Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 202 Treatment!

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But suddenly…

“No! Qingtong is asleep next door…”

“And…we only met today.”

Although Mei Yuxian’s heart was deeply moved and shaken by Lin Yuan. She still felt that things were just too fast for her.

Lin Yuan knows that in Mei Yuxian’s heart, there are still a lot of hesitations.

As long as he continues to grind down for some time, maybe weeks, months, maybe half a year, he can surely win her heart.

But he can’t wait any longer.

He must take it tonight.

For other women, Lin Yuan is not in a hurry.

He is like a hunter who enjoys the hunting process.

The better the prey the slower it takes to get the prey, but the more rewarding it feels once you take possession of it.

But for Mei Yuxian, he cannot endure any longer.

It’s not that Mei Yuxian is just like any other ordinary girl, she is just too good and too attractive.

Lin Yuan knew that Mei Yuxian would hesitate at this time.

He knew that she would hesitate just like any woman should.

In this situation, women who do not hesitate are not normal.

This is mainly the reason why Lin Yuan had prepared to take three steps.

Now, it is time for the third step.

Lin Yuan did not say anything more provocative.

Instead, he said seriously: “Sister Yuxian, you have always wanted to talk about this before, but you have always been interrupted. What you wanted to say is that Qingtong was born sick, right?”

"How do you know?" Mei Yuxian was shocked again.

Although she was too surprised, she couldn’t be any more shock by all of Lin Yuan’s surprises.

Lin Yuan smiled slightly and said: “Did you not hear about my medical skills from Aunt Song Xuan? Perhaps she is sickly because she is a test-tube baby. Qingtong lacks some spiritual energy. Her body, therefore, has always been relatively weak and not supplemented.”

“But it is hard to say. Actually, I initially discovered that it may very well be because of you Sister Yuxian.”

“Me?” Mei Yuxian was very puzzled.

Lin Yuan smiled and said: “Sister Yuxian, your body is the best and the plumpest I have ever seen. From the genetics point of view, Qingtong at this stage is absolutely impossible to be so flat.”

“I wasn’t so sure as I haven’t seen Sister Yuxian before, but after I saw you, I was certain immediately.”

Lin Yuan’s eyes stared somewhere. But obviously, he was talking about some serious things, but still, Mei Yuxian blushed a little looking at where Lin Yuan had his eyes on.

Lin Yuan continued: “Just to be sure, I took a closer look at the kidneys which correspond the ears, the livers which correspond the eyes, the lungs which correspond the nose, the lips, the tongue which corresponds the heart, etc. The conclusions came out naturally…”

Mei Yuxian quickly asked, "What should I do?"

Although she is usually very strict with Gui Qingtong, but Mei Yuxian still loves her very much.

After all, she is her only daughter and her only relative.

In this third step, Lin Yuan intends to speed up the home base by using Gui Qingtong.

Lin Yuan did not answer Mei Yuxian’s question but instead asked her: “Sister Yuxian, I have something to ask you first.”

“In the recent years, have your menstrual periods have often been a little distorted and irregular? And in the middle of the month, around 16th or 17th, there will always be severe pains felt in the waist?”

“Yes. You are absolutely right.” Mei Yuxian nodded, not anymore surprised by this because she had quite a lot of surprises from Lin Yuan today that she felt a little immune to it.

“When Qingtong had her menstruation, did she also have the same symptom but were much lighter than yours?” Lin Yuan asked again.

"Yeah." Mei Yuxian nodded again.

At this moment, she was a little doubtful as to whether Lin Yuan had installed a camera in her home and got some confirmation.

Lin Yuan immediately said: “Then I can probably conclude that Qingtong’s disease is not only inborn but has something to do with you Sister Yuxian. She inherited it from you.”

“Can it be cured?” Mei Yuxian asked nervously.

It doesn’t seem like there is anything wrong with what Lin Yuan said.

In fact, Gui Qingtong’s body had always been malnourished and she has spent a lot of money in trying to get her to grow up big and happily.

But she is still very thin, undernourished, and poorly developed.

Mei Yuxian couldn’t think of anything.

Doctors are uncertain whether it can be cured.

Some can’t even diagnose the problem.

But what made Mei Yuxian feel at ease was when Lin Yuan nodded and said: “It should be okay. And the treatment could be possible. But this is the first time I have ever treated such disease.”

“Is it possible?” Mei Yuxian asked.

