Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 199 Shock and admiration!

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Of course, the most eye-catching figure is the protruding buttocks.

It can really seduce any man!

Soon Mei Yuxian came over with the Romanee Conti.

She poured a glass and started talking.

Originally, Mei Yuxian just wanted to chat casually.

Then she started chatting with Lin Yuan.

But after a while, she couldn’t help but chat with him more.

That is because Lin Yuan really knows Mei Yuxian too well.

From wine to poetry.

From plum blossoms to porcelain.

Mei Yuxian found how much Lin Yuan and her were so alike!

It&#apos;s like meeting a friend you have known for so many years.

Especially Lin Yuan giving Mei Yuxian a very familiar feeling.

A friend can really have a great affection towards the other party.

After all, it is easier to earn money than to find a genuine friend.

This is mostly true for Mei Yuxian.

For Mei Yuxian who owns a group worth hundreds of billions, there is no shortage of money.

The whole Mei family and the whole Mei group followed her words all the time.

For Mei Yuxian who is warm on the outside but cold on the inside, there is really no one who truly understands her.

But she thinks she finally met a person like that today, in Lin Yuan, a man who is ten years younger than her.

He is someone who really understands her.

【Ding! Mei Yuxian&#apos;s favorability +5! Reward 300 counterattack points! 】

【Ding! Mei Yuxian&#apos;s favorability +5! Reward 400 counterattack points! 】

【Ding! Mei Yuxian Favorability +5!…

The system prompt sounded continuously in Lin Yuan’s mind.

In terms of friendship, the more you feel that the other party understands you, your favorability towards that other party increases exponentially.

So, just after chatting, Mei Yuxian’s favorability towards Lin Yuan has reached 60 points.

Then it got stuck there.

With such a feeling of excitement, Mei Yuxian had drunk half of the bottle of the red wine without knowing.

Her cheeks are now flushed, coupled with those big charming eyes, the physical appearance is really intoxicating.

Seeing that she didn’t notice it, probably because of her excitement, Lin Yuan draw his face near Mei Yuxian’s.

Lin Yuan smiled and praised heartily: “Sister Yuxian, you are so beautiful.”

Hearing Lin Yuan’s sudden compliment, Mei Yuxian’s heart which had been silent for many years, throbbed slightly, and her face instantly flushed.

Mei Yuxian was really happy to be praised by Lin Yuan, this young man with perfect looks.

But she still smiled and said: “Xiao Yuan, you must be kidding. Your sister is no longer a young girl. This set of rhetoric is useless.”

Lin Yuan looked at Mei Yuxian and smiled but did not continue to speak.

Since the favorability reached 60 points, it got stuck there and is now difficult to increase.

It seems that the influence of age is still there. And to break through such a barrier, one has to focus on Mei Yuxian’s three key points.

As long as it can break through the 60-points mark, it should be easy to handle from there.

Seeing Mei Yuxian from back then to now, Lin Yuan has made Mei Yuxian have a good impression and admiration of him, making her feel that he is not a junior but a person from the same generation.

And now, he has the role of a peer or confidant.

But Mei Yuxian still didn’t regard him as a person of the opposite sex.

His current goal is a bit funny to say but is true, that is to make Mei Yuxian treat him as a man.

Mei Yuxian was about to speak: “Xiao Yuan, you…”

Lin Yuan knew what Mei Yuxian wanted to say.

This was also part of the plan, but it is not the right time yet. So, Lin Yuan interrupted directly: “Sister Yuxian, we have talked about so many stories, poems, and songs. Now let us talk about business and development among our families.”

Lin Yuan knows that these are the things that Mei Yuxian mostly cares about.

He needs Mei Yuxian to recognize his abilities in these things so that he can reverse her impression of him.

“Eh?” Sure enough, when Mei Yuxian heard that Lin Yuan wanted to talk about business and family development, Mei Yuxian’s eyes lit up. Her originally drunk appearance suddenly disappeared.

“Xiao Yuan, you’re saying you want to talk about business and family development?” Mei Yuxian asked.

“Let me start with Sister Yuxian’s Mei Group. The Mei Group is currently undergoing transformation, right? Most of the sales models are…” Lin Yuan first gave a rough analysis of the current and future direction of the Mei Group.

The next direction of Mei Group naturally lies in Mei Yuxian’s hands.

On a larger scale, Mei Yuxian is basically right.

Otherwise, she would not have led Mei Group to where it is now.

What surprised Mei Yuxian was that Lin Yuan’s vision of the Mei Group was exactly the same as hers!

“Your analysis is very realistic and reasonable, very much the same as mine. I am suspecting you have really read my plan.” Mei Yuxian said in surprise.

Lin Yuan smiled because, through the original novel, he was really able to read Mei Yuxian’s plan.

