Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 198 What drink would you like?

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Hearing Mei Yuxian’s suggestion, Lin Jianjun, and Meng Yuelan looked at each other in surprise.

Mei Yuxian smiled and explained: “Let us let Xiao Yuan and Gui Qingtong have fun. If they will have a good relationship, then the same goes for our families. And to be honest, I really like Xiao Yuan a lot.

“Okay. Of course, we have no say. Xiao Yuan is no longer a kid. As long as he wants to stay overnight, then so be it.” Meng Yuelan and Lin Jianjun both laughed.

Mei Yuxian’s remarks are very important to Lin Yuan and her initiative to suggest that he stay the night is a good thing.

However, Lin Yuan originally planned to stay overnight, so he naturally would not refuse.

Lin Yuan smiled and agreed.

“Okay. I will sleep at Sister Yuxian’s house tonight. Please go back first.” Lin Yuan said.

Meng Yuelan and Lin Jianjun nodded and then left.

Lin Yuan knew that Mei Yuxian will suggest that he stay overnight.

But not only because she regards him highly, but because she wanted to talk to him about Gui Qingtong and for other reasons.

In fact, there are other main reasons.

And Lin Yuan laid the plan for Mei Yuxian while he was helping Song Xuan with her illness.

But if Mei Yuxian didn’t suggest that he stay the night, Lin Yuan wouldn’t rush.

Eating a meal should be one bite at a time.

The night is still long anyway.

“Sister Yuxian, is there any room for me to sleep in?” Lin Yuan asked jokingly.

Mei Yuxian smiled and said: “Don’t worry, the beds in my house are big and my house is quite big as well.”

Mei Yuxian gave a little bit of introduction.

The third and fourth floors of the Mei Mansion were the main bedrooms.

The first two floors are usually used for entertainment purposes, like today’s banquet.

As for the Mei family’s servants, they live in another building specially built for them.

After a few commands, Mei Yuxian let the servants clean up.

Then she brought both Lin Yuan and Gui Qingtong to the fourth floor.

The fourth floor is very spacious.

There is also a large living room there.

After making a pot of tea, Lin Yuan and Mei Yuxian chatted with each other.

Both of them really are knowledgeable and so talked about a wide variety of topics.

And Gui Qingtong on the side also interrupted from time to time.

Initially, Gui Qingtong peeled a nut and fed the same to Mei Yuxian. And then she peeled another one and fed it to Lin Yuan.

After seeing that Mei Yuxian did not object or comment on her actions, Gui Qingtong kept on peeling nuts and feeding Mei Yuxian and Lin Yuan.

If Mei Yuxian wasn’t here, Gui Qingtong would have done more intimate movements.

But even so, about ten minutes later, Mei Yuxian asked Gui Qingtong to go to bed with a serious look on her face.

It can be said that Mei Yuxian is usually this strict.

The naughty Gui Qingtong didn’t dare to disobey and say anything in contrast at all.

Before leaving, Gui Qingtong glanced at Lin Yuan reluctantly.

Originally, the tutoring excuse she said earlier was something that she thought of carefully.

She wanted Lin Yuan to enter her room and help with her homework.

She learned some little routines she would like to show Lin Yuan.

But it seems today there will be no such opportunity.

Seeing her mother chatting with Lin Yuan at this time, Gui Qingtong could only pout and shut the door and go to sleep.

Not long after Gui Qingtong left, Mei Yuxian stood up suddenly.

While standing up, Mei Yuxian said to Lin Yuan: “It’s a bit cold here in the living room. Let us go to my room and talk there.”

Mei Yuxian wanted to tell something to Lin Yuan which she doesn’t want others to hear, although there shouldn’t be anyone else in the living room.

Lin Yuan had no objections at all or should say that he had been waiting for this.

So, Lin Yuan nodded and smiled: “Okay.”

Mei Yuxian left the living room with Lin Yuan and went to Mei Yuxian’s bedroom.

The room is huge.

There is a big bed, a bedside table, a big closet, a wine cabinet, and others with very little detail.

Although there are only a few ornate decorations, Lin Yuan can still tell that this is indeed Mei Yuxian’s bedroom.

Lin Yuan smiled and said: “Sister Yuxian, this is your room and I am also a man anyway. Why would you take me to your room like this?”

Mei Yuxian waved her hand and smiled indifferently and said: “What bedroom. Your Sister Yuxian is already in her thirties and not a little girl anymore. This bedroom is not a bedroom in itself, but also an office or a study in one.”

Lin Yuan knows that Mei Yuxian really doesn’t care if he enters her bedroom.

The reason why is that first, she is usually a very busy woman so she made her bedroom her study or office.

The second one is that she treats her as her peer, and still doesn’t see him much as a person from the opposite sex.

Otherwise, it would have been impossible to enter Mei Yuxian’s bedroom if it’s another man.

But Lin Yuan is not in a hurry.

Tonight, Lin Yuan will convert Mei Yuxian’s perception of him.

Mei Yuxian is completely unaware of Lin Yuan’s thoughts.

She really just called Lin Yuan to talk about important things in her bedroom which is also her study or office.

Of course, just as Lin Yuan thought, if it weren’t for his high degree of favorability, it would be impossible to enter.

They both sat in a chair.

Mei Yuxian went to the big wine cabinet.

Then she turned her head to Lin Yuan and said: "Xiao Yuan, what should you like to drink?”

In fact, Mei Yuxian likes to drink.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t have put a large wine cabinet in her bedroom.

But it is not the kind of social drinking as in the banquet.

She prefers to drink alone instead, quietly tasting the wine.

After a casual glance at Mei Yuxian, Lin Yuan said: “Romanee Conti 1992. I like that one very much.

Mei Yuxian was taken aback when she heard Lin Yuan’s words.

She glanced quite unexpectedly at Lin Yuan.

This is because the same red wine is also her favorite.

Lin Yuan and Mei Yuxian looked at each other, Lin Yuan smiled and said jokingly: “What’s the matter Sister Yuxian? Isn’t Sister Yuxian willing to share one bottle?”

Mei Yuxian laughed and said with a smile: “How can that be? No matter how precious this wine is, it’s just as it is. Anything I drink with Xiao Yuan is worth it. But your sister was just surprised because I also like this wine very much.”

With that, Mei Yuxian turned her head and tiptoed to reach the bottle of Romanee Conti.

Lin Yuan didn’t look away either but instead focused on Mei Yuxian with much interest.

In fact, Mei Yuxian still has a few bottles of other wines that Lin Yuan wants to drink.

But Lin Yan specifically wanted the Romanee Conti.

Because the said wine is situated at the topmost of the wine cabinet, Mei Yuxian needs to tiptoe and stretch out her hand in order for her to get it.

And with that, the perfect figure that was originally covered by the loose purple dress was revealed.

The perfect curve from the back was like a crescent moon, so fascinating.

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