Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 205 I will try!

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Seeing how the patriarch of the Mei Family, someone who has a market value of hundreds of billions, the director of the Mei Group, pleading so coquettishly, Lin Yuan smiled and said: “Okay Sister Yuxian, but don’t make me Qingtong’s grandfather next time. I am only in my early twenties.”

“I hate you!” Mei Yuxian hit Lin Yuan’s chest but didn’t have much strength.

Lin Yuan said: “Sister Yuxian, you’d better get dressed and eat breakfast. In addition, Gui Qingtong asked me not to tell you she’d been here early morning.”

“Okay, put on clothes now.” Mei Yuxian nodded and said again:

“You don’t have to tell me. I heard her ask you that myself. This girl just scared me to death. I was very nervous. I have been so strict in raising and making her disciplined for so long. But still, she goes into a man’s room early in the morning and wanting to be in the same bed.”

Looking at the somewhat angry Mei Yuxian, Lin Yuan thought with a smile: ‘We just had a crazy night together and there you are lecturing Gui Qingtong.’

Of course, Lin Yuan did not say it.

This was his plan for a long time, and he was able to convince her and so it happened as planned.

For other men, Mei Yuxian wouldn’t even squint.

While Mei Yuxian was looking for her clothes, Lin Yuan was also putting on his clothes.

While putting on his clothes, Lin Yuan also looked at his attribute panel.

The madness with Mei Yuxian last night was not useless at all.

After all, he has a physique of two hundred points.

Although Mei Yuxian turned out to be very talented as well in this aspect, it was her first time after all.

She was almost eaten alive by Lin Yuan.

Even if she wants to turn the tables over and become the master later, Lin Yuan had already conquered her.

Mei Yuxian, who has waited for this moment for thirty years, was very satisfied.

Therefore, in addition to being physically and mentally satisfied, Lin Yuan also received system rewards.

Last night, Lin yuan was rewarded 3000 counterattack points.

In addition to the counterattack points, Mei Yuxian’s favorability towards him had also increased to 80 points.

This isn’t bad anymore.

But it cannot be regarded as very high.

Lin Yuan knew several reasons.

It was only the first time they met yesterday after all.

Although Mei Yuxian is very satisfied with Lin Yuan, it isn’t the kind of relationship wherein she has liked him for many years.

Also, Lin Yuan didn’t say he loved her. He just said he is interested in her. After all, the two aren’t teenagers anymore who just fell in love.

At first, Mei Yuxian only regarded him as a confidant.

So even though the barrier of friendship had been broken, and the degree of goodwill has increased a lot, the feelings between them haven’t reached the highest point.

The second reason would be that Mei Yuxian is quite a sensible person.

Although she likes Lin Yuan very much, she wouldn’t fall in love with him just because they spent a night together.

Another reason would be that Mei Yuxian is a career woman.

Now, Lin Yuan has been given a certain place in her heart, but not as important as her career.

That moment when Mei Yuxian asked Lin Yuan to still call her Sister Yuxian was one manifestation.

Mei Yuxian is actually relatively a very strong woman. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be Mei Yuxian, the head of the Mei family.

Compared to being a little woman, she wanted to be on an equal footing with Lin Yuan.

Although she was unilaterally crushed by Lin Yuan, again and again, yesterday, she still didn’t want to lose.

But Lin Yuan wanted Mei Yuxian to act like a little girl.

He didn’t want a majestic beautiful chairman at home

But he is not in hurry.

Mei Yuxian is completely inseparable from him in this life.

Over time, both in her body and in her heart, she will change slowly.

Lin Yuan expects Mei Yuxian’s favorability towards him to be full very soon.

Sooner or later, her career will be put aside, and he would be her only priority.

Anyway, it’s only been a day, so he will give her more time.

There is no need to rush.

Mei Yuxian probably knew this would happen too, but still doesn’t want to accept it yet in her heart and surrender so quickly.

While thinking about all this, Lin Yuan was putting on his clothes and soon was finally dressed.

But when Lin Yuan turned his head to take a look at Mei Yuxian, she still hadn’t put on her clothes yet.

“What is wrong Sister Yuxian? Still not willing to put on your clothes yet? Do you still want to…?”

Lin Yuan walked over to her and hit her ass with his hand.

Ignoring Lin Yuan’s joke, Mei Yuxian pointed to yesterday’s purple dress and said helplessly: “You…you started this abruptly yesterday. Look at my evening dress. I cannot wear it anymore.”

Lin Yuan checked the purple dress and found out that it cannot be worn anymore since there were a lot of stains on it at this time.

No way. Yesterday was just so damn crazy.

The stains were all over the purple evening dress and have dried completely.

And it also has that very heavy smell.

There’s no way she can wear it.

“This…” Lin Yuan took a look and didn’t know what to do.

“Should I go to your bedroom and get some clothes?" Lin Yuan asked.

“Forget it. That will take time. And it will not be good if Qingtong sees you. Anyway, there is a closet in this room. Maybe there are clothes in it I can wear.” Mei Yuxian shook her head and looked around.

When she found the closet, her eyes lit up.

Lin Yuan accompanied Mei Yuxian to the closet.

Then he watched Mei Yuxian open the closet with quite a surprise on her face.

But soon the surprise on her face had disappeared.

Lin Yuan looked at the clothes strangely.

Mei Yuxian wanted to check if there are any clothes in the closet which she can wear at this time.

It is not that there aren’t any clothes inside.

In contrast, there are quite a lot of clothes in it, but what made her feel helpless was that the clothes in it can’t possibly fit her at all.

There were a lot of clothes in it, but they were all Gui Qingtong’s!

Mei Yuxian remembered that this was also Qingtong’s extra closet…

“Then, what to do?” Mei Yuxian said helplessly.

“I…I’ll try to see if any of Gui Qingtong’s clothes can fit me.” Taking a look at the now dirty purple evening dress, she was helpless and could only stretch out her hand to check on Gui Qingtong’s clothes.

As there was not much time to pick, Mei Yuxian could only take Gui Qingtong’s largest and very loose nightdress.

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