Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 204 Good Brother!

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But just when Gui Qingtong was about to go out, Lin Yuan reached out for her shoulder.


Of course, he can’t let Gui Qingtong go and call Mei Yuxian.

Otherwise, she will find out that Mei Yuxian is not in her bedroom.

What else can he do but hold her for a while?

It’s better to not let her go back.

Gui Qingtong who was held back with a little force by Lin Yuan turned around.

The girl’s cute face looked as red as an apple at this time.

What made Gui Qingtong breathe a sigh of relief was that at least Lin Yuan wrapped it with a small sheet.

It was not the same as it was earlier. But Lin Yuan&#apos;s upper body is still exposed which made Gui Qingtong’s pupils dilate.

Having a perfect body and strong built, coupled with such a handsome face can instantly attract others.

As a woman, Gui Qingtong’s eyes were caught, and her breathing became slightly faster.

But it was also hard to look away. Lin Yuan just watched her.

Gui Qingtong then remembered that it was Lin Yuan who suddenly grabbed her.

“Why…What’s the matter, Brother Lin Yuan?

Lin Yuan smiled and said: “Well. I will have to go to the bathroom for a while. And by the way, I will call your mother for you. You can go downstairs first and make breakfast, okay?”

“Okay. No problem.” Although she doesn’t know why Lin Yuan proposed the same, she didn’t suspect him.

After nodding her head, Gui Qingtong pointed to the quilt on the bed and said: “Brother Lin Yuan, I can smell a weird smell in this room. Maybe my mother brought you to the wrong room. This room might not have been cleaned yet. I will ask someone to clean, so you can stay in another room first?

Gui Qingtong was about to call someone.

Hearing this, Mei Yuxian who was under the quilt was nervous again.

Fortunately, Lin Yuan grabbed Gui Qingtong’s hand

“It’s okay. I haven’t put on my clothes yet. It’s embarrassing to be been seen like this. It doesn’t matter if Qingtong sees it. But it’s not good for others to see it. I will call someone by myself to clean the room when I’m ready.” Lin Yuan smiled.

Hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Gui Qingtong nodded and she felt justified especially when she heard Lin Yuan said that it doesn’t matter if she sees his body, but it is not okay for other people to see.

Gui Qingtong felt a little sweet in her heart.

“Hmmm! Then, I will go down and make breakfast myself for you and my mother!” Gui Qingtong said happily.

“Okay then go.” Lin Yuan patted Gui Qingtong gently on the head.

Gui Qingtong enjoyed it and was obedient.

But what Gui Qingtong didn’t know was that Lin Yuan’s hands had been climbing all over her mother’s body yesterday.

Gui Qingtong felt that her head was a little sticky, but she thought it was just Lin Yuan’s sweat.

Gui Qingtong ran out of the room feeling quite happy and a little shy.

Before closing the door, she turned her head and said: “Brother Lin Yuan, I am bothering you this early. Don’t tell my mother! Otherwise, she will definitely scold me!”

“Well. Rest assured, I will never tell your mother.”

‘Because your mother already knows what you just did.’ Lin Yuan thought so in his mind.

Gui Qingtong closed the door and left directly.

Mei Yuxian and Lin Yuan were both a little excited yesterday.

Thinking that no one except Gui Qingtong could reach this floor, plus their excitement, both were negligent and forgot to lock the door.

Lin Yuan walked over and locked the door.

Then he turned his head towards the bed and said with a smile: “She left. Come out, baby.”

Hearing how Lin Yuan just addressed her, she lifted the quilt and went out.

Mei Yuxian’s breathing was a little short.

A part of her is nervous and also under panic.

“Wh…What baby?”

“You still have to call me Sister Yuxian.” All of the madness last night made her lose all of her rationality.

But after the incident with Gui Qingtong just now, Mei Yuxian has recovered a bit.

Looking at Mei Yuxian at this time, Lin Yuan was not polite at all.

He went straight back to the bed and hugged her.

Then his hands were as dishonest once again.

“Didn’t you call me ‘Brother&#apos; and ‘Dad&#apos; yesterday? Why would I call you Sister Yuxian again today?”

Lin Yuan smiled as he looked at Mei Yuxian and moved his hands on her body.

Looking at the smirk on Lin Yuan’s face, Mei Yuxian’s face turned red and she said: “It… It’s different…”

Although Mei Yuxian had begged for mercy many times yesterday.

Today that she is already sober, what the mind and the heart dictates are contrasting, while the reaction of the body is another thing.

At this time, she cannot maintain her rigidity at all.

Her voice that is usually quite serious and a little majestic is now very soft and subtle. Mei Yuxian is feeling all the numbness.

Lin Yuan asked with a smile: “Different? What’s the difference?”

She tried to push Lin Yuan away with difficulty and resisted another battle of madness.

Mei Yuxian wanted to be more serious.

But the expression that she wanted to show, she still couldn’t.

In a rather soft voice she said: “When it is just the two of us, it’s okay for you to occasionally call me that. But I fear that there might be slip of the tongue sometimes. I cannot let others hear it. It’s not good.”

“And if Qingtong finds out, I really haven’t figured out what to do.”

“So, you should continue to call me Sister Yuxian, whom my good brother is obsessed with.”

“Okay? My good brother?”

Mei Yuxian found out that she couldn’t put on a serious appearance at all, and Lin Yuan didn’t show any fear at all.

Mei Yuxian could only do nothing but follow Lin Yuan’s lead, and ask him in a coquettish manner.

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