chest with both her hands.

“Lin Yuan! You…you bad guy. You rascal…”

Qiao Siying looked at Lin Yuan angrily.

She can’t understand the kind of person Lin Yuan is.

Now, she hates him to death.

Previously, when she saw him play the ‘Blue and White Porcelain’ over the piano, Lin Yuan looked very focused and serious, which made her feel a little moved by his performance.

But now, the Lin Yuan in front of her seemed an extremely different person.

He doesn’t treat her with respect at all.

Remembering that Lin Yuan played her favorite song over the piano, she scolded angrily: "You are a rascal! You don’t deserve to play that song!”

“What song?” Lin Yuan raised his eyebrows.

“That blue and white porcelain! The composer of that piece must be pure, affectionate, and elegant for him to write such a song! He is completely different from you! You are not worthy of that song!” Qiao Siying cursed.

Lin Yuan was a little dumbfounded.

Although Lin Yuan isn’t really the actual writer, he was the one who introduced and spread the song in this world.

Lin Yuan immediately laughed and said: “That singer/ composer you said won’t even dare to say such things. You are brave.”

Qiao Siying didn’t want to talk to Lin Yuan anymore but she can’t help but respond: “Yes! Yes! You are the young master of the Lin family and you are a master pianist! But you are a big rascal! I hate you!”

After Qiao Siying ran out of the toilet, Lin Yuan shook his head.

He just ignored what happened and went in to urinate.

Lin Yuan walked out of the toilet and saw a familiar figure unexpectedly.

It was Ye Feng.

Lin Yuan saw Ye Feng coming out of the toilet at this time.

Many people smiled secretly as they looked at Ye Feng.


Because of what Ye Feng did earlier, he became known to each and every guest on the banquet.

Looking at the people who paid attention to him, Ye Feng hid his uncomfortable stomach with a gloomy face.

Although he already squatted on the toilet for a while, his stomach still felt a little uncomfortable.

Just now, Chen Meng called him and told him to stay, otherwise, he would have sneaked out and left.

Different from the other guest&#apos;s perception of Ye Feng, Lin Yuan was surprised that he was still there.

‘Ye Feng hasn’t left yet?’

Based on Lin Yuan’s understanding of Ye Feng, after all the shame he received, he would have left early.

Unexpectedly, it seemed that despite what happened, he doesn’t plan on leaving just yet.

Lin Yuan is not sure if it was Ye Feng’s choice not to leave or that something or someone is holding him back.

At this moment, Lin Yuan’s cellphone suddenly rang.

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