Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 197 Take responsibility?

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Hearing the reward, Lin Yuan smiled lightly.

The Mei Family Banquet is indeed a climax in the original novel.

Not only were there reward counterattack points during the event, but also in the end.

A total of 3,000 counterattack points was credited.

Lin Yuan began to check his attribute panel.

【Host: Lin Yuan】

【Counterattack Points: 8000】

【Wealth value: 6.5 billion】


【Strength: 200, Speed: 130, Reaction: 130, Charisma: 200, Physique: 150】

【Skills: 】

【Medical Skills: Divine Level, Piano: Divine Level, Singing: Divine Level, Equestrianism: Divine Level, Fighting: Divine Level, Pistol: Divine Level, Stocks: Advanced, Antique Appraisal: Advanced, Tai Chi: Advanced, Chess: Advanced, Car Skills: Intermediate, Violin: Intermediate, Calligraphy: Intermediate, English: Elementary,… 】

【Favorability Panel: 】

【Yan Ruyue: 70, Qiu Wanxi: 99, Qiao Siying: 0, Chi Qian: 12, Gui Qingtong: 92, Mei Yuxian: 40】

【Loyalty Panel:】

【Wang Ergou: 95, Shi Shengnan: 80】

On Lin Yuan’s trip to Mei banquet, he gained tens of thousands of counterattack points.

Then his strength increased from 150 to 200.

He spent 5000 counterattack points.

So, there are still 8000 points left.

He thought for a while and spent another 5000 points and improved his physique to 200 points.

The certain strength he has still had to match a certain physique to bear.

Otherwise, it would be easy to hurt the body.

And one more thing is that Lin Yuan plans to do ‘something big’ tonight…

There are still 3000 points left and Lin Yuan intends to keep them for now.

After Lin Yuan finished adding some points to his attributes.

Cui Yunrong took the chess guide and said that he planned to leave.

It’s not like Cui Yunrong didn’t like to play chess anymore with Lin Yuan.

Cui Yunrong likes to play chess very much.

But he feels too uncomfortable to be beaten by Lin Yuan many times.

Now that he is close to Lin Yuan, he will not let him win chess at all.

Cui Yunrong felt that his good chess skills were like that which belonged to a kid in front of Lin Yuan.

The frustration is just too much to bear.

So Cui Yunrong shook hands with him and said: “Little Friend Lin, I shall come back to you after a few years of hard practice. Now, I won’t play with you anymore.”

“Actually, Old Cui, your chess skills have improved a lot.” Lin Yuan smiled.

Cui Yunrong also nodded happily and responded: “After you said that. Then, it must be true. Although it still is not good enough to beat you. But I do feel that I have improved a lot. I will surely torture those old punks!”

With the guidance of Lin Yuan and his divine-level chess skills, Cui Yunrong has really made a great improvement.

Cui Yunrong planned to leave but Cui Susu was reluctant.

Regardless, Cui Susu ran over and grabbed Lin Yuan’s hand.

“Brother Lin Yuan wait for me. I will tell my dad and ask him to come to Jiangbei and propose marriage to you.”

Yan Ruyue on the side looked at Cui Susu holding Lin Yuan’s hand. It was a bit flirtatious but Cui Susu was too young and inexperienced, so she couldn’t say anything.

But Gui Qingtong couldn’t bear it anymore so she also took Lin Yuan’s other hand and said: “Brother Lin Yuan, I must marry you. I will discuss the same with my mother tonight and get engaged tomorrow!”

“You!” Cui Susu glared at Gui Qingtong.

However, Cui Susu did knew Lin Yuan before her, which made Cui Susu a little worried.

Lin Yuan saw Cui Susu’s worries and he and Cui Yunrong both laughed. “Hurry up. I am waiting for you. Qingtong is just joking.”

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, Cui Susu left with a smile.

However, when the two girls looked at each other, they still had sparks in their eyes.

After a rather reluctant farewell, Cui Susu and Cui Yunrong both left.

And Mei Family banquet was about to come to an end.

Most of the guests began to leave already. (T/N: Author forgot the porcelain game)

Yan Ruyue has also planned to leave at this time with Song Xuan.

Before leaving, Yan Ruyue looked at Lin Yuan hesitantly.

She still can’t forget that feeling on her lips.

After all, that was her first kiss.

‘My first kiss was stolen today…’

‘Will Lin Yuan be responsible to me…’

A lot of struggles and anxiety can clearly be seen in her eyes.

Seeing Lin Yuan still smiling at her in the Mei family mansion, Yan Ruyue always felt something was off.

Her woman instincts tell her that Lin Yuan might do something wrong in the Mei mansion.

‘Could it be that he will do the same thing as he did to me with Gui Qingtong?’

‘No! Impossible!’

Lin Yuan definitely has no interest in women with flat-chests, she noticed it.

With Gui Qingtong’s flat figure, it is probably unlikely.

She immediately shook away these things in her mind.

Yan Ruyue finally waved Lin Yuan goodbye and then left.

And Qiao Siying whose eyes were still red and swollen left with Qiao Jianye.

Qiao Jianye coaxed her many times, but she was still very upset.

Looking at Lin Yuan, Qiao Siying became even more angry.

Why does Lin Yuan like making her angry all the time?

Lin Yuan, a man who can’t even comfort girls, doesn’t look like someone who can play the piano well!

And he is still a big rascal and disgusting!

Qiao Siying who has become even more angry with Lin Yuan also left.

At this time, Lin Yuan’s parents, Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan also walked towards him.

They asked Lin Yuan to go home.

Today, Lin Yuan gave Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan too much of a shock.

He plays the piano very well.

He is able to fortune tell.

He also has a good relationship with a person like Cui Yunrong.

If it was an influential people from Jiangbei, then they wouldn’t be surprised.

But he has a good relationship with Cui Yunrong, an influential person from Yanjing!

How Lin Yuan got to know Cui Yunrong is a mystery…

However, Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan planned to ask him when they go home.

Meng Yuelan shouted: “Xiao Yuan, let’s go home.”

But before Lin Yuan could even answer, someone answered for him.

Gui Qingtong on the side said: “Auntie, let Brother Lin Yuan stay overnight at my house. I have some schoolwork I wanted to ask him.”

Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when they heard Gui Qingtong’s request.

Gui Qingtong is looking at Lin Yuan’s eyes.

It seems like the schoolwork she was talking about was just an excuse.

In fact, it does not matter whether Lin Yuan will go home or not.

After all, Lin Yuan is already a grown man.

So Meng Yuelan also asked: “Xiao Yuan, do you want to go home?”

Lin Yuan did not rush to respond but just smiled slightly.

Because he knew someone would speak for him.

On the side, Mei Yuxian was already instructing the helpers to clean the mess left after the banquet.

At this moment, seeing Lin Yuan was about to leave. She quickly walked over and said: “Why don’t you let Xiao Yuan spend a night at my house?” T/N: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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