But Lin Yuan only gave rough ideas.

The reason why he can analyze so well is that he has just upgraded his business skill to advanced level.

Then, Lin Yuan analyzed the general situation in Jiangbei.

With his familiarity with the novel, his analysis turned out to be excellent.

And Mei Yuxian nodded endlessly.

Most of Lin Yuan’s thoughts were the same as hers.

There were even certain points that she didn’t think of that Lin Yuan was able to think about.

The reason why Lin Yuan analyzed the situation of the Mei family and Jiangbei is that he wanted Mei Yuxian to recognize and trust his abilities to pave the way for the next discussion.

While Mei Yuxian was still thinking about what Lin Yuan just said, Lin Yuan spoke suddenly: “Sister Yuxian, let us cooperate.”

"Eh?” Do you mean to cooperate with the Lin family? What do we need cooperation for?” Mei Yuxian asked in interest.

“No.” Lin Yuan shook his head and said further. “It’s not cooperation with the Lin family. I am proposing cooperation with me alone.”

“Cooperate with Xiao Yuan? About what?”

Hearing that Lin Yuan is proposing cooperation with him alone, Mei Yuxian’s interest suddenly decreased a lot.

Although she really liked Lin Yuan and even regard him as a friend, when it comes to business, Mei Yuxian would naturally be practical and think rationally, paying attention to the probable gains and losses. This is already her disposition, and Lin Yuan cannot change the same.

In Mei Yuxian’s point of view, if the Lin Family cooperates with her, then it is possible to do big things.

But cooperating with Lin Yuan means they are just talking about Lin Yuan’s 5 billion market value.

Isn’t that just too small for cooperation to prosper?

Therefore, Mei Yuxian lacks interest in Lin Yuan’s offer.

Lin Yuan could see Mei Yuxian’s lack of interest and so smiled and said immediately: “Sister Yuxian, I did not say that I can&#apos;t use my family’s power. Although I only rely on my company and my people, I will also utilize my family’s power.”

“Can you utilize your family’s power?”

As soon as Mei Yuxian uttered this question, Mei Yuxian slapped her head, remembering how familiar Lin Yuan and Cui Yunrong were. And so, it seemed, not unusual for him to be able to utilize his own family’s powers.”

“Xiao Yuan. I’m sorry to have doubted you. But what is it that you want cooperation with?” Mei Yuxian asked again.

“Destroy the Qingshan Gang.” Lin Yuan said.

“Destroy the Qingshan Gang?” Mei Yuxian frowned when she heard Lin Yuan’s response.

That is because this is not enough to make her enthusiastic about cooperation.

The Qingshan Gang is indeed not just an ordinary influence and power in Jiangbei.

She has recent information that Lin Yuan and the Tang family have both been recently targeting the Qingshan Gang.

Does Lin Yuan want her to help him?

But if the Mei Family cooperated, the benefits would not be enough for the three parties.

And it is just the Qingshan Gang, so the oppression should be just fine without the Mei family’s participation.

Mei Yuxian also said directly: "Xiao Yuan, if you want to destroy the Qingshan Gang, it is not impossible for your sister to help you. But for cooperation, let&#apos;s just forget it. The benefits of a mere Qingshan Gang are not enough for the three parties. "

Mei Yuxian thought that Lin Yuan just wanted to retaliate against Ye Feng so he wanted to use more power to destroy the Qingshan Gang as soon as possible.

Lin Yuan was not angry at all with Mei Yuxian’s response. That is because Lin Yuan knew that she puts the Mei family’s interests first when she decided on anything. And if the cooperation was to really destroy the Qingshan Gang, then it is indeed just was what Mei Yuxian thought.

Lin Yuan smiled and responded: “If it was just the Qingshan Gang, then I can do it without the help of the Mei family. But what if I tell you that the Chen family is actually behind them?”

“The Chen Family? ” Mei Yuxian was slightly surprised upon hearing Lin Yuan’s words.

“Since when did the Chen family got involved between you and the Qingshan Gang?” Mei Yuxian asked again.

“Chen Zheng came today to support Ye Feng. Chen Meng, the head of the Chen family, do you know?” Lin Yuan asked.

Mei Yuxian nodded and responded: “Yeah.”

“The patriarch of the Chen family, Chen Meng, was very grateful to Ye Feng since he was saved by him. Ye Feng and the leader of Qingshan Gang are very close like brothers.”

“Being acquainted with Ye Feng, the Qingshan Gang easily get support from the Chen family. In fact, there were exchanges between the parties long before Ye Feng. The cooperation only increased though Ye Feng.”

“Otherwise, how could a mere Qingshan Gang survive from the oppression of the Lin and Tang family?” Lin Yuan said.

