Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 196 Eat, Drink, and Have Fun!

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“What? Little Friend Lin? It was you?” Cui Yunrong turned his head and looked at Lin Yuan with much surprise.

Hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Chen Zheng’s whole body was paralyzed, his body became weak as if it had lost all of its strength.

“Well, it’s me. As for the reason, take a look.” Lin Yuan handed his phone to Cui Yunrong.

Earlier, he had asked some people to share the video surveillance of when he previously clashed with Chen Zheng.

At this time, Cui Yunrong watched the video clearly.

He saw that it was Chen Zheng who yelled first and looks aggressively at Lin Yuan, but Lin Yuan was able to stop him.

After watching the video, Cui Yunrong returned Lin Yuan’s phone to him.

Then, he looked at Chen Zheng indifferently.

Cui Yunrong concluded that Chen Zheng is not only an arrogant person and has a domineering attitude, but also wanted to pick up a fight.

He also wanted to use him, a person who loves soldiers alike to deal with Lin Yuan. If he didn’t know Lin Yuan, he would have been fooled.

Cui Yunrong’s dislike for Chen Zheng is definite at this time.

“Lie…Lieutenant General Cui…I was…I was wrong…” Chen Zheng can only bow his head and apologize and ask for mercy.

But Cui Yunrong said coldly: “Don’t call me Lieutenant General Cui. I have retired long ago! Xiao Chen…Chen Zheng? You belong to the Chen family, right?“

“You are a Lieutenant Colonel on Jiangbei? I am afraid that you don’t deserve such a title!”

“And I remembered, you wore your epaulets. Don’t you feel ashamed?”

Chen Zheng felt dizzy and his eyes turned black as if he was blind.

Chen Zheng understood what Cui Yunrong meant. It is estimated that his position as a lieutenant colonel is at risk of being stripped off of him.

He is not really capable and relied on the support of the Chen family and he barely became a lieutenant colonel.

Even if he is already retired, Cui Yunrong is still influential.

Moreover, several of Cui Yunrong’s children are also doing better than him in the military, so how can he offend him?

Although dizzy, he tried not to fall to the ground.

Chen Zheng gritted his teeth and took off his epaulets.

Fortunately, Cui Yunrong is quite lenient, otherwise, he would have punished Chen Zheng for lying to him today.

Or just let the same be known to his children and let them take care of him.

Then he, Chen Zheng, will die and stripped off of his skin, and no one would even grieve for him.

After taking off the epaulets, Chen Zheng left in embarrassment.

After Chen Zheng left, Cui Yunrong looked at Lin Yuan.

“Little Friend Lin, I didn’t expect it. Your strength is really a bit scary. I’m thinking it might be comparable to me when I was young.” Cui Yunrong said to Lin Yuan.

And at the same time, his eyes expressed so much admiration for Lin Yuan.

In the army, who would like men who looked like maidens?

As far as Lin Yuan’s handsome appearance is concerned, Cui Yunrong didn’t think of him as a woman, but he didn’t think that he could be this powerful.

Unexpectedly, that strength is probably stronger than him.

Saying that Lin Yuan’s strength is comparable to him when he was young is naturally Cui Yunrong bragging.

“Then, can I be a lieutenant general?” Lin Yuan smiled.

“Hahaha! If you want to join the army, I feel that you can be more than a lieutenant general. And if you need any help, I will try my best to help you and provide for you. But as a soldier, you should still rely on yourself.” Cui Yunrong smiled.

Lin Yuan smiled and said: “Forget it. I prefer to be a young master than be a soldier. Eat, drink, and play with a beautiful girl in my arms.”

“You kid.” Cui Yunrong smiled and shook his head.

“If it would have been forty or fifty years ago, I will give you a beating if ever you talked like that.”

“But I still have to apologize to Little Friend Lin. I almost misunderstood and caused trouble.” Cui Yunrong said.

