Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 203 Who will believe it?!

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Mei Yuxian has been looking forward to this for more than 30 years.

She was just waiting for someone to fascinate her heart.

The first time was really painful, but it didn’t last long.

Mei Yuxian endured it over and over.

It took about seven to eight rounds.

And every round took longer than the last.

The two fought until dawn and hugged each other to sleep.

The two woke up the next morning still not able to recover their rationality.

They immediately wanted to do another round.

But at this time, there was a noise at the door.

There was a small slit at the door where a charming figure quietly sneaked in.

The moment the sound of the door opening can be heard, Mei Yuxian immediately succumbed her head into the sheets.

Lin Yuan pretended to be asleep but sneaked a look at the charming figure.

In fact, the moment the door opened, Lin Yuan and Mei Yuxian knew who it was.

Generally, only Mei Yuxian and Gui Qingtong lived in the Mei family mansion.

The servants cannot come unless they were ordered to do so.

The person who came in was not someone else, it was Gui Qingtong.

The moment the sound of the door opening was heard, Mei Yuxian hid her head into the sheets.

At the same time, she felt very nervous.

Yesterday was very exciting.

Now she has completely sobered.

Lin Yuan is someone younger than her.

And her daughter really likes him and said she wanted to be married to him.

The faint pain made her even more flustered.

The two are under the quilt at this time, with only Lin Yuan’s head exposed.

Mei Yuxian felt really nervous.

If Gui Qingtong comes to the bed and lifts up the quilt, what will they do?

For more than ten years, she has never felt this nervous and flustered.

Lin Yuan’s expression, however, was calm.

He pretended to close his eyes, but in fact, was also nervous a little.

Lin Yuan saw Gui Qingtong secretly got in and closed the door.

Then she slipped quietly towards the bed.

To Lin Yuan’s surprise, Gui Qingtong actually grabbed a corner of the quilt!

Feeling that there was some movement in the quilt, Mei Yuxian’s heartbeat went extremely fast.

She thought hard about how she will explain after Gui Qingtong uncovers the quilt.

Can she argue that she was drunk and accidentally entered the wrong room last night?

No! It is impossible to reason out that she entered the wrong room…

I was drunk and vomited and so Lin Yuan helped her.

Ah!! That won’t work.

Those are all too unreasonable!

Who will believe it?!

When Gui Qingtong grabbed the corner of the quilt, Lin Yuan felt slightly nervous.

He was ready to stop Gui Qingtong any moment now.

Fortunately, in the next second, Gui Qingtong released the quilt.

Gui Qingtong waved her little hand in the air and touched her nose. “What a strange smell. Why is it so smelly here? What is that weird smell?”

Gui Qingtong woke up very early this morning.

As soon as she woke up, she thought of Lin Yuan.

Yesterday, Gui Qingtong wanted to have more time with Lin Yuan, but she didn’t expect to be driven away early by her mother.

So early next morning, she went quietly to his room.

But when she was at the door, she learned that Lin Yuan was still sleeping.

And she also smelled a strange smell in the room.

The closer to the bed, the heavier the smell.

“Did Mom choose a room for Brother Lin Yuan that hasn’t been cleaned yet? Why is the smell so heavy and weird?”

“But no matter what, I still want to wake Brother Lin Yuan up! Hehe!”

Gui Qingtong shook her head and smiled while looking at Lin Yuan’s handsome face.

She prepared herself before she went into Lin Yuan’s room.

As soon as Lin Yuan wakes up, she will play with him.

If he does not wake up any time now, she will wake him up.

As for how she will do it…


Of course, it is the same manner as to how a younger sister in those anime does it.

Since the bed is really huge and the quilt was huge and thick as well, Gui Qingtong did not suspect that there was another person under the quilt lying next to Lin Yuan.

She gently pulled away from the quilt beside Lin Yuan.

She was about to get in and wake him up.

But something caught her eyes which completely stunned her.

Because Mei Yuxian was behind Lin Yuan and Lin Yuan slept on the side, the quilt was kind of divided into two separate spaces.

Gui Qingtong pulled the small corner of the quilt once again, but she couldn’t see Mei Yuxian this time.

Seeing Lin Yuan completely facing her at this time is naturally no big deal.

But because of what happened last night, Lin Yuan isn’t wearing any dress right now.

Although she like Lin Yuan very much, but she is still an eighteen-year-old girl after all.

She has never seen these kinds of things.

And because she took the initiative to come up to the bed and their distance is very close, Lin Yuan’s body heat seemed to have been thrown into her face.

In an instant, Gui Qingtong’s face flushed.

At this time, Lin Yuan’s eyes suddenly opened, as if he was just awake.

Looking at Lin Yuan’s calm eyes, Gui Qingtong’s face blushed.

She put down the quilt suddenly and turned around.

She didn’t know that Lin Yuan had that habit of sleeping.

She saw something she shouldn’t have!

Gui Qingtong was very nervous at this time and her heart was beating abnormally.

Lin Yuan, as if he had just woken up, spoke first in a rather low tone: “Qingtong?”


Hearing Lin Yuan’s voice, Gui Qingtong’s body suddenly felt stiff as if she also jumped in shock.

“I… I was going to call you Brother Lin Yuan and wake you up…” Gui Qingtong turned around, stammered.

“Oh, is that so? I’m okay now.” Lin Yuan said while looking at the girl’s shy red ears.

Lin Yuan got up from the bed with a smile and took a quilt around his body.

“Then…then, that is good. I will ask my mother also to get up for breakfast…”

Gui Qingtong stammered again.

After speaking, Gui Qingtong got up and wanted to get out.

She doesn’t know why but at this time inside the room, there is obviously a very fishy smell but she was more occupied by the sight of Lin Yuan.

Gui Qingtong felt a little warm in her body.


She even felt more uncomfortable of the smell in the air.

So at this time, she wanted to go out of the room very quickly.

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