Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 200 Lean on your shoulder!

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“Okay, okay. Alright.” Hearing that Lin Yuan seemed to be spouting nonsense, Mei Yuxian wouldn’t want to ask any further.

Mei Yuxian had finished checking the plan and began checking the contract.

Then she discovered that it is more than just a detailed plan on how to take down the Qingshan Gang.

The income which will be derived after the destruction of the Qingshan Gang will be split to 70-30%.

Lin Yuan monopolized 70%, while the remaining 30% will be split between the Mei family and the Tang family, with 15% each.

Yes. In Lin Yuan’s contract, even the Tang family is involved and shall receive its share.

Although the split was 70-30%, Mei Yuxian did not have the slightest opinion.

The first reason would be that Lin Yuan is the mastermind and has contributed a lot of ideas on the plan.

But this is not the main reason. Because for a small force like the Qingshan Gang with the Chen family supporting it, makes the Mei and the Tang family even more willing to make more money and gain more benefits.

Of course, that is under the premise that the success rate of Lin Yuan’s plan is extremely high and that this plan which was made by Lin Yuan would corner the Qingshan Gang towards a dead end.

Another reason that Mei Yuxian was not dissatisfied with the sharing, she believes that the Tang family also thinks so, was that the Fengyu Port which she most wanted was listed as part of her share in the income.

And so is the Tang family which will also receive its most wanted share in the income.

It seemed that Lin Yuan understood what both parties wanted upon drafting the contract which is actually terrifying when you think about it carefully…

Mei Yuxian felt that Lin Yuan’s identity became even more mysterious.

Inexplicably, being able to have a good relationship with someone like Cui Yunrong and being just himself in front of the old man is something grand.

He has all sorts of skills and knowledge including medicine, fortune-telling, business, piano, plum blossom paintings, blue and white porcelains…

And he also looks very handsome.

Lin Yuan had many shining attributes she did not notice at first glance.

Mei Yuxian suddenly felt like digging for treasure.

Lin Yuan is a real treasure.

She is curious to know what there is more to unfold.

Without any hesitation, Mei Yuxian immediately signed the contract.

Although she still has a lot of questions regarding Lin Yuan, she felt so much inclined to him.

Mei Yuxian thinks that Lin Yuan has put a lot of thought into the plan.

She is quite confident about her planning skills and how she executes the same.

But it seems incomparable to Lin Yuan.

After signing the contract, Mei Yuxian became very excited because this is very valuable cooperation.

This time, it is not only because of the big gains she will receive but also because she knew how terrifying Lin Yuan is and the ability he has which would benefit not only her but the Mei family.

Mei Yuxian thought that although Lin Yuan looked very young, he seemed to be better than her.

“Xiao Yuan!” Mei Yuxian suddenly shouted.

"Hmm?" Lin Yuan was puzzled.

“Happy cooperation.” Mei Yuxian&#apos;s peach-like face suddenly showed a beautiful smile. She also stretched out her slender jade hand.

Lin Yuan also smiled and reach out for a handshake and said: “Happy cooperation.”

After the contract was signed, Mei Yuxian did not stay where she was seated.

Instead, she sat next to Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan knew why and what the handshake of Mei Yuxian just now meant.

That is to regard Lin Yuan as an equal and regard him as a man.

Lin Yuan’s plan is really detailed and carefully thought of.

This really shocked Mei Yuxian because she has always considered herself superior in this aspect.

But Lin Yuan who is younger seemed to be even better than her.

Of course, she doesn’t think that she is any bad at this, she just thinks that Lin Yuan is better.

The nature of people is very much alike to that of the animals, the weak worship the strong.

And Mei Yuxian’s character is the same.

She admits, however, that she had never known anybody who is just like Lin Yuan.

Sitting on the sofa, next to Lin Yuan, Mei Yuxian’s heartbeat went a little faster.

In Mei Yuxian’s point of view, having Adam’s apple and that ‘thing’ doesn’t make one a real man.

To her, only those who are responsible and capable can be regarded as a real man.

And for her, Lin Yuan has become a real man!

Because only a real man would make her heart flutter after all these years!

Yes, Mei Yuxian had felt her heart moved a few times insignificantly but just didn’t take it seriously.

‘If not for our age difference, and Gui Qingtong…’

‘I and him are really not possible at all.’

‘It’s really regrettable that we are not in the same timeline.’

‘It’s really a pity.’

‘If only I had run into him fifteen or even ten years earlier, it would have been great.’

‘It would have been different.’

Mei Yuxian drank several sips of wine abruptly.

Then suddenly, Mei Yuxian said: “Xiao Yuan, can I lean on your shoulder?”

"Of course." Lin Yuan smiled.

The reason why she asked if she can lean on Lin Yuan’s shoulder is not because of some complicated ideas.

It’s just that she remembered a word.

‘When you know you can’t have it, the only thing you can do is to keep yourself from remembering.&#apos;

Mei Yuxian leaned gently on Lin Yuan’s shoulder.

This does not mean that she is interested in Lin Yuan.

It’s just that this slightly reassuring, warm, and reliable feeling.

She wants to remember how this felt for a lifetime.

When Mei Yuxian leaned on Lin Yuan’s shoulder, the system prompt suddenly sounded in Lin Yuan’s mind.

【Ding! Mei Yuxian’s favorability +5! Reward 1000 counterattack points!】

Lin Yuan knew that the first step to his plan for Mei Yuxian was successful.

That is, to be a great man in the eyes of Mei Yuxian.

Lin Yuan has also decided to take the next step to his plan this time.

The first step was to break through the 60-points favorability of Mei Yuxian and for her to regard him as a man from the opposite sex.

This is easy to say but very difficult to accomplish.

There are very few men whom Mei Yuxian regard as such.

And there was nothing that made Mei Yuxian’s heart be moved.

But for the first step, Lin Yuan knew that he was successful.

But this is not enough if he wants to go home base.

Not even close.

Now Lin Yuan is going to take the second step which is to shake her heart.

Mei Yuxian herself doesn’t know whether she would resist and let the man from the opposite sex come in contact with her inner world.

But Lin Yuan knew that because of being forced to marry at a young age and many things.

Mei Yuxian had already subconsciously built a defensive wall in her heart.

This defensive wall seems seamless and anyone from the opposite sex who would want to get close will be bounced off.

So Lin Yuan has to take the second step, to shake her heart.

He doesn’t plan to take advantage of any loopholes and weaknesses.

He just wants Mei Yuxian to break her defense on him.

And then he will walk into her heart grandiosely.

And while thinking about this, Lin Yuan still chatted with Mei Yuxian.

At this moment, Mei Yuxian asked: “Speaking of which, Xiao Yuan, what do you plan to do with Qingtong? Are you planning to pursue her?”

Mei Yuxian asked this to take a step back from Lin Yuan.

Remembering all those pretty and young girls like Yan Ruyue and Cui Susu who appeared before her today, Mei Yuxian knew that there must be certain girls who are lurking around him.

And so, she asked.

Mei Yuxian thought that Lin Yuan would only have two answers: ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

But Mei Yuxian did not expect his answer and made her stunned.

“Compared to Qingtong, I want to do something with Sister Yuxian.” Lin Yuan said in a soft voice while looking all serious.

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