Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 208 Reward?

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Before what happened yesterday, Mei Yuxian treated Lin Yuan as a future son-in-law.

Mei Yuxian was very pleased to have him as a son-in-law.

She even began to think about waiting until Gui Qingtong graduates and then get a closer relationship with the Lin family and Lin Yuan.

When the time comes, the relationship between the two families will be stronger and so they can work hand in hand, which is also a good thing.

But she never expected something to develop so fast between her and Lin Yuan.

Gui Qingtong hasn’t even gotten close to Lin Yuan yet, and she, her mother, got on good terms with him first.

The future son-in-law in her heart has become a lover.

It is not very suitable to say that he is her husband or boyfriend.

Therefore, the relationship between him and Lin Yuan is considered to be that of a very close lover.

She didn’t think seriously back when she was crazy.

But after seeing Gui Qingtong’s gaze today, Mei Yuxian started to think.

Because of what happened and what she felt last night, Mei Yuxian knew that she couldn’t live now without Lin Yuan.

And that she is not willing to let go of Lin Yuan.

But Mei Yuxian knew that Gui Qingtong likes Lin Yuan very much.

She even wanted to marry him.

Before Mei Yuxian met Lin Yuan, Gui Qingtong even clamored for her mother’s help to propose marriage.

Although Gui Qingtong was a test-tube baby, the blood she has still come from Mei Yuxian.

It is already known that Gui Qingtong loves Lin Yuan very much.

Mei Yuxian has an understanding of Lin Yuan’s terrorist methods and strategy to win a woman’s heart.

She is afraid that as long as Lin Yuan wants to be with Gui Qingtong, he will be able to win her anytime soon.

But now, Mei Yuxian can’t accept this kind of relationship between her, Qingtong, and Lin Yuan.

And so, Mei Yuxian asked: “Can you not do anything to Qingtong?”

Hearing what Mei Yuxian said, Lin Yuan smiled and said, “When did I start having indecent thoughts about Qingtong…?”

“You know very well what I am talking about now.”

However, Lin Yuan interrupted: “I know what Sister Yuxian is worried about. Qingtong is indeed a very cute girl. But I just regard her as my sister. And as I’ve said before, compared to Qingtong, I am more interested in you.”

While talking, Lin Yuan began to be playful again.

Mei Yuxian’s face blushed and then said: “Okay, then. I can be at peace now.”

Mei Yuxian understands Lin Yuan’s preference and knows that he prefers someone mature like her.

Mei Yuxian knows that Lin Yuan is not interested in women with an unattractive figure.

For Mei Yuxian, she thinks that Lin Yuan, therefore, is not interested or attracted to Gui Qingtong.

Lin Yuan didn’t say directly that although he is interested in Mei Yuxian, it doesn’t follow that he is not interested at all in Gui Qingtong.

Lin Yuan has never thought of himself as a good person, to be restrained so much.

He always does whatever he wants.

Now that Gui Qingtong is just a little girl and underdeveloped, he is not interested.

Lin Yuan knew that Gui Qingtong was born with an illness.

As soon as her illness is cured, coupled with the passage of time to allow development, the potential that she will have may not lost to her mother.

And Gui Qingtong has always been very energetic and cute.

Lin Yuan did not think too much.

There must be a way for him to settle everything in the future.

Something will be definitely be said when that time comes.

He just needs to follows his own principles.

But of course, these things cannot be said to Mei Yuxian.

There are still many constraints in Mei Yuxian’s heart.

Lin Yuan is not in a hurry.

As soon as her favorability towards him is full, these problems will be solved.

And now what should be said should be left unsaid.

Of course, he knows better.

At this time, Mei Yuxian felt that some slender hands are gently rubbing her back.

Lin Yuan smiled and said: “Since I made a promise to you, Sister Yuxian, are there any rewards?’

Mei Yuxian blushed as she saw a smirk on Lin Yuan’s face and so she responded: “What rewards do you want?”

Lin Yuan stretched out his hand to pull Mei Yuxian facing him upfront.

Then he ran his finger gently across her lips and pressed her cheeks.

Mei Yuxian gave Lin Yuan a puzzled look.

Then he caressed her hair and lowered her head while still blushing…

Ten minutes later, both of them had finished taking a shower.

Lin Yuan is now getting dressed while Mei Yuxian is brushing her teeth.

After Mei Yuxian was done brushing, Lin Yuan did not wait for her to move any further.

Lin Yuan directly lifted Mei Yuxian and threw her on the bed.

Regardless of Mei Yuxian’s yelling, he still threw her directly on the bed.

“Sister Yuxian, since you are Qingtong’s mother, then I am his father?” Lin Yuan smiled.

“You…” Mei Yuxian gave him an innocent look.

In the end, they battled a few times more.


Then Lin Yuan took out the plan to take down the Qingshan Gang which he showed to Mei Yuxian yesterday.

“After I show this to you yesterday, have you prepared all that is required? The Mei family only needs to cut off the supplies of Qingshan Gang in Xiling District and stop its transactions with them.” Lin Yuan said.

“Xiao Yuan, mobilizing my people would have been easy. However, Mei Group has signed a contract with the Qingshan Gang in Xiling District. If the contract is unilaterally breached, we may be sued for liquidated damages.” Mei Yuxian said.

“That will be taken care of. Qingshan Gang will not have an opportunity to sue you. After tonignt, Qingshan Gang in Xiling District will disappear. Dead people cannot sue.” Lin Yuan’s face showed a gentle smile.

Mei Yuxian’s face also bloomed with a smile and then she said: “Okay. I believe you, Xiao Yuan.”

He rubbed her ears and temple for some time.

After gently covering Mei Yuxian with a quilt, Lin Yuan was about to head out of the room.

“By the way, Qingtong messaged me that after we have discussed what we need to discuss, I should let you go and give her some homework guidance. You can give her some guidance, otherwise, she will be unhappy again.” Mei Yuxian said.

"Okay, then you have a good rest. Don’t be too busy today. I will go and give Qingtong some tutorial and then I will leave.” Lin Yuan said.

“Okay.” The Mei Patriarch who is usually independent and even quite majestic is now lying on the bed looking like a delicate little woman.

Women were born to want to rely on someone, but Mei Yuxian has never found someone like that before.

Although Mei Yuxian hasn’t completely relied on Lin Yuan yet, at least her feelings are slowly getting there.

This feeling of submission of Mei Yuxian to Lin Yuan, gives Lin Yuan a pretty good feeling.

Lin Yuan went out of Mei Yuxian’s bedroom.

Then he went to Gui Qingtong’s bedroom and knocked at the door gently..

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