Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 207 Jealous!

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Gui Qingtong stared closely at Mei Yuxian at this time but she found nothing.

But she still felt something is inexplicably strange with Mei Yuxian.

Because of Gui Qingtong, Mei Yuxian couldn’t even take a shower.

After the fierce battle last night with Lin Yuan, the smell remained.

If it weren’t for her perfume, the smell could be smelled right away.

But because of the smell mixed with the perfume, Gui Qingtong couldn’t smell the same right away.

She just felt that the smell seemed somewhat familiar.

Plus, Mei Yuxian was wearing her clothes so Gui Qingtong asked.

Hearing what Gui Qingtong said, Mei Yuxian’s body became slightly stiff.

But she has prepared for this after all.

Therefore, Mei Yuxian still explained nonchalantly: “I accidentally fell while going to the toilet and my clothes got dirty. I got this from the closet in your bathroom and so I put it on. I will return it to you later.”

“It’s okay. It’s okay if you like what you are wearing.” Gui Qingtong responded. After all, it’s just a nightdress, not a big issue because there are so many clothes at home.

Gui Qingtong didn’t remember that the nightdress was in the cabinet of the room Lin Yuan is staying in and not in the bathroom as Mei Yuxian said.

Soon the three of them were seated.

The breakfast that Gui Qingtong prepared was very simple, fried eggs and noodles, but it is delicious.

After a long and exhausting battle yesterday, Lin Yuan ate very well.

Mei Yuxian also ate very well. After all the exhausting night made them very hungry.

It was Gui Qingtong who ate a little absentmindedly.

She stared at Mei Yuxian from time to time and felt a little uncomfortable.

This is because Mei Yuxian’s dress is a bit too revealing today.

As Mei Yuxian said a while ago, the nightdress originally belonged to Gui Qingtong so it is a bit small.

And there are two buttons missing.

Because they just fought yesterday, neither Lin Yuan nor Mei Yuxian acted if there was anything wrong.

After all, the two were thirsty and unreserved of each other yesterday.

But Gui Qingtong is completely unaware and clueless.

She only saw Mei Yuxian who was wearing revealing clothes next to Lin Yuan.

And she wore a very cute nightdress.

Even Gui Qingtong couldn’t resist looking.

What about Lin Yuan?

So Gui Qingtong was a little uncomfortable herself.

Although it isn’t right, Gui Qingtong felt jealous of her mother.

But when Gui Qingtong turned her head to Lin Yuan, she discovered that Lin Yuan did not even take a peek.

He didn’t even glance at Mei Yuxian.

Gui Qingtong was very happy to see this.

‘This is my mother, not another woman. Although she looks good, it shouldn’t bother me. She won’t snatch Brother Lin Yuan from me!’

Gui Qingtong shook her head trying to drive away such thoughts in her head.

What Gui Qingtong didn’t know was that Lin Yuan didn’t peek because he had seen and experienced enough yesterday and this morning.

Gui Qingtong’s eyes were too obvious so Mei Yuxian knew she was speculating.

And so both of them were very calm and acted as if nothing is wrong, and that nothing happened between them.

But both of them are not so calm in their hearts, especially Mei Yuxian.

Mei Yuxian and Lin Yuan were sitting across from each other at the dining table.

Gui Qingtong who was eating earnestly didn’t notice that Lin Yuan’s feet are already close to Mei Yuxian’s under the table.

Mei Yuxian secretly stared at Lin Yuan signaling him to be not so presumptuous.

Although she wanted him to stop, she could only give her signals and be careful so as not to make a sound and that Gui Qingtong wouldn’t notice.

She can only stare at Lin Yuan from time to time.

But obviously, Lin Yuan is difficult to control at all.

Gui Qingtong who lowered her head to eat noodles immediately raised her head up and looked at Mei Yuxian suspiciously.

Mei Yuxian explained with a smile: “No, it’s okay. It’s just that the noodles are a bit hot and I accidentally burned my tongue.”

“Oh.” Gui Qingtong nodded her cute little head and then continued to lower it to eat noodles.

She didn’t notice that Mei Yuxian’s white cheeks were red and her eyes were soft and charming.

Mei Yuxian looked at Lin Yuan as if pleading with those soft and charming eyes.

And seeing Mei Yuxian like this, Lin Yuan didn’t continue doing the teasing anymore, although it was very fun.

After all, it can also be considered as dancing on the edge of a knife.

It&#apos;s too early.

It will not be good if Gui Qingtong finds out, so Lin Yuan withdrew his feet.

After a few bites of the noodles as if in a hurry, both Mei Yuxian and Lin Yuan said that they are already full.

After asking the servants to come and clean up, Lin Yuan and Mei Yuxian said they would go upstairs and discuss some things.

“Qingtong, you should study first. Mom will go upstairs and talk to your Brother Lin Yuan about something.”

Lin Yuan seconded: “Well. I will come and play with you in a while. You should study first.”

Gui Qingtong nodded her head without even doubting Lin Yuan.

“Well Qingtong will study first and Brother Lin Yuan will play with me in a while.” Qingtong nodded her said and said this obediently.

Then Lin Yuan and Mei Yuxian took the elevator upstairs.

Once inside the elevator, the two were very playful again.

But Mei Yuxian was still a little too worried, so she told Lin Yuan not to move.

They went back to Lin Yuan’s guest room to sort out the traces first.

And then Mei Yuxian took Lin Yuan back to her bedroom.

As soon as they entered the bedroom, Mei Yuxian locked the door.

“Xiao Yuan, you and I need to talk about Qingtong…”

“Let’s take a shower first. You don’t know how much you smell.” Lin Yuan smiled.

“Yeah.” Mei Yuxian nodded with a blushing face.

Mei Yuxian is still a little ashamed and unaccustomed to having someone accompany her while taking a bath.

But she couldn’t stop Lin Yuan.

There is also a bathroom in Mei Yuxian’s bedroom which she can only use.

And so in that case, it is only possible for them to wash there.

When taking a shower, Lin Yuan helped her clean many places she couldn’t reach.

Mei Yuxian doesn’t have anything to hide from Lin Yuan anymore.

And feeling the gentle movement of Lin Yuan on her body, she felt very elated.

【Ding! Mei Yuxian favorability +2! Reward 300 counterattack points!】 A system prompt sounded.

After Lin Yuan helped her wash, Mei Yuxian also helped him.

While washing, Mei Yuxian said: “Xiao Yuan, about you and Qingtong… what should you do with her? Qingtong likes you very much.”

“Can you…”

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