Lin Yuan waved his hand and said: “There’s nothing to apologize for. It’s not like we&#apos;re strangers to each other. But we need to talk to Patriarch Mei.”

Cui Yunrong thought for a while. Mei Yuxian indeed interrupted him earlier. In fact, she did it to protect Lin Yuan and prevent him from being deceived.

So, Cui Yunrong nodded towards Mei Yuxian and said: “I’m sorry little girl. You were very courageous earlier, but I misunderstood. You are not bad.”

“No. No. It was impolite of me to interrupt Old Cui.” Mei Yuxian waved her hand quickly. She was not as open-minded as Lin Yuan.

After speaking, Mei Yuxian’s pair of beautiful eyes looked at Lin Yuan in surprise.

She didn’t understand Lin Yuan more and more.

In fact, when she first saw Lin Yuan, she felt that he was a very confident and extraordinary person.

She also didn’t treat Lin Yuan as an ordinary junior.

But what she didn’t expect was that Lin Yuan could actually establish a good relationship with someone like Cui Yunrong and the relationship seems really good.

It was incredible that Lin Yuan asked Cui Yunrong to apologize to her, and he actually apologized.

Mei Yuxian became more and more curious about Lin Yuan.

The guests surrounding were even more surprised.

Cui Yunrong even apologized.

And it was Lin Yuan who asked Cui Yunrong to apologize to Mei Yuxian which may be a bit too much.

Also ignoring other people, Cui Yunrong and Lin Yuan found a place where Lin Yuan wrote a chess guide for Cui Yunrong.

After the chess guide was done, Cui Yunrong looked excited.

Someone brought a chessboard and Cui Yunrong played a few games with Lin Yuan.

Of course, it has all ended with Lin Yuan winning.

Cui Yunrong was very excited and clinked glasses with Lin Yuan and had a few drinks together.

People around can also see how Cui Yunrong consumed alcohol.

Then what he said earlier that he doesn’t drink and can’t even tolerate the smell of alcohol is all fake.

He just didn’t care much about other people looking at how happy he was to drink with Lin Yuan.

Even if somebody asks him twice, it will not work.

But they dare not go to him and say how he is two-faced of a person.

They can only dare to slander slightly in their heart.

And when Lin Yuan and Cui Yunrong were playing chess and drinking, Chen Zheng already left.

When Chen Zheng left, Wang Sheng also followed.

Ye Feng looked at Lin Yuan angrily, clenching his fists.

He always had this faint feeling that Lin Yuan has taken many things from him.

Of course, this is not the only thing, for as long as he meets Lin Yuan, there will always be no good things.

“I must smash Lin Yuan!” Ye Feng murmured as he stood at the elevator door.

However, Gu Qingshan pulled Ye Feng into the elevator.

“Hurry up, brother.”

After all, even Chen Zheng who has been sent to support him has directly beaten away.

Even if Ye Feng was unwilling, he could only leave in despair and accept defeat.

Under the oppression of the Lin Family and the Tang Family, The Qingshan Gang will surely meet their demise.

But Ye Feng had already decided that he would look into his existing connections and find big forces to help him.

And before he goes to Jiangbei, his master said that if he encounters a big problem, he can find ‘that person’.

At that time, Ye Feng did not expect that he would be needing help, but being forced now by Lin Yuan, he thought he would give it a shot to come to that person.

Today, not only did he not make good friends to help the Qingshan Gang get out of trouble but also left a bad impression on the people.

Until now, Ye Feng hasn’t realized that his fart was caused by Lin Yuan.

But anyway, no matter what happens to him, as long as it is unfavorable, he always blamed Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan watched Ye Feng’s departure as he played chess with Cui Yunrong.

After Ye Feng left, a prompt sounded in Lin Yuan’s head.

Ding! Ye Feng left! Successfully reversed the entire Mei Family Banquet plot! Reward: 3000 counterattack points!

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