After listening to Lin Yuan, Mei Yuxian nodded thoughtfully. “Then the Chen family is really behind them. How much effort have they done together?”

Lin Yuan smiled and said: “I don’t even know how much. But even if the Chen family continues to support Qinghsan Gang, it will not stop us from working together to ruin them. This is the first point.”

“The second point is that in the area of Xiling District, there are a lot of assets and businesses that cannot be transferred back, So as long as the actions are fast enough, the Chen Family will lose about 6 to 7 percent of their industry.”

“There are a lot of industries which seem to belong to the Qingshan Gang but if inspected carefully will reveal who really owned them. To name a few, we have the Fengyu Port and the Wuyuan factory.

After asking Lin Yuan, Mei Yuan called someone just to check.

She wanted to check whether the Chan family is really behind these industries.

Soon, Mei Yuxian got the news that everything that Lin Yuan said was actually true!

After receiving the news, Mei Yuxian finally believed Lin Yuan because there is no need to lie to her and most of them were confirmed to be correct.

So, Mei Yuxian smiled straightforwardly: “Okay! Let’s cooperate! I shall take part in the destruction of the Qingshan Gang! This time, I will make the Chen family suffer!”

Hearing what Mei Yuxian said, Lin Yuan smiled and then unknowingly handed Mei Yuxian a contract and a plan.

“Let us have a great time cooperating. Sister Yuxian, look first on the contract and the plan.” Lin Yuan smiled.

Mei Yuxian is not interested in a mere Qingshan Gang.

But with the six to seven percent of the Chen Family’s assets behind the Qingshan Gang, she became very interested.

For a big family like the Chen family, six to seven percent is already a huge number.

It could be tens of billions.

Moreover, assets such as Fengyu Port, and Wuyuan factory are very valuable.

For example, if the Fengyu Port falls into her hand, using the same will make her have an advantage in production and trade. She can double her profit by six or seven times.

Jiangbei is not a small place.

It is huge but influenced by many big families and people do business in many places.

The Fengyu Port in Xiling District is actually of little benefit for the Chen Family or the Qingshan Gang.

But for Mei Yuxian, the benefits will be numerous.

And if she wants cooperation and to take a hold of the port, she will need to pay a huge price.

At that time, the profit will not be too good, but if destroying the Qingshan Gang means gnawing down the meat of the Chen family, then it will be most favorable for her.

And when that time comes, the assets of the Chen family will be divided and it shall not be so difficult to win the Fengyu port.

The key is that Lin Yuan even prepared a contract and a plan for it.

At this time, the plan is already laid out for Mei Yuxian to check.

Mei Yuxian carefully checked the plan and the contract given by Lin Yuan, and the more she looked at them, the more she felt frightened.

The plan given by Lin Yuan was just too detailed.

“Xiao Yuan, your plan…” Mei Yuxian said.

Before Mei Yuxian even finished what she was about to say, Lin Yuan directly interrupted. “Sister Yuxian, don’t worry. The plan would actually work. If you are in doubt then you can still check and determine the probability of success.

“No. Sister doesn’t doubt your plan. Sister believes you. But it’s just that your plan is just too detailed and terrifying. How do you know so much information?”

When Mei Yuxian saw his plan, she was silently shocked.

That is because Lin Yuan’s plan to destroy the Qingshan Gang was just too detailed and fatal!

In detail, Lin Yuan has laid out the manpower to use, exactly how many seconds or even minutes, what to wear, what needs to be done and then to infer what will happen.

As long as one becomes careless, all of the enemies will definitely collapse, and even if they are careful they will be faced with a dead end.

After reading the plan, Mei Yuxian seemed to have witnessed the destruction of the Qingshan Gang with her own eyes.

It’s as if Lin Yuan can predict and direct the future.

If the Mei family will be attacked in the same manner, she would not dare say that she could help raise the family and prevent its downfall.

If it works on the Qingshan Gang, then it will work against the Mei family too.

Then it is very likely that the Mei family will not end well.

Of course, the plan was only possible because Lin Yuan knew a lot of secret information about the Qingshan Gang and the Chen family.

Mei Yuxian was naturally shocked and curious as to where Lin Yuan got those information.

Lin Yuan smiled and said lightly: “Sister Yuxian, have you forgotten that I am a fortune master? It is a no-brainer and is like a mere child&#apos;s play. People can regard me as the abandoned disciple of the Qingyun Sect, Han Li. (T/N: According to my research this Qingyun Sect Han Li is from the Urban Harem Novel with title 逆流纯真年代/The pure age of innocence(??). No English translation in Novelupdates.)

“Puff!" Mei Yuxian covered her mouth preventing herself from laughing when she heard Lin Yuan’s nonsense.

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