“I may be a bit inexperienced. After all, this genetic disease and the congenital problem is actually a very rare condition. After all, Qingtong’s body is a bit too fragile.” Lin Yuan said.

“Then, what should I do?” Mei Yuxian asked nervously.

“It is very simple. I have an idea.” Lin Yuan glanced at Mei Yuxian.

“Didn’t I say earlier that part of Qingtong’s illness was inherited from you? As long as I test it on you first, only then I can verify the nature of this disease and have a certain understanding of it. The chance of failure can be greatly reduced.”

“If it is cured, then you can stop having any menstrual pain in the future. The worst case is that nothing will happen to your body.”

“Then try it on me. It will be a good thing if it will be cured anyway. And I’m fine if it really is not possible to be cured.” Mei Yuxian said directly.

After hearing Mei Yuxian’s words, Lin Yuan smiled slightly and finally said: “If you want this experiment, you have to remove your clothes then there will be many unavoidable close physical contacts in certain places. Is that okay with you Sister Yuxian?”

In fact, there aren’t many places where close physical contact will be needed for the treatment, Lin Yuan is just scaring Mei Yuxian.

But undressing is indeed necessary.

But if Lin Yuan said to undress, then…

In fact, Mei Yuxian is still having difficulty deciding, and she wanted to think about it more.

Because Lin Yuan has already expressed his obvious thoughts to her, and she has also made a little response.

Now, there is no other choice.

Finally, after thinking about it for ten minutes, Mei Yuxian nodded heavily.

Then she said resolutely: “It doesn’t matter. Just experiment on me!”

In fact, Mei Yuxian is also very interested whether the experiment will be a success or not.

In truth, Lin Yuan just made Mei Yuxian made a choice as fast as possible.

Lin Yuan was not surprised at all by her response.

Taking out the needle, Lin Yuan smiled and said: “Sister Yuxian, get ready.”



When she heard Lin Yuan’s words, Mei Yuxian’s face instantly turned red as if blood could drip from there.

After all, she is indeed an untouched maiden.

After hesitating for a while. Mei Yuxian said: “Qingtong’s room is just next door. It may disturb her sleep and wake her up.”

Lin Yuan smiled and said: “It’s okay. My acupuncture won’t hurt.”

Hearing Lin Yuan’s response, her face turned even redder.

In fact, Lin Yuan is just deliberately asking to see the shy appearance of the most powerful patriarch of the Mei family.

Although Mei Yuxian was no longer a young girl.

But Lin Yuan still wanted to say…

‘Mei Yuxian is really so cute!’

Mei Yuxian blushed and did not speak.

Lin Yuan took the initiative and said with a smile: “Why don’t we go to the guest room Sister Yuxian arranged for me?”

“Hmm…” Mei Yuxian responded in a small voice like a mosquito.

And so, Lin Yuan and Mei Yuxian went out of Mei Yuxian’s bedroom.

They are grown-ups anyway and neither party is restrained.

Especially Lin Yuan has no shame.

So when they walked out, Lin Yuan pulled and held Mei Yuxian’s hand and after a few symbolic struggles, Mei Yuxian did not resist.

Quickly, they arrived at the guest room that Mei Yuxian had arranged for Lin Yuan.

Mei Yuxian was quiet while on the way.


Lin Yuan looked at the bed and said: “Sister Yuxian, now I finally understand when you said that the beds on your mansion tend to be huge.”

Hearing this, Mei Yuxian’s cheeks blushed.

But after all, she is not a young girl anymore. Although she doesn’t have any experience, she is quick to adapt to any situation.

“Okay, let us go in.”

Mei Yuxian was a little embarrassed so she urged that they go in.

Walking into the room, Lin Yuan smiled and said to Mei Yuxian: “Sister Yuxian, lie down.”

While talking, Lin Yuan spread out his needles and drew out a few from it.

"Tonight, I will give you a nice ‘injection&#apos; Sister Yuxian."

(5500 words of treatment process is omitted.)



The whole night of treatment went smoothly and Mei Yuxian was very satisfied.

Lin Yuan was also very satisfied.


Early next morning, a ray of sunlight came in through the window.

Mei Yuxian’s favorite plum blossom was set against the bed.

They were bright and colorful.

Lin Yuan and Mei Yuxian both woke up.

While they were preparing to continue the ‘treatment’ in the morning, suddenly the door was opened.

A beautiful figure came in…

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